Epic Learning: environmental impact, counting, and more!

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Sep 18 2020 46 mins  

Join Epic storytellers and creative teachers as they discuss how to draw out learning outcomes from this week's Epic Tale with easy, fun, and engaging activities.

This week, Epic storyteller Chip is joined by Helen, an EYFS–KS1 teacher from Buckinghamshire; Bex, a Deputy Head from Cambridgeshire; and Rob, a KS2 teacher also from Buckinghamshire.

Together the panel discuss an ancient tale with surprisingly modern relevance; that of the woodcutter who overheats the world with his magical wishes. Discover how his story can help your children conquer classification charts, persuasive writing, differences between continents, and much more!

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Intros | 0:00

"The Woodcutter's Golden Wand" Excerpt | 1:25

All-age PSHCE | 4:14
• caring for the environment, Forest Schools (5:31, 7:08, 11:06, 12:57, 15:25, 35:46, 41:18)
• be careful what you wish for, you can't always get what you want, greed, selfishness, laziness, "Bruce Almighty" (8:24)
• different roles, playing our part, every child matters (11:06)
• consequences of actions, custodianship, taking turns (18:28)
• mindfulness, mindful thinking (37:52)

Learning outcomes for ages 4–7 | 14:00
• Science: naming familiar plants, uses of wood, materials (14:25, 16:06); animals and habitats, ecosystems, minibeasts (24:18); natural materials (20:44)
• DT: carpentry, woodwork (15:25)
• Literacy: dialogue, speech bubbles, persuasive language (16:06); retelling stories, adapting settings (17:34); interpreting texts, searching for clues in texts, descriptive writing (20:44)
• Geography: local area, local wildlife, maps (17:34); holiday destinations, different countries, hot and cold countries, climates (25:22)
• DT: natural materials (20:44)

Learning outcomes for ages 7–11 | 25:51
• Literacy: punctuating speech, writing conversations, writing plays (26:04); persuasive writing, "Three Billy Goats Gruff" ( 27:19); newspaper articles, report writing, interpreting texts, inferring from texts 28:54)
• Numeracy: "Top Trump" cards (27:57)
• Science: trees (27:57, 30:29, 35:46); classification charts, materials, research projects (30:29, 34:21); Global Warming (35:46)
• Geography: maps, differences between continents and countries (30:29); Amazon Rainforest (35:46)
• DT: making games (27:57); uses of wood (30:29, 34:21); building a bird house (32:29)
• History: Iron Age, Stone Age, Bronze Age (34:21)

All-age learning outcomes | 38:28
• Science: habitats, food chains, environmental impact, circle of life, caring for the natural world (7:08, 11:06, 12:57, 41:18)
• DT and Geography: making board games based on your local area (18:28)
• Numeracy: counting forwards and backwards (18:28); statistics, charts, data collecting (32:29)
• Art: different media (35:22); natural media, representing nature, clay (40:29)
• PE: conkers (39:21)

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