The Dana Gould Hour

May 12 2020 18.4k

Comedian Dana Gould takes a look at our world... through his eyes... for your benefit. Joined by fellow comedians and other interesting people with a focus on the weird and the real. Conversation. Music. Monologues. With Ken Daly, Andy Paley and more.

The Holiest Of Molies
Jun 29 2017 180 mins  
Welcome to another episode of The Dana Gould Hour, recorded partially in Los Angeles at Falcon's Lair Studios, and partially in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, where I am for the summer filming season two of Stan Against Evil. We have three slam-bang smash-pow guests today, in a lighthearted romp for your summer enjoyment. Stand up comedian Joe DeRosa is with us today. You've seen Joe on Better Call Saul as well as on his own comedy special You Let Me Down. He also has a terrific podcast of his own called We'll See You In Hell. Speaking of terrific podcasts, Monster Party's Matt Weinhold is here today. Matt is one of my oldest and dearest pals and an all around excellent human being. And into that box you also have to put the hilarious April Richardson, whose Mom thinks Steve Harvey is funnier than she is. So, give a listen, if only to appreciate how incredibly wrong April's mother is. Me? By the time you here this I will have just wrapped shooting season two of Stan Against Evil, which will be premiering in October on IFC. This fall will also see the release of my new comedy album, Mr. Funny Man on Kill Rock Stars. And if you're going to Comi-Con later this month you'll have two opportunities to see me. One, at the Stan Against Evil Panel, and two, I'll be performing live that weekend at the American Comedy Company, Friday, July 21st and Saturday, July 22nd. For details on all of these and other events and baloney, please check out

Oh, Lawdy!
Mar 28 2017 160 mins  
This is a very special episode of the Dana Gould hour podcast, not the least of which because it came out on schedule. I'm happy to welcome back to the show actor and author Stephen Tobolowsky. Stephen is a man after my own heart. He's an actor, an author, a musician. He is the epitome of those people who's name rings a bell and then you see them and say, "Oh THAT guy!" He played Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day, he was the other amnesiac in Memento, he was Commissioner Jarry on Deadwood, the list goes on and on and on and on. He has a much beloved show on public radio, which is also a podcast, called the Tobolowsky Files and now he has new book entitled My Adventures With God. It's not so much a religious book, thank God, but it is the story of his ups and down in life, catastrophes, successes, and his struggle to obtain some sort of connection with a power greater than himself. As he writes so eloquently, "It's hard to believe in nothing. Even cats believe in suppertime. As much as we love certainty, we are often shaped by the invisible, the unexplainable--something we call faith. We are inclined to acknowledge the holy. Even if it is only a paper heart we find in an old suitcase." Stephen is the best storyteller I know, and that's saying a lot and I'm honored he's here. Joining Stephen is author Maggie Rowe. Maggie has been a good friend of mine for a long, long time. If you had asked me "Of all your friends, who would you say was the most, you now, 'normal'? Maggie would have been high on the list. And then, one day, while a-shootin' at some food, she casually mentioned that she had spent time in a psychiatric hospital and I went, "Oh realllllllly?" Her story is utterly fascinating and is the subject of her new book Sin Bravely. Maggie grew up in a moderately religious household but at a very young age, became obsessed with the fear that she was going to Hell. She struggled with this throughout her adolescence. Have you ever had a beautiful young girl walk up to you in a shopping mall and tell you you were going to Hell? If so, it might have been Maggie. Eventually, realizing she was heading down a road where she might end up, shall we say, something-something for Cocoa Puffs, Maggie checked herself into a Christian psychiatric hospital. I know, to many of you that might sound like a contradiction in terns, but you have to hear the story. It includes a former biker and meth-head struggling with anger management issues, a set of identical twins tormented by erotic fantasies. I'm honored to have both Maggie and Stephen on this episode.

