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Aug 04 2020 71 mins 76

Set your brain on high alert, because the Ryan Is Super Strong! podcast is about to hit your ears weekly! Hosted by the Super Strong Ryan Knudsen, this show will feature tons of multi-talented guests by bringing their voices, opinions, and laughter to the podcast waves. Super Strong Ryan will talk to them about the entertainment industry, drums, and whatever else he finds interesting because it's the RYAN is Super Strong! podcast. Not the "Whoever wanders around and listens to podcasts and wants to hear what they wants to hear" Is Super Strong! podcast. Be ready to laugh Be ready to cry Be ready to feel motivated each and every week, to become Super Strong. Recorded and produced by Ryan Knudsen. Art by Chad Coleman
. Intro/Outro Music by Chris Hackman Hosted by an insane person. 
 Twitter - @SuperStrongRyan

Episode 190 - Is Anthony King Super Strong? (#CORONAFILES)
May 05 2020 77 mins  
Strength Level: Merlin This week, we begin the CORONA SERIES!! This series will inevitably feature a lot of quarantine and Corona talk since that’s what we’re all dealing with like crazy….but more importantly, this series is all being done VIRTUALLY via Zoom. I’ve never done virtual or phone call episodes before, so to start us off, I have a guest coming in from CANADA!!! This week’s guest is the wonderful talent man: ANTHONY KING! Anthony is an incredible guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and all around gentleman. I’m honored to know him, and pumped to bring him to the show in ANY way that we can during this crazy time. In short, NOTHING will stop me from bringing you bad ass guests to learn about every week!!!! After you fall in love with Anthony and become his biggest new fan, please go check out his music and social media (@anthonykingguitar). Inject your life with a ton of his bad assery ASAP!!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
As we continue dealing with the Coronavius, quarantine life, and all of the things that go along with it, I hope you don’t mind hearing me and my guests chat about it. In general, I try to keep things pretty evergreen, but this series is definitely going to serve as more of a time capsule of how crazy things are right now. Either way, I hope these episodes continue to give you a break from the craziness, even if we DO talk about the crap crap crap of life a bit more than usual.

BEST OF MUSIC - PART 7 - Episode 189 - Is these memories super strong?
May 01 2020 90 mins  
Strength Level: Nostalgia Volume 7 is HERE, and with that, we conclude our 2 week look back at the INCREDIBLE artistry and musicianship that has been displayed on my whacky ass show over the last year and a half! This episode features: Kassandra Kocochis (from Episode 130 where she shared, “Mirrors” from Vahagni’s album, “Imagined Frequencies” Ada Pasternak (from Episode 128 where she shared the tune, “Perfectly Imperfect”) Denny Jiosa (from Episode 123 where he shared his tune, “Mueve Tu Cuerpo”) Martin Diller (from Episode 124 where he share the tune, “Trader Joe’s Parking Lot” from the album, “Martin Diller Quartet at the Blue Whale” Bobby Wilmore (from Episode 161 where he shared the tune, “Chango” from Lazaro Galaraga’s album, “Emi Okokan”) Arean Alston (from Episode 145 where she shared her tune, “Believe”) Patchwork (from Episode 131 where he shared, “Feel” feat. Charlie Cavallo) Michael Ragonese (from Episode 154 where he shared the tune, “Slow Down” from his album, “Day to Day”) Robert Rothko (from Episode 180 where he shared his cover of the tune, “Down Under”) Gretje Angell (from Episode Kyle Crane (from Episode 150 where he shared the tune, “Kaleidoscope” from his album, “Crane Like the Bird”) I hope you enjoyed revisiting all of THESE bad asses today, but please do go back and check out all of their hilarious episodes, and do ALLLLL of the streaming, watching, listening, and purchasing you can in order to help out these amazing artists!! Times are hard for everyone right now, but you KNOW it’s the art that’s helping you get through these tough times, so I hope that, IF you have the means, you’ll find a way to help out some of these incredible humans! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: More bad ass talent, music, and sillyness will be coming at you NEXT week! Thank you all so much for listening every week, and I hope you loved this Best Of Series!!!

BEST OF MUSIC - PART 6 - Episode 188 - Is these memories super strong?
Apr 28 2020 72 mins  
Strength Level: Unemployment!! This week, the Best Of Music series continues with Volumes 6 today, and 7 coming out on Friday!!! This episode features: Rachel Mazer (from Episode 137 where she shared, “Is It So Wrong?” from her debut album, “How Do We Get By?”) David Aggyare (from Episode 183 where he shared, “Gateway Drug” from The Brevet’s album, “Legs”) Jeff Sorenson (from Episode 168 where he shared, “Day Tripper” from Pete Anderson’s album, “60’s with a Twist”) Hauk Heimdallsman (from Episode 184 where he shared, “Three Chords” from his album, “Red Tail Rising”) Fernando Navarro (from Episode 142 where he shared his track, “Striges”) Symphonic Planet (from the #NAMMUARY Series and past episode where they shared, “Trip to Krakatoa) Quartet 405 (from the #NAMMUARY Series where they shared their Medley of Paul Anka’s Music) Hush Crush (from the #NAMMUARY Series where they shared the tune, “Katana”) Bird and the War (from Episode 182 where they shared their tune, “Memories”) Andrea Lisa (from Episode 181 and 169 where she shared the tune, “Ruptured” among many others) Please check out ALL of these amazing artists this week, and if you can spare a buck or two, throw it their way(s)!!!! And if you don’t have a buck or two now, maybe you, like ME, need the reminder to go apply for unemployment now that independent contractors can do that!! Wooo wooooo!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: You are beautiful, and also smell really good, even though you haven’t been showering or changing your clothes as much as you normally do. It actually REALLY works for you, and you’re special that way, amongst many other ways.

