1. Matthew and Sydney's Experiences with Conflict & Divorce

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May 08 2020 25 mins  

Matthew Brickman and Sydney Mitchell tell their separate personal stories and experiences with divorce and conflict. Both unique and completely different but yet share the common subject of conflict as they offer insight on how you can best resolve the conflict in your life peacefully in order to move forward.

Their advice will help you deal with:
• Divorce (contested/uncontested with/without children, property, assets, debts)
• Parental Rights
• Paternity Cases and Rights
• Parenting
• Child Custody (Timesharing)
• Alimony and Spousal Support
• Child Support and Arrears
• Document Assistance
• Visitation
• Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
• Post-judgement Modifications
• Family Disputes
• Business & Contract Disputes
• Employment: Employer/Employee Disputes
• Real Estate: Landlord - Tenant Disputes
• In-person Mediation
• Online Virtual Mediation

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