Episode 20: The Morrigan Death Goddesses Part 3

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Aug 10 2020 87 mins  

Welcome to the Macabre Academy! Your place for all the bizarre and unusual. In this week's episode drunk Stephie finds her self teaching Kevin all about the Celtic death goddess the Morrigan! Stay tuned because it's a two parter!

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1. "Morrigan" by Gregory Wright (https://mythopedia.com/celtic-mythology/gods/morrigan/) 
2. "The Morrigan by Prof. Geller (https://mythology.net/others/gods/the-morrigan/)
3. "The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens." by Morgan Daimler
4. "The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick & Might" by Courtney Weber
5."Irish-American Witchcraft: The Morrigan and Samhain" by Morgan Daimler
6. "The Raven & the Wolf in Teutonic & Scaninavian Mythology"
7."Banshee" https://britannica.com/topic/banshee 

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