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Nov 12 2020 44 mins 65

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A Response to State-Mandated Mask Orders
Jul 22 2020 64 mins  
So I decided to preach this sermon because the churchmen have been demanding a verse or something from the law of God where it says you can disobey the civil authorities if they demand mask wearing. And the verse I give them from the law of God is the ninth commandment - -You shall not bear false witness.-----My assertion is that when you wear a mask you are aiding and abetting a great fiction. You are aiding and abetting a lie. You are giving credence to a lie. You are joining in a lie.----This whole covid matter has been built on a mountain of lies.----Exodus 23 verse one -more from God's law- declares - -You shall not circulate a false report.- You are circulating or spreading a false report when you wear the mask. V.2 says - -You shall not follow a multitude to do evil.- There is nothing BUT evil involved with this masking nonsense. Evil is afoot. And any person with discernment senses it. And when you wear the mask you have joined the multitude doing evil.----Mercy Seat Church website- Tyrants Youtube page- Tyrants website- Simone Gold commentary- those who don't wear masks article- Thoughts on Science and Christianity sermon -audio only-- can watch the sermon here-

Police Brutality, Racism & Leftist Thought
Jun 17 2020 62 mins  
The statistics and studies repudiate the narrative created by the media, Black Lives Matter, and certain government officials that white officers are killing black men just because they are black. This sermon looks at statistics and studies, and also addresses the leftist agenda, false media narratives, and police reform. 52 min. is a link to Pastor Matt's first sermon on racism preached on October 1st, 2017 entitled Racism, Leftist Thought, and the Christian Response- to statistics and studies---5-minute Prager University video- study- by Harvard University Professor Roland Fryer- America before LBJ-

COVID-19 & Quarantine Laws
Mar 31 2020 44 mins  
God's Word speaks to all matters of life, including the matter of quarantining. The Lord speaks of this in His law in Leviticus 13. And when we look at the law of God we see one thing that comes through loud and clear - you do NOT quarantine the whole of society - rather you quarantine the sick.----There is also a process in God's law to follow to determine who is sick. You do not abridge the rights and freedom of everyone and shut down the whole of society. In this we see the goodness and grace of God's law. God's law is more gracious and protects freedom more than man's law. God's law doesn't destroy the economy and lives of others. God's prescription was intended to protect society not only from the disease, but from economic hardship upon those who weren't diseased. You don't abridge every other person's freedom - you quarantine the sick.----Important links from this sermon---Position paper by doctor from Tennessee- Yoram Lass, former chief of the Health Ministry of Israel- letter from Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD., to the President of the United States, Donald Trump- video Warning of tyranny and COVID-19 from Defy Tyrants- Matt's first sermon on COVID-19-

Micah 6 - Economics Drives Politics - Micah Addresses the Businessmen
Jan 11 2019 47 mins  
Anyone who spends time at the statehouse whether at the federal level by the Potomac or at their state capitol, soon learn that economics drives politics. Money is the god first worshipped there. It drives civil government. It drives law and public policy.----In this sermon, we see Micah address the businessmen of his day - and the complicity of the magistrates with them. This was how things were in Micah's day. Most people know who Ahab was - a wicked king. But who was Omri- He was Ahab's father. He established what the Assyrians referred to as -The House of Omri- dynasty. He brought Israel to prominence by vigorously promoting the commercial growth of the northern kingdom. He made Samaria into the great capitol of the northern kingdom. He brought wealth and financial enlargement to Israel and to the Israelites. He brought military greatness to Israel. And he also brought tolerance for other religions and evil into Israel - and his son Ahab expanded the evil, shedding innocent blood and promoting Baal worship throughout the land. Omri made the financial deal that had his son Ahab marry the daughter of the king of Sidonia that opened the door for Baal worship in Israel. It was because of money that Baal worship and innocent blood being spilled came to Israel.----Drunk on wealth and ease and thinking there was no consequence for the nation's actions, the magistrates accommodated Omri and Ahab, and the people were indifferent to it. Sound familiar- 46 min.

