Wake up Mr. West! It's time for school

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Jul 23 2020 18 mins  

Sigh...I am so very tired of Mr. West, outburst, after mistruths followed by Black history slander for starters. This man is a walking talking distraction who thrives on attention. Nearly every outburst he's ever had is followed up with a plea for forgiveness and some sort of product release, it's almost as if it's standard operating procedure. Say something crazy, apologize citing some vague mental illness as the cause then hit us with the new gospel single and t-shirt that looks like somebody put through a blender. We enable this behavior with misconception that skill in one area will translate to another, simply because Kanye is great artist doesn't mean he will be a great politician, same goes in reverse I love me some Obama but he is far from the first person I'd call to produce my mixtape. At the end of the day distractions are gonna distract thats what they do, it's one us as a society to stop paying attention and giving them life. Similar to the getting kids back to school debate we are arguing over the wrong things, now more than ever it is important to remain focused, plan, and act. In this episode I attempt to vanquish the attention gremlin that is Ye, while also sharing some perspective on the school situation. 

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