Interview with Lydia Stokke | Awakening for the Next Generation

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Jul 13 2020 49 mins  

As a 24-year-old food activist, Boulder, Colorado transplant Lydia Stokke represents the next generation of conscious creators, bringing a fresh perspective of awakening in today's consumer culture. Lydia's childhood as the daughter of a food activist and founder of was instrumental in launching her into her life's work as a sustainable food champion. Lydia thrives on creating connection, presence and joy as she embraces being-ness as miracle and consciousness is a gift. 

Lydia Stokke-Schmidt is the project manager of Next7, a grassroots organization dedicated to a thriving future for the next seven generations. Learn more about Next7 at, or follow along on Instagram at @next7org.  Lydia blogs at and you can find her Instagram at @alydia_janes