How Did This Get Made?

Dec 04 2020 585k

Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it's amazing? Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas want to hear about it! We'll watch it with our funniest friends, and report back to you with the results.

Lifeforce (w/ Lennon Parham)
Nov 14 2015 78 mins  
Hello people of space! Beware of space vampires that will french kiss the blood out of you. Lennon Parham of Playing House and WOMP IT UP! joins Paul and Jason this week to talk all about sexy vampires in the 1985 film Lifeforce. They cover everything from Patrick Stewart being hypnotized, the news reporter of an "evil star," and the best & worst boobs in HDTGM history.Check out Blake Harris’ Oral History of Lifeforce over at !Los Angeles: Grab your tickets now for How Did This Get Made? LIVE from Largo at the Coronet on January 23rd, 2 shows (8pm and 10:30pm)! Go to for tickets!People of the internet: The League is back on FXX 10pm on Wednesdays! A while ago, Paul and Rob Huebel did a comedy special on a 60 foot glass bus that traveled around LA and now you’ll be able to see it. Go to now to buy it! You can also see Jason in Sleeping With Other People in a theater near you!The Hotwives (Casey Wilson, Danielle Schneider, Andrea Savage, Dannah Phirman, Tymberlee Hill, Angela Kinsey, Erinn Hayes) are back and this time they are in Vegas baby! Watch The Hotwives of Las Vegas on Hulu today!Also, check out June in Grace and Frankie available on Netflix, Paul in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp on Netflix, all the episodes of NTSF:SD:SUV:: on HULU for free, ScheeRL on YouTube here: , and Jason in The Dictator (he’s still in it!).

4.5 • 22 Ratings

rbertram Jan 08 2021
I have been listening to this podcast for years. It has never failed to make me laugh and Tall John, June and Jason are always suprising me with a crazy story or point of view.

b_helton Dec 25 2020
Dont fuckin re-release old eps....I can "relisten" to old episodes already. Yay merry christmas.

evobe Nov 20 2020
love the show

jakeface Nov 09 2020
You guys are amazing! Love face off and Governor Gabby podcasts episodes. Keep up the terrific work. Regular listener.

Rhanis Oct 30 2020
Super fun

riahpaya Oct 19 2020
Best comedy podcast

LordPodcast Oct 12 2020
One of the funniest podcast.

Fuck 12 May 30 2020
Paul thinks the rebellion against racist cops is actually just white kids starting trouble as opposed to pigs escalating. Fuck you Paul never listening to your shit again.

MoorReese Oct 11 2020
Hilarious podcast. I listened to one episode 3 years ago and over the next year I proceeded to watch every movie and listen to every corresponding. My absolute favorite podcast.

Mikedrag Oct 09 2020
Always a great listen!

Djdogmanfish Oct 04 2020
How is this rated lower than Flop House? It is infinitely better.

MMC Sep 17 2020
Love Paul, June and Jason

astrangehop Jun 25 2020
Makes me laugh so much. Live eps are especially great. Not just about terrible movies, its comedy about nonsensical production's by great people with an insider perspective. Occasional guests. In-between episodes are fun but skippable. Older stuff is behind a paywall sadly, still — I'd recommend this one to anyone!

[email protected] Jun 11 2020
Funny...a great escape from the daily life

JDAX311 May 13 2020
Funny as always!!

Bigdimmy13 May 09 2020
Very funny! It feels like when you get a group of friends together to tip on a terrible movie and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT!!! Sometimes there are too many people on at the same time, but it's still very funny. Also, a lot of long ads.

Rcoleman6586 Apr 19 2020
One of the first podcasts I started listening to, and still one of my favorites. As a fan of what are maybe not considered great movies, love hearing the fun they have watching them. Sometimes they get a little almost mean spirited and condescending, at its best when they had fun watching the movie. Highly recommend it

Klue44 Apr 16 2020
Very hit and miss. The hosts are often hilarious but sometimes go overboard with the negativity and snark (June in particular). Sometimes their bickering is funny, sometimes it's obnoxious. They only do live shows now which is sometimes good because Jason is at max energy in front of a crowd, and sometimes really bad when 1/4th of the runtime is devoted to mostly uninteresting questions being asked by generally unfunny, awkward, and at times cringey audience members. Skip the 2nd Opinion songs.

mrandmrsthomas06 Apr 15 2020
Amazing and funny. Can't get enough

rasalghul Apr 14 2020
A lot of fun to listen to. Bounces wildly from thoughtful analysis to loud trash talking about each subject. Good insight about the industry, the process and the politics explaining how did this get made.

aa260022 Apr 13 2020
Fun concept. Gets a bit too much at times

pod fan Apr 11 2020