Tales from the Brown Desk - Episode 2 - Miranda rights, Penalties for Violating Stay-at-home Order, Covid-19 & Releasing Inmates

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Mar 30 2020 39 mins  

Weekly Criminal Law Podcast, Tales from the Brown Desk, brought to you by Rigney Law LLC. Tales from the Brown Desk is a free flowing conversation involving two foul-mouthed attorneys. It may include graphic descriptions of sexual activity, violence, and traffic law. It may not be suitable for children. Listener discretion advised.

Episode 2 - Discussion about criminal law misconception: Miranda Rights, how charges change after being arrested, Indiana's Governor Holcomb vetoing tenant rights bill, penalties for violating Indiana's stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus (Covid 19), collection of cell phone location data to track adherence of stay-at-home orders, calls for Governor Holcomb to release low level offenders from jail, Supreme Court ruling: Carpenter v. United States and cops needing warrant to collect data from cell phones, and Florida man.