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Aug 24 2020 33 mins  

Ken Adkins joins us for today's episode! Ken is a headhunter with 47 years of experience working with top companies in the fashion industry; he has a lot of great insights to help you prepare for your successful career transition. You won't want to miss this episode!

Ken offers strategies to help you prepare for the whole process, including your interview. He'll help you present yourself in a confident, clear way - and to deal with both the positive and negative aspects of your professional history. He also gives strategies to help you convey your leadership style, team building philosophy, and experience in a convincing, articulate manner.

He also offers excellent insights regarding some of the current shifts in the business world that have been accelerated by Covid-19 - and he gives essential tips as to how to keep up with them. This includes the current shift to team members at all levels (including executives) working remotely.

There are a lot of opportunities opening up in many industries right now, but with companies pivoting, candidates will often have to present themselves a bit differently than in the past. Ken and Jonathan offer tips to help you set yourself apart - even if you have negative aspects in your work history that you'd rather not focus on.

Ken also has some great "what not to do" stories to share!

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Ken Adkins is the owner of Adkins & Associates Ltd., a headhunting firm that handles management to C-Suite searches for the fashion industry. You can find Ken on LinkedIn or email him at [email protected].

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