Epic Learning: Anti-Bullying Week, measurement, classification, and more!

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Nov 13 2020 54 mins  

Join Epic storytellers and creative teachers as they discuss how to draw out learning outcomes from this week's Epic Tale with fun and engaging activities.

Brer Bunny, the trickster hero of southern USA, joins us this week to help you explore the sensitive issues of Anti-Bullying Week in a safe yet hilarious environment. And along the way, your young learners can master letter writing, science experiments, and more!

To discuss this week's tale, Epic storyteller Chip is joined by Helen, an EYFS-KS1 teacher from Buckinghamshire; Bex, a Deputy Head from Cambridgeshire; and Laura, headteacher of an International School in Lanzarote.

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"Brer Bunny and the Tar Bunny" excerpt | 1:50

Learning Outcomes
For more detailed learning outcomes, check out the Chapter Headings at epictales.buzzsprout.com

  • All-age PSHCE: kindness; friendship; people can change; making good choices (6:59) | reforming characters; bullying; consequences; nobody’s perfect; people can change; being thoughtful (8:39) | dealing with emotions; shame; guilt; shifting behaviours (9:55)
  • All-Age Literacy: trickster tales (7:42) | Brer Rabbit; stories as culture; Disney’s “The Song of the South” (14:43) | letter writing; talking through disagreements (28:20) | continuing the story; posters of classroom agreements and rules (31:27)
  • All-age Science, DT, and PSHCE: trusting your own decisions; self-confidence; conformity; Asch’s experiment; Derren Brown (10:38) | designing and building; evaluating; responding to feedback (39:11)
  • 4–7yrs Literacy, Science, and PSHCE: listening; fact in fiction; animal noises; phonics; mindfulness (19:40)
  • 4–7yrs Science, Geography, and PSHCE: classification; jobs that people do; maps (22:05)
  • 4–7yrs Literacy and Drama: inferring from the text; dialogue and direct speech; acting out characters; role play (23:59)
  • 4–7yrs Science: properties of materials; science investigations; designing experiments; sticky materials (29:58)
  • 7–9yrs Literacy: formal and informal letter writing (33:39) | diary writing; newspaper reports; letter writing; tracking emotions (35:11) | predicting outcomes in a story; inferring from a text; conscience alleys (36:29)
  • 7–9yrs Science and PSHCE: classification; jobs people do (35:00)
  • 7–9yrs History: Greek gods and goddesses; Greek myths; Ancient Greece; mythical creatures; Aborigine Dreamtime (38:13)
  • All-age Numeracy: weights; units of measurement; length (39:59)
  • 7–11yrs ICT and PSHCE: video editing; spreading positivity (45:24)
  • All-age PE: yoga; physical movement; “Bunny Breathing” (48:11) | gymnastics; bunny hopping (50:26)

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