The Art of Medicine, Episode #21, Expert Tips for Buying Your First Home

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Nov 29 2020 21 mins  

Show Notes

In this 20-minute episode, Memphis real estate agents Dianne and Bruce Milner offer tips for physicians looking to buy their first home. With 40 years of experience between them, Dianne and Bruce discuss the importance of finding an agent with whom you can comfortably communicate. Other topics include how to establish a realistic budget for your new home, work within a realistic timeline, avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance), the criteria lenders use to determine loan eligibility, the benefits of a “Physician’s Mortgage,” and more.

In this era of COVID-19, Dianne and Bruce explain that virtual home showings have become standard operating procedure for real estate agents.  Virtual home tours can help busy physicians and others searching for a home in a new city.

As we are currently in a “seller’s market,” the right agent is essential for a prospective home buyer to successfully acquire the home of their dreams at a fair price. For more information about purchasing a home, contact Dianne and Bruce through their website:

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