Uncle Donald's Monkey!
Feb 22 2017 177 mins  
It’s 2017 and EVERYTHING’S GREAT! At least as far as fans of this podcast are concerned because this episode is great. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, or Evil Dead 2 or Day Of The Dead or Kill Bill or Django Unchained or any of the seven million movies and television shows this gentleman has worked on, Greg Nicotero is here today. Greg has gone from being one of the leading special effects make-up wizards in in Hollywood to one of the hottest directors in television. Also joining us, Kevin Fitzgerald, a man I can only describe as a real life Forrest Gump. Kevin Fitzgerald. Kevin is a very funny and talented comedian, based in Denver, who I’ve known for, probably, twenty-five years. Kevin is also, a very brilliant veterinary surgeon, and is the star of Animal Planets’ Emergency Vets. So, I was recently in Denver, and I was talking to Kevin, and I happened to ask how he got into being a veterinarian and he said, “Keith Richard’s made me do it.” And I said, as you would have said, “Keith Richards, Keith Richards?” and he said, “Yeah.” And what I learned was, from this guy I’ve known forever, that starting in 1969, Kevin was a bodyguard for the Rolling Stones, among many other bands. Kevin has worked with the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, the list goes on and on and on and he’s here today to tell us all about it. Me? I’ve been busier than a one-armed traffic cop with a skin rash. We’re currently in pre-production on season 2 of Stan Against Evil, which means we’re breaking stories for the season and writing scripts, the special effects shop is already designing a new season’s worth of demons and creatures, I’m back at work on this little baby, and, as you may guess, that takes a little time, and I’m still touring. Live dates are at

Manger Danger!
Dec 25 2016 164 mins  
It's the most wonderful time of the year of course, by wonderful, I mean living in the state of total, unending, frantic chaos and constantly forgetting that you have to buy stamps and your out of Scotch tape. BUT we have an amazing show providing two very interesting looks inside the beautiful business that we call show to wrap up the 2016 year. Pete Aronson is here. Pete is the head of programming and development at the Independent Film Channel, not only is the executive who shepherded my show Stan Against Evil through development and production, he is also is an old friend of mine, who I met first as a writer, and I thought, as we wrap up the year, who better to give you an executive's perspective on the TV business, but in the way regular people can understand and relate to. Pete is smart, funny and a profoundly decent human being, but he's managed to stay working in show business despite that. Also, Kliph Nesteroff and Drew Friedman are here. Kliph wrote one of my favorite books of 2016, The Comedians, a history of stand up comedy in America, now in paperback, and Drew Friedman, Drew is something of a legend. He is an cartoonist and caricature artist. You've seen his work on the cover of The New Yorker, the New York Observer, the late, great, SPY Magazine, but his notoriety goes all the way back to the underground comics of the early '80's like Weirdo and Screw. His book Any Resemblance To Persons Living Or Dead Is Purely Coincidental is one of the single funniest things I have ever read, and his new book, More Heroes Of The Comics, is out right now.

The Ghost & Mr. Halloweenery
Oct 27 2016 199 mins  
It's the most wonderful time of the year and we're going to get right to it. It's Halloween and we have a grab bag of tricks and treats for you so there's no reason to dilly dally. We have three, count 'em, three big guests today. The first is Ken Reid, of the excellent podcast TV GUIDANCE COUNSELOR. Ken Reid I a pop cultural encyclopedia whose knowledge base dwarfs my own, and he's hilarious and a great guy to boot. Also, Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame. Joel's here to talk about the original MST3K, the new incarnation with Jonah Ray. Joel and I have been friends for a long long time and we hike back into the comedy museum for a segment or two, I think you'll like it. And lastly, but most certainly NOT leastly, monster maker Rick Baker, who worked on Ed Wood, An American Werewolf In London and countless, countless, countless other films is here. I interviewed Rick at Cinefamily here in Los Angeles after a special screening of Ed Wood, so out conversation is presented in that context, We had just watched Ed Wood, there are some questions from the audience. It was a really great conversation. And FINALLY, PLEASE tune in this November 2nd to IFC's new horror comedy Stan Against Evil. Starring John C McGinley of Scrubs and Janet Varney of You're The Worst, written and created by yours truly. It's scary, It's funny. If you enjoy this podcast, then it's definitely worth a look. Stan Against Evil. Premiering Wednesday, Nov. 2nd at 10 PM on IFC with a two show double shot, and with a special sneak preview of our first episode at 10 PM on Halloween night.

