Epic Learning: the five senses, verbs, scaling, and more!

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Nov 20 2020 51 mins  

Join Epic storytellers and creative teachers as they discuss how to draw out learning outcomes from this week's Epic Tale with fun and engaging activities.

Poor Olaf and his new animal friends can't seem to cajole his goat away from a meadow of sweet-smelling flowers – but their despair could help your young learners master parts of a plant, adjectives, area and perimeter, and more!

To discuss this week's tale, Epic storyteller Chip is joined by Helen, an EYFS-KS1 teacher from Buckinghamshire; Bex, a Deputy Head from Cambridgeshire; and Rob, a KS2 teacher also from Buckinghamshire.

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Intros | 0:00

Learning Outcomes
For more detailed learning outcomes, check out the Chapter Headings at epictales.buzzsprout.com

"Olaf's Goat" excerpt | 2:57

  • All-age Literacy & PSHCE: unlikely heroes; story conventions; “The Enormous Turnip”; comparing stories (7:26) | size doesn’t matter; “small heroes”; story conventions (11:44)
  • 7–11yrs Science: invasive species (9:55)
  • 4–7yrs Science & DT: plant identification; flowers; naming the senses; sensory exploration (15:07) | environmentalism; beekeeping (16:33)
  • 4–7yrs Art & PSHCE: colour; Yvonne Coomber; knowing yourself; people are different; expressing your likes and dislikes (16:49)
  • 4–7yrs Literacy and Core: problem-solving; critical thinking; persuasive writing; writing instructions (19:50) | verbs; adding -ed (20:24)
  • 4–5yrs Numeracy: adding one (22:08)
  • 7–9yrs Literacy: fact files; comparing stories; “The Enormous Turnip” (25:02) | “a day in the life”; perspective; rewriting stories; Valerie Thomas’ “Winnie and Wilbur: The Dinosaur Day” (36:52) |  Bible stories; David and Goliath (36:02)
  • 7–9yrs Numeracy, Science & DT: area and perimeter; units of measurement; shapes (26:45) | statistics; flower identification; features of wildlife; charts (27:46)
  • All-age Science & PSHCE: life cycles; ecosystems; our impact on the planet; citizenship (34:22)
  • 7–9yrs History: unlikely heroes from history; Greek, Roman, and Norse myths; Hercules; “Arthur and the Golden Rope” (34:44)
  • 9–11yrs Numeracy: area and perimeter; composite shapes (39:28)
  • 9–11yrs Art: using natural materials; natural dyes (40:03)
  • All-age MFL: animal names; animal sounds; including EAL children (40:27)
  • All-age Numeracy: “How many legs?” (42:08)
  • All-age Music and PE: different instruments; musical representation of nature; “Peter and the Wolf”; dance and movement (43:06)
  • 7–11yrs Literacy: perspective; diary writing; verbs; tenses (44:31) | changing settings (45:49)

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