Mar 02 2014 69 mins

Three highly branching and divergent young men reminisce about growing up in the crumbling American empire. With digressions to technology, rap music, popular culture, and literature. Hosted by Colin Barrett, Patrick Thomson, and Phillip Bowden.

#16: I Made a Poop Joke in Church
Mar 02 2014 63 mins  
Hello, listeners. Around Thanksgiving we sat down and recorded a really fantastic episode for you all. Unfortunately, shit, as they say, happened. Sorry about that. Everything is fine now though, and we're pleased to release this humdinger for your listening pleasure. That's it for the preamble, on to the show notes! We begin by discussing Phillip's adventure to Hooters in Midtown, Manhattan (never go there) and speculate about a possible support group for victims of one-sided music industry beefs. We all complain about the weather and how it cramps our style. Stupid weather. A hair redistribution action is planned. We have an existential crisis about kind of not caring about new consoles — real ones anyway. We follow on by breaking down the sailing mechanics in Assassin's Creed and Wind Waker. We also wail and moan about the horrible, horrible sexism that pervades gaming. A bodying occurs, and the victims are the people who get off on positive feedback about their conference but silence any criticism thereof. Leaving the scene as fast as we can, we arrive at a discussion of Pulp Fiction, the new Eminem record, and Michael Jordan playing Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals with the flu. It turns out that the best cure for the flu is technology-fueled rage — which Patrick delivered in spades at the conference we all met at. Phillip tells us about the time he gave a sermon and told a poop joke to his Southern Baptist congregation. Yes, this really happened. We discuss our Thanksgiving plans (we all had a good time; sorry about the delay) which included watching a ton of Dragon Ball Z. We enter a milieu of '90s anime nostalgia and then end up talking about Mom & Pop video stores and the etymology of "Blockbuster". We finish off by recounting some San Francisco adventures, and Colin drops the mic after giving some spot-on relationship advice.

#14: Man, I Don't Know Shit About Thunderstorms
Aug 12 2013 71 mins  
We're back. Again. We have somewhat of an unprepared start to the episode, but quickly get down to three of Phillip's fantastic Williamsburg Bar Stories - including one about the previously-discussed scourge that is small-head privilege. We segue nicely into a discussion of the proper procedure for thunderstorms (consensus: pour whiskey, put on Boards of Canada, get mad snuggly on the couch). It is revealed that Patrick behaved very uncharacteristically and participated in physical sporting activity. We engage in a very long, nuanced discussion about both the merits and the awful misogyny of 'Yeezus', Kanye West's most recent album. Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt are mentioned. Patrick and Colin enthusiastically trumpet the virtues of Pacific Rim (though are unable to remember the name of the lead actor, eventually settling on "Blandy McProtagonist"). Some critical opinions of author Bret Easton Ellis are voiced, namely "FUCK BRET EASTON ELLIS", "FUCK THAT GUY", "WHAT A DICKHEAD", and "DUDE SUCKS, SO HARD". We discuss the great idea that is Snapchat and slam its awful implementation and user interface, and Phillip describes the horrified sensation of realizing that there's a New Cool Teen Trend (namely, Tinder) of which one knows nothing. We top it all off with a good old round of book discussion, covering Tracy Kidder's The Soul of a New Machine, Leslie Valiant's Probably Approximately Correct, and Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. Don't miss the post-episode coda; it's a good one.

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