Episode 10: "I'll Just Listen to My Body": Why Intuitive Eating Isn't the Answer...YET

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May 28 2020 15 mins  

"I'll just listen to my body."

Intuitive eating sounds like a lovely idea. The problem is, at this stage in your life, you're not Gandhi, at one with nature and your deepest self.

Your body and mind, in their current states, have been trained by none other than...you.

What does that mean?

Your body will tell you what it wants. But those wants aren't needs. They're based on the cravings you've trained them to have.

If you've spent every Tuesday hittin' up the drive through, well, Monday night your body is sending you all kinds of messages telling it's time for MickeyD's. Is that eating intuitively?

There's a step between where we are right now and where we need to be to effectively eat intuitively. 

Here's how to get there.