Tales from the Brown Desk - Episode 10 - Answers to Commonly Asked Criminal Law Questions, IMPD & threats, and Florida Man

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May 26 2020 56 mins  

Weekly Criminal Law Podcast, Tales from the Brown Desk, brought to you by Rigney Law LLC. Tales from the Brown Desk is a free flowing conversation involving two foul-mouthed attorneys. It may include graphic descriptions of sexual activity, violence, and traffic law. It may not be suitable for children. Listener discretion advised. 

Episode 10 - Answers to commonly asked criminal law questions, The distinction between types of crimes: felony, misdemeanor, & infractions, Do police need a warrant to conduct a search, What to do if there is a warrant for your arrest, Can an arrest warrant be recalled, What is bail/bond and how does it work, If convicted, how sentencing works, Most important right of the accused, Can police arrest you without evidence of guilt, What is a grand jury, and current events such as the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department filing criminal charges against dozens of people for threats, and Florida Man.