Common Sense with Dan Carlin

Sep 20 2020 59 mins 866.6k

Common Sense with Dan Carlin is an independent look at politics and current events from popular New Media personality Dan Carlin. Carlin's self-described "Martian" viewpoints infuse each episode with a political alien's take on the world around us and the problems it faces. It's a smart, unique (and admittedly U.S.-centric) program that doesn't dumb down the information or analysis for the slowest person in the room. Carlin's rapid-fire staccato voice has been compared to William Shatner after too many espressos. That, plus his penchant for making everyone in the audience mad at him eventually, makes for a witch's brew of a podcast that is not for everyone. But for those craving a deeper intellectual analysis, a less partisan approach and unpredictable outside-the-box revelations, Common Sense with Dan Carlin is a feast for the mind.

4.1 • 17 Ratings

Schtevia Oct 19 2020
I've heard of this guy in political discussion circles and never tuned in before... but with the buzz around the new episode, curiosity got the better of me -- and I'm glad it did. I better understand now why Americans are correct in feeling anxious about the 2020 election. And I also now understand why Carlin as a political commentator is so lauded. This is also the first 1.5hr podcast I've listened to, but the time really flew by! The narration is smooth and well paced. A .

MrSlattery Oct 14 2020
Dan really tries hard to be a fair mediator and is as anti-partisan as it gets. Dan is a master of triage analysis. He breaks things down into the priorities we all should have. Through this podcast records the evolution of a true American patriot into someone forced into questioning his life long allegiance to democracy itself and does so using Common Sense.

jagranSabz Oct 07 2020
Great for anyone that recognizes the risk of Authoritarians. Ive been a fan of hardcore history for years and love Common Sense. Dan is certainly not a liberal and really understands history and the warning signs of dangerous regimes. Also, his many years as a radioman are apparent. How he does such a great one-man show is baffling, but he does it. Great show.

jnumbas7 Oct 05 2020
Dan was an awesome middle of the road guy to listen to for a long time, but that time has ended. If you want to listen to a 50 year old clutch his pearls for an hour, the last several episodes should tickle your fancy.

alyossa Sep 21 2020
Trash. My interest went from 5 to 0 in one episode. Podcaster is authoritarian kommy mascarading as centrist. You don't agree this Guy believes you shouldn't be able to vote. If you like to hear Informed opinions look elsewhere. Dear Mr. Carlin you coud/should fact check, when trying to equate at least try using events of equal value/gravity. Try avoiding conspiracies. example: DNC funded Act Blue bailing out antifa doesn't equate to Qanon, one is provable fact the other is conspiracy theory.

blustacon Sep 22 2020
Thank you for bringing history alive.

zwesch Sep 09 2020
Bring back more common sense Dan!!!

HolyTaco May 19 2020
Excellent podcast

93 Jul 04 2020
Welcome back!

theAudiophiliad Jun 16 2020
So glad Dan is back with some Common Sense! I may not agree with everything he says, but trust Dan Carlin to deliver the straight goods.

Andrés Rodríguez Jun 14 2020
Interesting commentary on the political landscape of the US

Jake May 13 2020
Carlin needs to be honest with people about what his political preferences are. Don't worry so much about offending your conservative listeners!

mjpo007 May 10 2020
Excellent stuff 👌

Fearg Apr 21 2020

Robbie Apr 18 2020
As thoughtful and insightful as any other Dan Carlin production. He hasn't had much output the past few years and sometimes I feel like he undermines his own arguments by attempting to be solidly centrist about lots of things, but it's always good food for thought when a new episode pops up in the feed.

fendeviper Apr 18 2020
Good if you like Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. Very irregular though.

KevinMack Apr 06 2020
Aggressively moderate in tone. Dan Carlin has a great perspective.