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Apr 25 2019 36 mins 460.7k

"'A podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it." - The Guardian. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, from Gimlet.

4.5 • 46 Ratings

Astro A.F. Jan 02 2021
Awesome story!

Sanka9 Dec 29 2020
Excellent podcast. I love super tech support and most eps. Don't really like yes, yes, no. That's a negative. update- ENOUGH with the US politics stories. Please!! Down from 5 to 4 stars. My rating system... 5 stars - 10/10 4 stars - very good 3 stars - worth a listen 2 stars - not that good 1 star - terrible, don't bother

jayntguru Dec 20 2020
Man this podcast used to be great. Unique stories that were told really well. Unfortunately now it's been taken over and half the recent episodes and about politics. That content is not interesting and not at all unique.

jessbean80 Dec 16 2020
One of the best podcasts out there!

cruisingstl Dec 12 2020
Great podcast

ShawnOfSulfur Dec 03 2020
Enough with the rebroadcasts, this is a podcast feed not a radio show. Somehow it take them weeks to months to produce a sub hour show but other podcasts are able to put out hours of equally polished content every week.

Black Goat Nov 17 2020
I love this show in general- favorite podcast. The Scaredy Cat episodes they did are another kind of joy. I love PJ and Alex as my go-to podcast. Just wonderfully done.

Kitsalano Nov 15 2020
Remember when this show was about the internet and not Emmanuels day to day feelings?

sirchutney Nov 01 2020
Every other word is 'like'. Annoying

Catrine Oct 27 2020
How may times times are they allowed to use the world "like"? It's more or less in every sentence... unbearable to listen to.

sullen_dreams Oct 02 2020
Come on you guys, I'm all for change but this new person's voice is horrible to listen to.

CD Oct 15 2020
One of my favorite podcasts! Alex and PJ are so funny and I love their chemistry and banter! Listening to reply all feels like hanging out with good pals.

tilmobaxter Oct 14 2020
Listening to the Reply All Crew is may favorite time of year

kaitlinonfire Oct 13 2020
One of my go-to favorites for unique takes on contemporary human interest stories disguised as tech questions.

unusualsteve Oct 05 2020
I've listened to every episode. Some more than once, if you haven't give it a listen then you've been missing out.

zaphod Oct 04 2020
Just listen to episode #158, and you will know what this podcast is all about.

Paterwabe Sep 27 2020
Just stumbled upon this podcast. There are some episodes I like and some I love. Overall a very interesting podcast about discovering the final details about obscure stuff and crazy obsessions. The most satisfying thing about this show is when it all becomes clear in the end.

ajbrowe Sep 20 2020
Always enjoyable and informative

Jrose152 Sep 18 2020
Great podcast.

Alaine1013 Sep 01 2020
Their talent deserves 10 stars! My only complaint is there are not more episodes. Fun to listen to as well as educational!

DT Aug 28 2020
It's basically about people's experiences and interactions with each other through the medium of technology. Alex and PJ have such good chemistry, making the podcast a treat to listen to. And the episodes where Jason Mantzoukas is a guest always have me laughing. Highly recommended, I haven't found another podcast quite like this one.

Wallace's walrus Aug 28 2020

CleanGene17 Aug 25 2020
Excellent! I think they do an excellent objective job.

Teslaguy40 Aug 22 2020
Podcast is awesome. Period

MikeyMike Aug 05 2020
I've been listening since the beginning! I love these guys, great chemistry! I wish they released episodes a little more frequently but I will live. Also check out the Scaredy Cats Horror Show mini-series by the same hosts.

lwood the great Jul 23 2020
Great podcast. 10/10

MelloYello Jul 17 2020
One of the standards in podcast. Reply All is addictive because of its interesting, endearing, and funny look into life with a tech slant.

jesterific Jul 11 2020
This is my favourite podcast of all time. I've been listening for 6 years

Holydenzer Jun 30 2020
My favorite podcast of them all!

gsilverfish Apr 18 2020
One of the best podcasts out there. The mix of human-focus and technology stories just can't seem to be beaten for me.

cactusbutt Jun 14 2020
Reply all is amazing, every episode is fantastic. PJ and Alex have good banter and it is produced very well, and comprehensively researched

HughJascauk Jun 16 2020

1q3er5 Jun 01 2020
awesome podcast!

HumanRacehorses May 30 2020
Fascinating trip through what exists (and sometimes doesn't exist) in cyberspace. Each episode markedly different than the other. The podcasters clearly love what they're doing and are very enthusiastic about the subject matter. Deep drives into the meaning of Twitter posts can get a little arcane from time to time.

Clau-dia May 29 2020
Makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis in each episode 😂 Love the friendship despite constant teasing and the willingness to torture each other for a great story - makes me wonder what will happen next every episode

jason May 17 2020
Totally awesome

jflo72 May 16 2020
The content is top notch. It took me a few episodes, but these are two of my favorite personalities in podcastdom. Which makes it top 10 out there to sub, for sure!

Jovan May 15 2020
Great episode!

LenaGunEm May 14 2020
a human interest show disguised as a tech podcast. brilliant!

Garbomancer May 01 2020
They're kinda dicks

patientzero May 03 2020

Sifoni Apr 24 2020
Sometime weird,sometime funny sometime everything, always worth it

nhartman Apr 14 2020
If you love Tech and anything that has to do with the internet this is one of the best podcasts that exist!

sullivar Apr 14 2020
Brilliant, sometimes sophomoric, always compelling listening. I bump each new episode to the top of my playlist. Especially the tech related ones

NicoRösch Apr 13 2020
Reply all is just some of the best content... Ever

johathom Apr 01 2020
First! Love PJ, Love Alex, Love Matt Lieber, Love Alex.