Epic Learning: space, sex and relationships, counting in steps, and more!

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Oct 02 2020 55 mins  

Join Epic storytellers and creative teachers as they discuss how to draw out learning outcomes from this week's Epic Tale with fun and engaging activities.

To mark World Space Week we share a Mexican love story between the Sun and Moon – though it doesn't quite go how the Sun expects... Discover how his romantic efforts can help your children conquer rhyme, multiplication, and more!

This week, Epic storyteller Chip is joined by Helen, an EYFS–KS1 teacher from Buckinghamshire; Bex, a Deputy Head from Cambridgeshire; and Rob, a KS2 teacher also from Buckinghamshire.

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"Through the Forest" Excerpt | 1:46

Learning Outcomes
For a more detailed breakdown, visit buzzsprout.com/967114/5693173

  • Literacy, Geography, PSHCE: persistence; comparing cultures; comparing characters; the Sun and the Moon in literature & folklore (6:34) | positive body image; equality (8:17) | sex and relationships; choice and consent; healthy relationships (10:58)
  • Science: Sun & Moon; light & dark; shadows (16:29) | the Solar System; phases of the Moon; skills of a scientist (17:34) | rocks & soils; diamonds; Charlotte Guillain's "The Street Beneath My Feet" (29:34) | classifying (30:44)
  • Numeracy, Science, DT: spheres; measuring circumferences; problem-solving; change in materials; paper mache; natural materials; designing & making; joining (21:16) | galactic Top Trumps game; clothes production; budgeting (40:45)
  • Literacy, Geography: landscapes; poetry; rhyme (23:33) | locating major countries on a map; co-ordinates (35:41)
  • History: Moon landings; significant individuals; discovery of the Americas (25:49)
  • Science, Art: night sky images; texture; painting; printing (26:22)
  • Literacy, Numeracy, DT, Art: wedding/party planning; cooking; dressing up (27:14) | Jonathan Emmett's "Bringing Down the Moon" (27:52)
  • Numeracy: prediction; counting backwards & forwards; fractions; counting in steps; multiplication; division; working out unknown facts from known facts (31:16)
  • Geography, Art: naming the continents (37:17) | Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night"; imitating the style of an artist (37:35)
  • RE, PSHCE: weddings; different faiths (38:11)
  • Science, PSHCE: women in science (46:50)
  • Literacy, Science, Geography, DT, Music, Art: research; physical features of Earth; presenting findings; dance; Holst's "The Planets" suite (49:30) | clay-modelling; clay carving (52:24)

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