How To Make Money With Music

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May 15 2020 20 mins  

How to Make Money with Music

I'm Karwanna D., a business growth strategist. I teach women and minority small business owners how to grow their business with government contracts, so they can have consistent, sustainable income.

Play close attention if you are a minister of music because I'm going to reveal to you one of the biggest kept secrets that can help you get unstuck chasing church gigs and seriously grow your music business strategically.

Over the next few minutes I'm going to share with you a simple process to identifying large contracts as a minster of music or musician with the US government.

Last week I shared a simple 3 step system (BCP) that qualifies you for these types of contracts with the US government.

If you want a copy of that training, let me know in the (YT) comments so you know what you can do to gain access to what I'm about to show you.

My YouTube Channel is

Today I'm going to show you 3 Government Agencies That Contract with Musicians that you can get opportunities with today. 

To Learn more about contracting opportunities and how to position your business for success