Micah 2 - The Ministers Who Filled Pulpits in Micah's Day
Oct 04 2018 52 mins  
And what of the preachers in our day - those who fill the pulpits in our day. Yes - there are some good true blue men who fear and love the Lord. But overwhelmingly the majority are like the false prophets of Micah's day- They tell people what they want to hear.----There has been a divorce between doctrine and life. They keep things an inch deep and a hundred miles wide. They assure the people the Lord wants them rich, fat, and happy. There is no cry to repentance. They have literally reshaped Christianity to the mindset that God exists for them - not that they exist for God. They downplay doctrine and they live just like the world with a Jesus veneer to their life.----They enthrall the people with the theory of Christianity but want nothing to do with the practice of Christianity. True Christian doctrine must lead to Christian lives - to Christian living. He didn't just save us from something - namely sin and His wrath - but He also saved us for something - namely to serve Him in the earth.----When these pastors see the injustice and immorality being dispensed throughout the land through the capitols as Micah did in his day - they say nothing of it - virtual silence. God's Law and word impugned by the governments of men - and nothing- They don't speak the Word of the Lord to the magistrates - they have abandoned the realm of civil government - and now wicked men rule. And they chalk it all up to their prophecy charts. No- They are whores who long ago decided they love the praises of man more than faithfulness to Christ-----How can you be quiet-----43 min.

Joshua's Farewell Address - Joshua 23&24
Aug 08 2018 57 mins  
Do you believe what Joshua says here - really - with real life consequences - -But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord-- - or is that just a nice plaque you can put on the wall of your home-----Do you take your arrows and affix the three feathers properly- Are you a good fletcher with your children- Do you take your arrows and affix the three feathers properly- The feather of doctrine- the feather of apologetics- and the feather of experience - action out on the field of battle for our Lord- Winning the hearts and souls of men to Him- Making a stand for His kingdom in the earth-----Or do you teach them to pursue wealth, ease- Do you run them on the hamster wheel to college - just because you want them to thrive financially- Or do you want them to be an arrow that pierces deep into enemy territory and causes no small stir for Christ in the earth-----The family is the bedrock of all society. What better place to stand- What better place to begin to build- And where is your house- Do you open the Word of God there- Do you discuss the things of Him there- Do you strategize to bring His law, Word and Gospel to the nations there-----Our unions as husbands and wives - our marriages - our homes - should be battle tanks for the Lord. They should be A-10 Thunderbolts which take out enemy tanks- The Lord refers to your children as arrows - not flower pots.----Do you hone your arrows for battle - or do you entertain them with the nonsense dispensed by most churches in America- Puppet shows - pizza parties - games - trips and all the other stupidity- 55 min.

The Reformation & Civil Government
Nov 09 2017 47 mins  
We have huge idols in our day - true Reformation desires to smash the idols that spit in Christ-s face. True Christians are bothered when they see God-s law and Word impugned by men - especially when done through law by the governments of men.----The Reformers conducted mission to the magistrates. They saw Christianity as important to the public realm. True Reformation affects both the inner and the outer man. Law and institutions will change for the better where repair is needed. Unwanted, unbiblical institutions will be discarded.----The Reformers courted the magistrates. Unlike the Christianity of today which has totally abandoned the magistrates. They saw civil authority as instituted by God. Their focus was to convert, coerce, or co-opt the magistrates into their camp - or at least to their thinking on important matters of public policy.----There is so much that needs to be addressed and reformed in our day. The slaughter of the preborn- rampant homosex so much so that the created order of God regarding marriage is impugned- divorce for any reason- decriminalization of adultery- sexual perversion and licentiousness everywhere- the state seizing peoples children -should outrage us-- materialism and ease the greatest desire of most men - and we could go on and on.----Yet the church sleeps. Her pulpits filled with whores - with the people by and large liking it that way.----This sermon looks at the historical influence of the Reformation in Magdeburg, Germany - as well as delivers a crushing blow to a huge idol in our day. 39 min.

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