The Future of Labs Talk with Erica Davis and Sven Haiges

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Apr 30 2020 15 mins  

We’ve produced 15 episodes of Labs Talk so far – Nick and Sven enjoyed talking to well-known technical people in the community. Since this year, a few things changed with regards to the team and also when it comes to how we produce this podcast. This is why we make some changes going forward – but rest assured, we’ll produce even more cool content with some greater variety. 

Going forward, your hosts will be Erica Davis and Sven Haiges. Nick decided to do a fellowship with the Customer Experience Enablement Team at SAP but will still be available if we need him to tame Sven. With Erica on board, we’re now able to discuss and explore the Startups at foundry Munich even better due to her long-time relationship with Besides Tech and Startup content, we also will have exciting research topics from our collaboration between SAP Munich and the technical university of Munich (TUM). 

From a production point of view, the recording and mixing is now all done by our little team. We’ve chosen new episode music and also streamlined the show which helps us to mix these episodes down ourselves. 

 We hope you are as excited as we are – please let us know in the comments at