Philosophy of Health

Nov 24 2017 88 mins 549

An ancient approach to and modern critique of medicine on a personal and global level.

Episode 38 - Adoption Series: First Trip Home w/ G.O.A.'L.
Sep 20 2017 66 mins  
G.O.A.'L. (Global Overseas Adoptees' Link) is the only organization by adoptees for adoptees to assist in everything from requesting birth records to providing psychological assistance to helping you move to Korea. With First Trip Home, they remain the only non-religious sponsor for adoptees to return to Korea and the only program to specifically center around doing a Birth Family Search. While it involves trips to adoption agencies and your city of birth, it also includes sightseeing adventures typical of other motherland tours exclusively with other adoptees and native volunteers. In this episode, AK Salling, G.O.A.'L's Secretary General and tour guide extraordinaire, walks us through First Trip Home as well as G.O.A.'L.'s founding, mission, and future. We discuss the birth family search process (DNA testing, the Korean media, tips for adoption agencies, international legal issues, etc.), information about reuniting with birth families, and the relationship many adoptees have with Korea after coming back. To donate to G.O.A.'L.: Paypal: [email protected] Bank transfer: Kookmin Bank 375301-04-00076 Special thanks to Caleb Yee for his artwork, Kevin Shea for his standup, and Kalyna Rakel for permission to use her song So Removed. Visit to support this podcast and my path to healing by donating or using my ebay or amazon links, or to set up a personal consultation with me. "The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Episode 32 - Origins of Racism: The Dark Side of the Enlightenment
Nov 21 2016 83 mins  
Was Western civilization born with the spontaneous, creative genius of the ancient Greeks who passed their knowledge onto the Romans who then spread it throughout Europe? Or was it devised by racist philosophers of the enlightenment? Before the year 1780, virtually no scholar believed history began in Greece. What changed? In his groundbreaking book, Africa, Asia, and the History of Philosophy: Racism in the Formation of the Philosophical Canon, Peter KJ Park presents devastating evidence against the standard narrative of history. In this work he shows how Immanuel Kant, the towering mind of the enlightenment, rewrote that history alongside a little-known philosopher named Christoph Meiners, to not only champion solely white people's contribution to ancient and modern philosophy, but also remove people of color from contributing to Western culture as a whole by rewriting history and giving us our first theory of race. This theory led directly to the rise of the Nazis and to our current national and geo-political struggles with race relations. Join us for this three-part series as we explore the where historians before Kant believed Western civilization was born, alternate views of history and development of philosophy, how those more accurate accounts of humanity's development became lost to history, and what these revelations mean to us today. Visit to support this podcast and my path to healing by donating or using my ebay or amazon links, or to set up a personal consultation with me.

Episode 23 - Sorcery with Mehran Khaghani
Sep 24 2015 92 mins  
Born an anchor baby in London, Mehran single-handedly rescued his Iranian family from the Ayatollah Khomeini. Ever gracious, teenage Mehran evened the score in the United States by dropping out of college and taking up homosexuality. Honing his sharp sense of the absurd while working at Harvard University, Mehran's early experience navigating regime change came in handy when he personally escorted deposed president Larry Summers off the property. He would later go on to produce several successful shows with the University-affiliated Oberon Theater. A quick riser in the Boston comedy scene, Mehran was named Best Comedian in Boston by the Boston Phoenix, and was a two time finalist in the International Boston Comedy Festival. At Emerson College's Semel Theater, Mehran recorded a half hour of comedy for Die Laughing, produced by Friends co-creator, Kevin Bright. Mehran has opened for such acts as Maz Jobrani, Tom Green and Eugene Mirman. He works regularly with some of the hottest up-and-comers in comedy and has been in the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival for the last four years. He has played to crowds of thousands at leading venues, like the Wilbur Theater, the Berklee Performance Center, and the Lisner Auditorium and has toured extensively at colleges and universities. A leading MC in the emerging neo-burlesque scene, Mehran plays to an audience of 30,000 each December at the historic Somerville Theater. He recently moved to Manhattan, where he lives with his husband and his tiny idiot dog. We discuss his time working at Beth Israel and Harvard (Larry fucking Summers), his experience with the Iranian revolution, dogs, why medical science is bullshit (, marijuana dispensaries, transracial, being a gay iranian, Amanda Palmer, and magic. Enjoy. Please donate to For more:

Episode 6 - Philosophy, Death, and the Sacred with Gregory Fried
Dec 03 2014 143 mins  
Step into Plato's cave with Professor Gregory Fried as we discuss why we're no longer asking the original questions, why universities have failed us, and how we know experiences with ayahuasca are real. A self-described “Cambridge kid” who went from being a student at Harvard to becoming Chair of the “off-the-grid” Philosophy Department at Suffolk (and my professor at Boston University in between), Gregory Fried is a unique mind in academia and the current zeitgeist in general. Where some have seen Back to the Future or Titanic a million times, this guy has read and re-read Plato’s Republic and Heidegger’s Being and Time for decades. Unlike most academic philosophers, however, he is less interested in the pretension of clinging to this or that philosopher, and emphasizes rather the original questions, which point to the very mystery of Being and how we as humans can open ourselves to experience the wonder of the Ancients. He doesn’t shy away from the hard questions, and he is also very concerned with the practical. In this episode we ask: How does philosophy prepare us for Death? What connects philosophy with the sacred? Why isn’t anyone doing philosophy anymore? How do we make philosophy relevant to the public? Does philosophy even matter anymore now that we have science? What is up with all the Victorian pictures of dead people selfies with their loved ones?

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