Interview with Yolanda Lozano | Awakening with Sound and Light

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Oct 06 2020 58 mins  

As a child, Yolanda Lozano crisscrossed the US - Mexico border often enough that by the time she returned to this country permanently at the age of 16, she had little sense of language or culture and a lot of familiarity with upheaval. Her journey to know that the "mother within" was guiding her throughout helped her find a place of service and divinity in sound and light. 

Yolanda Lozano is a spiritual guide and healer residing in Geneva, Illinois. She has spent the last forty years helping individuals and groups heal and find a sense of well-being as they reconnect to Source and their inner guidance. Among her tools are crystal bowls, gongs, her voice, nature and healing environments, flowers, and the beautiful Fox River that flows through her hometown. Yolanda is on Facebook as Yolanda Lozano, and on Instagram at @yoliturtlesque. Find more opportunities to connect with Yolanda on her website