Epic Learning: music, Halloween, algorithms and more!

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Oct 09 2020 55 mins  

Join Epic storytellers and creative teachers as they discuss how to draw out learning outcomes from this week's Epic Tale with fun and engaging activities.

We combine our celebrations of World Singing Day and Halloween with a Rock'n'Roll take on a class fairy tale. Discover how the tribulations of Hamelin can help your children conquer positional language, prejudice, and more!

This week, Epic storyteller Chip is joined by Helen, an EYFS–KS1 teacher from Buckinghamshire; Bex, a Deputy Head from Cambridgeshire; and Rob, a KS2 teacher also from Buckinghamshire.

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"The Spooky Strummer" Excerpt | 2:38

Learning Outcomes

  • All-age PSHCE: stranger danger; discussing scary topics in a safe way; cyber-bullying (8:25) | paying debts; treating others fairly (13:19) | getting carried away (18:41)
  • 4–5yrs DT, Drama, Art, Music and PE: expressive art and design; dance; loud and soft; high and low; vocal expression; percussion; rhythm; making rat headbands; cutting and sticking (19:32)
  • 4–7yrs Literacy, Numeracy, Science, DT, Drama and PSHCE: "Mantle of the Expert"; counting; estimation; arranging; counting in groups; designing and making rat traps; materials (23:21)
  • 4–7yrs Science and PSHCE: humane control of pests; materials; what animals like to eat; carnivores, herbivores, omnivores; looking after pets (25:11)
  • 4–7yrs Literacy, Geography and PSHCE: Lauren Child's "That Pesky Rat"; "Don't judge a book by its cover"; prejudice; maps; writing adverts (30:33)
  • 7–9yrs DT and Music: music genres; changing musical genres; pitch; rhythm; volume; pace and tempo; musical performance; changing musical instruments; designing and making instruments (31:20)
  • 7–9yrs Numeracy and ICT: positional, movement, and directional vocabulary; coding; algorithms; Scratch; Turtle (35:47)
  • 7–9yrs Literacy, Science, History and RE: habitats; differences between animals and humans; fact files; Plagues of Egypt; adapting to your environment; changing through the ages; Stone Age; Bronze Age; Iron Age; Charles Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" (37:18)
  • 7–9yrs Literacy and Music: poetry; changing verses; intonation; tone; volume; action; looking for evidence; types of poem; innovating (40:24)
  • 7–9yrs Literacy, Geography and Foreign Languages: locating countries and continents; Germany; differences between countries and towns; tourism posters; German (42:22)
  • 9–11yrs Literacy: what happens next?; survival guides; changing genres; Halloween; classic fairy tales (43:29)
  • 7–11yrs Numeracy: money; open-ended investigations (44:47)
  • 7–11yrs History, Music and PSHCE: the plague; Blues music and musicians; respecting other people's opinions; changing musical genres (45:41)

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