Epic Learning: Responsibility, geometry, mindfulness and more!

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Apr 20 2020 42 mins  

Join Epic storytellers and creative teachers as they discuss how to draw out curriculum links from this week's Epic Storytime podcast with easy, fun, and engaging activities.

This week, Epic storytellers Chip and Janina (also an Epic mum!) are joined by Helen, an EYFS and KS1 teacher from Milton Keynes, and Laura, an international English teacher who specialises in KS2. Together they discuss the curriculum links within the etiological Greek myth, "The Dance of Persephone". Discover how to get your children excited about exploring the history of Greece, household duties, gratitude... and much more!

00:00 | Introductions

01:56 | "The Dance of Persephone" excerpt

03:50 | PSHCE and morals (all ages)

13:12 | Curriculum links for ages 4 to 7
...PSHCE – Responsibility (13:35); Science – Seasons (18:00); DT – Food, motor skills (18:53); Literacy – Vocabulary building (21:29); PE & History – Olympic Games (23:28)

24:40 | Curriculum links for ages 7 to 11
...Numeracy – architecture and agriculture (25:00); PSHCE: Online safety – (30:50); PSHCE – Mindfulness and gratitude (32:57)

35:31 | All-age curriculum links
...Music (35:31); Cookery (38:09)

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