Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

Jun 03 2017 46 mins 887.1k

4.1 • 8 Ratings

Penni Jo Sep 29 2020
This makes my week better. News right now is hard, but you really work to make it brighter.

bj14klein Aug 06 2020
Almost feels like it did when things were normal.

TheHammer2020 Aug 03 2020
This is a comfort in the time of Covid!

Gorthain Jul 18 2020
WtF just an ad for 1 min in my feed

RoyM May 20 2020
Makes me smile every weekend.

rachelalexis May 11 2020
Amazingly entertaining and informative. One of the few podcasts I always stay current with.

MatthewFisher290 May 07 2020
Somebody let me know when they are done using annoying sound effects. It used to be a fun listen, not anymore.

SturmTrouper Apr 12 2020
One of the funniest and most entertaining podcasts available. Wait wait... Don't Tell Me! is an extremely high quality radio comedy panel / quiz show about the week's news, and it is perfect.