Interview with Quenby Schuyler | Awakening to Let Go

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Aug 25 2020 65 mins  

Writer and local farm to table chef Quenby Schuyler joins Kay on this not to be missed 11th episode of Alive & Kicking. Quenby talks about the hard "smacks" life delivered along her route of learning to let go.  Christian school educated, Quenby repeatedly sought stability in being "normal" until a life-threatening medical experience after the birth of a child led her to what she calls "the battle for Quenby's life". These days, Quenby says, " I wake up. And I surrender."

Quenby Schuyler is owner and head chef at Q's Kitchen, a holistic meal prep company and caterer in suburban Chicagoland.  Find Quenby on Facebook and follow her on Instagram @soulrebelkitchen. Lucky locals can scope out her delicious meal offerings at