Epic Learning: prediction, Kodály method, subtraction and more!

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Oct 16 2020 52 mins  

Join Epic storytellers and creative teachers as they discuss how to draw out learning outcomes from this week's Epic Tale with fun and engaging activities.

Though one of the lesser-known Christian festivals, All Saints Day is a great opportunity to help your children consider their own amazing qualities. Discover how St Caedmon's origin story can help your children conquer changes over time, composing, and more!

This week, Epic storyteller Chip is joined by Bex, a Deputy Head from Cambridgeshire; Laura, headteacher for an international school in Lanzarote; and Epic storyteller Janina, who is also an Epic mum!

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Intros | 0:00

"Hilda & Caedmon" Excerpt | 1:51

Learning Outcomes
For more detailed learning outcomes, check out the Chapter Headings at epictales.buzzsprout.com

  • All-age PSHCE: perseverance (7:06) | everyone is incredible; every child matters; self-belief; self-acceptance (12:53) | communication (14:12) | authority; role of key workers; everyone has value (15:06) | hobbies and interests; tackling gender stereotyping; LGBTQ+ discussions (33:41) | what do we value? (37:33) | “big questions”; faith; mindfulness (43:00) | talents (47:10)
  • All-age RE:  saints; communication (13:42)
  • 4–7yrs History and PSHCE: differences between then and now; ships; castles; abbeys; significant figures; what does it mean to be significant?; isolation (16:50)
  • 4–7yrs Literacy and Drama: pause and predict; Role on the Wall; characters; comprehension; clues in the text; thought tracking dramatizing; speech bubbles; thought bubbles (20:12) | what makes a hero/superhero (21:48)
  • 4–7yrs History and Music: composing; using instruments; ancient instruments (22:35)
  • 4–7yrs RE and PSHCE: big questions; different faiths; awe and wonder; everyone’s incredible (23:24)
  • 4–7yrs Numeracy and Music: timing; different note lengths; Kodaly method; differences in numbers; increases and decreases in quantity; repetition (26:09)
  • 4–7yrs Literacy: sounds; phonics (28:50)
  • 7–11yrs History: differences between then and now (30:22)
  • 7–11yrs Core: personal challenges; sponsorship (31:57)
  • 7–11yrs RE: saints (32:58) | religious festivals; All Saints Day; Halloween (41:34)
  • 7–11yrs Numeracy and History: number lines; finding the difference; subtraction; significant dates; timelines; chronological understanding (35:11)
  • 7–11yrs Literacy, History, RE and PSHCE: differences between then and now; attitudes, opinions and beliefs of different periods; different faiths; tolerance; being faithful to the past; the first song/poem in English (37:59)

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