The Adventure Zone

Jan 23 2020 228.6k

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone.

4.9 • 44 Ratings

crystal Dec 15 2020
Love these boys. Ridiculously good storytelling and phenomenal OSTs. 10/10 will break your heart (in a good way).

Matts3sons Dec 04 2020
Love this pod cast and everyone involved! But, as a 47 yr old father of my own 3 boys, I can totally identify with dad! And I get ALL his old school references, so you keep doing you, dad!

RigofMidgard Nov 06 2020
Best Tabletop RPG podcast ever! So much fun and the McElroys are hilarious.

YouKnowImRight Nov 06 2020
Fun, entertaining podcast from a group of talented people. Just one word of advice, DON'T join any of their related fan groups on FaceBook! Their fans are some of the most intolerant, hateful and toxic fans in the podcast world!! They feel that if you have a different social or political opinion than them, you DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO EVEN EXIST, much less listen to the podcasts. It's very sad.

Azyef Nov 05 2020
Balance changed my life

starsky Oct 29 2020
Has gone way down hill with Graduation, a lot more boring. Also, could do without the political content.

mybloodis98?ffei Oct 22 2020

fifteesevenn Oct 15 2020
This podcast is continually outstanding and just a god damn delight every single episode! From Balance to Dust to Fur, there is so much joy inducing content with such a range! One episode your laughing at Justin referencing falling on the stairs and damaging a computer, another episode you are crying over the three words 'They are beautiful'. As a family Justin, Travis, Griffin and Clint McElroy have created something really wonderful. Wholeheartedly, I can not wait to listen to happens next.

kaija Oct 07 2020
My favorite D&D podcast! (From someone who doesn't play D&D.) Super funny and the stories they end up telling are really good. The different seasons are all good (main ones named Balance, Amnesty and Graduation, I haven't listened to all the mini ones but I'm sure they are great) but pretty different from each other so if you don't like one try another! Though they do take a little bit to really get into it (especially Balance just because it was the first one) I think it is worth every minute

jaanus20 Sep 25 2020
This is great, got me into podcasts and dnd, the best storytelling, made me cry

lividxstacies Sep 25 2020
I have loved every single season of this and listened to them multiple times. My pod catcher has finally revealed to me the secrets of review. This was long overdue.

LoriJeanne Sep 13 2020
My favorite podcast!!!! Great fun!

Jazzquatch Aug 12 2020
6/5 stars because of how many stinky hands there are

ariess Aug 12 2020
Literally my favorite piece of media of all time. If I got a tattoo, it would be something from this podcast.

Tim M Aug 11 2020
The best storytelling I've ever experienced.

PunkRNdad Aug 08 2020
Greatest Railroad! I'm an old school guy, and yes, this IS a full on railroad. Duh. But as a story it's awesome. Despite all the contrived, overdone super-fantasy... It's fun and heart-warming, and I almost teared up by the end. Perfect production. Great story. And they "play D&D SO HARD"

dcoop45 Aug 03 2020
My second listen through of the balance arc still not a low moment.

Stopstaringatmeg Aug 02 2020
This is one of the best podcasts I've listened to so far.

Azuaron Jul 31 2020

Broken By Design Jul 29 2020
Excellent comedy and collaborative storytelling.

unexpectedsparks Jul 09 2020
I don't even play d&d & I love this

kieri Jul 03 2020
Best podcast on the web!! Finally caught up on all the episodes. Travis you are kicking butt at DMing! And respect to Justin. Dad and Griffin, you are amazing too, but I have my favorites :p One request: no special effects on voices. I couldn't understand the entire amnesty finale because it was distorted. I'm walking around listening to my phone in my pocket, I dont have a quiet room or headphones to rely on. But wonderful overall. Thanks! I'm a maxfun donor because of this show.

Lavaporeon Jun 26 2020
Balance is what sparked my love for DnD. It brought my partner and I together and helped me through dark times. Amnesty is an amazing story (god Duck Newton has my heart) and Graduation is winning me over with every episode

Mercie P. Chesll Jun 24 2020
I love this podcast! Finished all the episodes and currently hanging on to every new Graduation episode I can get. How is this arc going to end! So excited

domeo Jun 21 2020

Pokabrows Jun 20 2020
The Adventure Zone Balance is one of the greatest stories of all time. And the other arcs are great stories as well, full of lovable characters.

Atavistic Jun 09 2020
Fantastic! Absolutely worth for any kind of audience.

liliowy Jun 05 2020
*tw mental health stuff* I legitimately was in such a bad headspace that i was going to kill myself when i found this podcast. I thought "one more story" and now im finally getting better. This podcast is going to give you that much hope. I was 19 when i found this podcast, im now 21 almost 22. Trust me, this is one last story worth listening to

ZestyCrunchMan Jun 03 2020
Great story great humor. Was engaged until the end.

wspalmer41 May 28 2020
I love the adventure zone. I Never miss an episode! Keep making those good rpg episodes!

Sporksabre May 25 2020
These guys are great! Three brothers and their father joaking around and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

MidnightG0spel May 23 2020
Like D&D? Like Zany antics? Like a wholesome family experience? Well then try The Adventure Zone! I love this podcast. These guys are so entertaining and reignited my interest in tabletop gaming. Great job McElroy Bros/Pops!

elizachantry May 21 2020
Favorite series

FredMcAwesome May 17 2020
Great podcast, d&d portion is very rules light which lends itself to the stories being told. Great editing and sound effectd makes for great listening, you can tell this is made by experienced podcasters.

Dirk Hardpeck May 16 2020
It's good

shamonic May 10 2020
Start at episode 1

MirandaV May 09 2020
Whether you play D&D or you're sadly uninitiated (as I am), you'll still love listening to the wacky adventures of these good good boys! Nobody can weave an in-game tale quite like the McElroys. Their world building is novel-worthy. Get ready to laugh, cry, and then listen all over again!

MDB May 02 2020
Recommend it

SkaerKrowe Apr 16 2020
Love this podcast! Reignited my love for D&D after 15 years of not playing.

KOJ Apr 15 2020
Best Pen&Paper-Podcast I found so far. I tried many over the last 4 years, but I am still listening to this one.

Shante Apr 14 2020
When I'm feeling down, I come back to the first season of The Adventure Zone to cheer myself up.

SillyInventor Apr 14 2020
An excellent laugh that will warm your heart.

jayb1rd Apr 13 2020
An amazing dnd podcast for people who don't really care as much about the dnd as they do about the characters and some really good goofs from some really good boys

CyanBlob Mar 29 2020
Absolutely phenomenal D&D podcast! 10/10 Good Boi Energy