Nuts & Dolts
Apr 13 2016 151 mins  
Well, I promised you we'd premiere a new episode on the first of every month and clearly I was lying. Oh, people. I am in pre-production of the upcoming IFC series Stan Against Evil and the schedule is getting tight, but we are plunging away. Here we are better late than never, and by the time you hear this we're already elbow deep in May's episode. So there. Today, our overall topic is murders committed by crazy people, but we dip in and out of it a fair amount. The People vs. O.J. Simpson screenwriters and producers Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski (@karaszewski) are with us. As well as founding member of the LA.'s legendary sketch group The Groundlings and a member of the original cast of Saturday night Live, Laraine Newman (@larainenewman) is with us, and joining Laraine is the host of the JV Club, the voice of Korra in the eponymous Legend Of Korra, co-star of the web series Everyone's crazy But us and also, I am proud and not a little relieved to report, co-star of the upcoming IFC series Stan Against Evil, Janet Varney. Follow Janet on Twitter at @janetvarneyMe? I'm on Twotter at @danagould. And maybe, just maybe, you're in the mood to see my live. Telling my various humor jokes! Details on my live shows are available at DanaGould.comAnd while you're there, why not become a subscriber to the show? Or donate to the show. All monies are plowed right back into the production I assure you. We're not listed as a non-profit, it just worked out that way. Or say you need to buy something referenced here on the show, a book or a movie, the best thing to do is go to, click on our Amazon banner, and shop away, You get what you want, and for not one penny more, Amazon kicks us back a few sheckles to keep the turbines running here at the laboratory.Lastly, why now show your true colors with a Dana Gould Hour T-shirt. The new designs are in, courtesy of he great Ben Walker and the good folks at ComedyFilmNerds also sells Bevilaqua heating And Air Conditioning T shirts, signed cd's and LP's, that's right, Vinyl, baby, of my albums, ALL THAT, and so much more, at

Look Back In Langour
Mar 01 2016 156 mins  
It’s a brand new edition of The Dana Gould Hour Podcast. I like to think of the show as an audio Pop Tart, you NEVER quite now when it’s going to pop up, but in the interest of some sort of regularity, and with my awareness that nature abhors a vacuum and that I, like many others, NEED a deadline now and again, we are trying, trying, trying to get the shows out on the first or second of every month. Is the world throwing up roadblocks to make that difficult? YES. The good news is, these roadblocks are sort of cool. For example, for the past year I’ve been working on a proposed television show for IFC called Stan Against Evil. It is, for lack of a better term, a cross between The X-Files and All In The Family, and I am happy to announce that it just got picked up and will be on your televisions this fall. But yeah, this fall. Gee, that’s kind of soon and we still have to do… EVERYTHING. BUT we’re going to do our best to get everything for the TV show and the podcast done on time. The good news is this, me and spare time are a terrible combination, so hopefully this will all work out for the best. In the meantime, you have amazing episode right in front of you. The estimable Greg Proops, he of the Smartest Man In The World Podcast is here and his new book, The Smartest Book In The World. You can follow him at @gregproops Also, the creator of one of my favorite podcasts – Ken Reid, he of TV Guidance Counselor fame is here. Follow him on Twitter @KennethWReid. I will say, although we look nothing alike, lucky for Ken, all of our other similarities are striking to the point of creepy, and you can actually here me getting increasingly spooked by them as the interview progresses. Me? I will be in Philadelphia, Pa at Helium on March 3, 4 & 5th 2016 and at The Wheeler Opera House in Aspen on March 11th 2016. Then I will return to one of my favorite places in the whole wide country, Portland, Oregon to play the Helium THERE on March 24th, 25th and 26th 2016. So, lots of places to see me do my clown act. Details and ticket links on the Live Shows page, hey, while you’re there, why not become a supporter of the podcast? You can become a member if you like and we appreciate it, or just use to click on our Amazon banner and shop away.But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy!But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Feb 02 2016 145 mins  
We did it. It’s the first episode of The Dana Gould Hour podcast for 2016 and we juuuust missed January but when I tell you I had homework this month, I had homework. But everything’s getting turned in on time and hopefully, we’ll have some cool stuff to announce in the not too distant future. Lots of stuff coming up this year including my new special and album, tentatively entitled Mighty Mouth. More about that in the not-too-distant future, where, as Elvis Costello sang, everything will be free. This is kind of a special episode. I saw Star Wars and had very mixed emotions about it. Nothing to do with the movie, but my reaction to it was somewhat strange, and so I have, quite bluntly, my two closest friends in the word on to talk about it -- Ken Daly and Rob Cohen. But, since we know each other SO well I was afraid the conversation would devolve into a series of grunts and eye-rolls, we brought in a ringer, comedian Dan Telfer, who’s CD Ocean Of Panic, you can buy. Dan is a Star Wars-knowin’ motherfucker and it’s a deep dish conversation that goes to some surprising places and I think you’ll enjoy it. Also, the always hilarious and entertaining April Richardson is here (@APEY) and her partner in crime and comedy, life and love (but not really) Chris Fairbanks, (@ChrisFairbanks).And as for ME? The movie Southbound hits theaters and I believe VOD in Feb. 5th. Called "A cinematic miracle" by Roger, Southbound a is terrific little horror movie if you like that sort of thing, so go git it. Feb 18, 19 and 20th, 2016 I will be at The Comedy Bar in Toronto, Ontario. I will be at The Wheeler Opera House in Aspen on March 11, 2016 and Helium in Portland, Oregon, land of food trucks, on March 24, 25 and 26th, 2016. Details and ticket links on the live appearance page at

