Ep48: Gary Ireland

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Oct 02 2020 25 mins  

This week, I'm excited to talk with my friend, Gary Ireland. Gary is an attorney specializing in employment law, and he has some incredible insights to help you make the most of your career. This is an important topic for leaders at any stage of their career, including leaders who are in the midst of a career transition.

Gary will cover important items, ranging from understanding and managing the expectations of your role from the beginning and communicating well with your colleagues to strategic evaluations and more.

He and Jonathan also discuss how to effectively negotiate offers to ensure that you not only get a competitive compensation package, but also that both you and the company are clear on goals and expectations.

In addition, Gary offers some excellent insight on how to handle workplace issues such as office politics, personality clashes, and other problems that may arise. Both he and Jonathan offer tips and strategies to help you navigate these issues.

Gary and Jonathan then offer perspective on the benefit of a great coach in managing your career, as well as choosing a role that aligns with your needs, values and what you truly love to do.

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Gary Ireland is an Employment Lawyer and principal of Law Offices of Gary E. Ireland. You can reach him at [email protected]. You can also find him online at https://www.irelandlaw.net/ or on LinkedIn.

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