Epic Learning: Overcoming fear, budgeting, materials, and more!

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Jun 01 2020 59 mins  

Join Epic storytellers and creative teachers as they discuss how to draw out curriculum links from this week's Epic Storytime podcast with easy, fun, and engaging activities.

This week, Epic storytellers Chip and Pauline (also an Epic mum!) are joined by Helen, a teacher from Milton Keynes specialising in children aged 4 to 7; Bex, a Deputy Head and English Lead from Cambridgeshire and Laura with experience of teaching children aged 4 to 7; and Laura, an international teacher specialising in children aged 7 to 11. Together they discuss the curriculum links within Chip and Tony Cooper's adaptation of the folk tale "Brave Mary". Discover how to help your children conquer fear, poetry, entrepreneurialism... and much more!

00:48 | Introductions

02:10 | "Brave Mary" excerpt

04:19 | Morals, story origins, and Literacy — adapting story settings (all ages)

12:16 | PSHCE — overcoming fear (ages 7 to 11)

19:06 | Curriculum links for ages 4 to 7
• PSHCE — overcoming fear (19:06)
• Science — properties of materials, investigation skills (22:10)
• Core Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills, Literacy, DT, Teamwork, Roleplay, PSHCE — "Mantle of the Expert", setting up a ghostbusting business, perseverance and resilience, posters, instruction writing (23:38); setting up a play estate agents (yes, you read that right — you're never too young to learn the art of home selling...!), persuasive writing, summarising, purposeful writing (29:19)
• Numeracy — counting in steps of 2, 5, and 10 (26:20); card games, number recognition, adding up, greater than or less than, number sizes, sequences (27:02)
• Geography and DT — maps, plans, rooms of a house (28:10)
• Literacy, PSHCE, Art — story structure and predicting outcomes, being unique, alternative endings, making decisions with a conscience alley, drawing from a written description (30:29)
• Literacy & History — jobs across time, linguistic clues to time and place, comparing then and now, diaries (32:57); "unlikely" heroes, significant individuals/women in history (36:29)
• Core Skills, Literacy, PSHCE — playing with imagination, knowing it's OK to question/make mistakes/try, different kinds of "smart" (34:07)
• Literacy — poetry, "fast poems" (37:51); sounds into words (38:45); active listening (39:35)

40:05 | Curriculum links for ages 7 to 11
• Numeracy, History, Science, PSHCE — money and budgeting, responsibility of money, changes in time of household budgets, food groups, basic economics, "home currencies", scales of poverty (40:05)
• Numeracy — practical maths with playing cards (46:13)
• PSHCE, History — bravery, strengths and weaknesses, rights of a child through history (46:50); other forms of fear, e.g. risk, designing "real" monsters (48:45)
• Science — why some people enjoy feeling scared (49:34); science of the brain, different kinds of "smart" (50:17)
• Literacy, History — non-fiction, significant individuals/women in history, definitions of success (51:04)
• Literacy, Numeracy — creating stories with playing cards (54:21)

55:04 | All Age curriculum links
• Literacy, History, Core Skills, Art, DT — "Happy Families" card game and exploring jobs across history, creating characters, the dynamics of family (55:04)
• PSHCE — discussing death and other "difficult" subjects (56:33)

57:42 | Is there anything we missed?
• Here's how you can let us know...!

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