Bride Of Halloweenery!
Oct 13 2015 173 mins  
It's the most wonderful time, of the year. My favorite time of year, my favorite month, my favorite holiday and my favorite episode of the podcast. This year is no exception. I can't summon the Great Pumpkin but I can squash any fears that this episode is anything less than awesome. Get it? Pumpkin and squash, because they're vaguely similar. Okay.Big Guns! Patton Oswalt is my guest. We're gonna talk the horror movies that made us who we are. Showing them to your kids. Make them one of us. One of us. Laurie Jacobsen is here. Laurie wrote the best book I have ever read about supernatural doings in the heart of Tinseltown, Hollywood Haunted. Find out who couldn't take the hint and stuck around after they died. And actor, writer and cinema collector extraordinaire, Bob Burns. You may not know Bob by name, but he has had a documentary and two books written about him. He is one of the most fascinating people I have ever known, and if you are a fan of all things Halloween, then you, like me, will soon be looking up to Bob as the mentor that I do. A truly extraordinary guy with an extraordinary story. Also joining us is filmmaker Frank Dietz, maker of said documentary, entitled Beast Wishes.Last, but not least, on October 16th in theaters and Video On Demand, the film Tales Of Halloween. A horror anthology featuring the top tier fright filmmakers at work today, I am joined in the cast of that movie by Greg Grunberg - he's in Star Wars - Cerina Vincent, James Duval, Lisa Marie, John Savage, John Landis, Joe Dante, Adrienne Barbeau, Pat Healey, Mick Garris. I will not tell you what happens to me in the movie but I will tell you what I learned on the set. If it's five o-'clock in the morning and you have got a bucket of fake blood that's been sitting out all night, when that stuff finally comes out of the pump, it's COLD. Tales Of Halloween, I am so happy to be in that movie and on your October podcast queue. There they are. Trick or treat!

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podcast_fanny Jul 16 2020
Used to be fun and funny. But then he started preaching from hollywood pedastol and I just turned off from all of his liberal rants. If I wanted a political opinion i would download that podcast.

TripDaddyJ May 15 2020
Always good stuff!

StephenMotz May 06 2020
Always entertaining, and the new focused format is great!