How To 20X Your Cleaning Business with COVID-19 Pandemic

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May 08 2020 24 mins  

How to catipult your janitorial cleaning business after COVID-19

I'm Karwanna D., a business growth strategist. I teach women and minority small business owners how to grow their business with government contracts so they can have consistent, sustainable income.

With this proven system, you can easily more than 20X your business by simply working smarter and leveraging a system that was designed to help you win as a small business owner.

Over the next few minutes I just want to have an open conversation for those of you who have cleaning and janitorial businesses.

And I'm going to share with you 3 things that you need to do to access the contracting opportunities that are present right now

It's a simple 3 step system (BCP) and as you listen in to a recent live I did, you get the entire scoop right here.

If you want my help with this so you can Fastrak your way to getting these large contracts to clean the world

Head over to