BEST OF MUSIC - PART 5 - Episode 187 - Is these memories super strong?
Apr 24 2020 68 mins  
Strength Level: Freelance Artistry Volume 5 of the Best of Music episodes is HERE!! And it’s a BONUS episode this week! This episode features: Sarah Reich (from Episode 152 where she shared, “Gemini Vibe” from her album, “New Change”) Alex Pfender (from Episode 148 where he shared, “The Bloom” from his band Yoya’s album, “The Half Turn”) Mike Uhler (from Episode 155 where he shared, “Sports Song” from Weird Al Yankovic’s album, “Mandatory Fun”) Nicole Marcus (from Episode 129 where she shared, “Singing for My Life” from her self-titled EP) Baritoned (from Episode 132 where they sang a few snippets from their live show, “You have been Baritoned”) Mathias Kunzli (from Episode 136 where he shared, “Elk Drive” from his album with LausHaus) Ana Barreiro (from Episode 153 where she shared, “Saudade” by her group AmyAna) Adan Alonso (from Episode 158 where he shared, “Mi Changui” by Sitarason) Phil Romo (from Episode 140 where he shared, “Berlin” from Intercept’s album, “Yellow Dog”) FEVAH (from Episode 163 where she shared her track, “West Coast Lovin’”) Corey Frye (from Episode 138 where he shared, “Sweat” from The Main Squeeze’s album, “Without a Sound”) I really hope you’re enjoying these episodes, and that you’re getting inspired to check out and support some of these amazing artists!! More comin at ya next week, but I hope this holds ya over through the weekend at least!! :) OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: If you’re bored, dig into ALL of these past episodes. I couldn’t be more proud of the incredible pantheon of artists these Best Of’s represent, and I’d love it if you got to know them all like I do!!

BEST OF MUSIC - PART 4 - Episode 186 - Is these memories super strong?
Apr 21 2020 66 mins  
Strength Level: Quarantunes The Best of Music series has RETURNED!!! It’s been about a year and half since volumes 1-3, and there has been SO MUCH bad ass music since then! So now, I bring to you Volume 4!! This episode features: Matt Hornbeck (from Episode 127 where he shared, “Get to Steppin” by the White Blinds) Lucy LaForge (from Episode 134 where she shared, “Just Friends” from her album, “Little Spoon”) Bobby Wooten (from Episode 139 where he shared, “Everybody’s Comin to My House” from David Byrne’s album, “American Utopia”) Jesse Palter (from Episode 143 where she shared, “Sever the Ties”, from her album, “Paper Trail) SCHMAB (from Episode 151 where they shared the track, “Titties & Shoulders”) David Linard (from Episode 141 where he shared, “Maple Leaf Rag” from Sammy Miller and the Congregation’s self-titled album) Ben Mathews (from Episode 126 where he shared, “Guarare” from the Latin Jazz Collective’s album, “Que Sorpresa!”) Nathan Alef (from Episode 159 where he shared his solo piano arrangement/performance of “Blackbird”) Alex Churchill (from Episode 169 where he shared, “The Sweetest Taboo” by another bad ass past guest, Andrea Lisa) Daniel Rotem (from Episode 123 where he shared, “Serenading the Future” from his album under the same title, which ALSO features past guest, Erin Bentlage) If you don’t enjoy listening to these tunes back to back…..I don’t know what’s wrong with you; but it’s serious. Check out ALL of these past guests and their appearances on my whacky show, and more than ever, please look for ways to support these amazing artists! Stream their videos and albums, and buy their dang music if you can!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:
Thank you for listening and supporting all of these artists. I am so proud of knowing all of them, and I hope you are proud to be a part of this little community too. Stay safe and healthy, and we’ll get through this TOGETHER with the help of bad ass artists like these!!!!

SPECIAL EPISODE - Is the Coronavirus Super Strong?
Mar 15 2020 75 mins  
Strength Level: The Coronavirus In this “special” episode of the podcast, I’m joined by the wonderful Sean Patrick Gallagher to announce the kick-off of a brand new gofundme campaign targeted at helping past guests of this very show. 
Please follow the link below in order to help out with this attempt at helping the “Ryan Is Super Strong!” Community of friends/artists/freelancers who have been impacted so negatively by the Coronavirus. https://www.gofundme.com/f/ryan-is-super-strong-vs-the-coronavirus If you’re on the fence about whether or not these are the right people to donate to, check out ALL of their music, art, past interviews, and let them prove to you how involved they are in this community.
 Like I say in the podcast and on the gofundme page, a donation to this campaign and to these individuals IS a donation to the community at large, and I hope this community turns into something even more beautiful than it already is. Artists/Past Guests you’re going to hear from in this episode include (in no particular order): DUSTIN KOESTER NOOR CHE’REE 
 Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay strong.
You REALLY aren’t alone, and we really are in this together, even if it doesn’t always feel like it in our solitary quarantine situations.

Episode 165 - Is Leddie Garcia Super Strong?
Dec 03 2019 84 mins  
Strength Level: Sea Turtle Today’s guest is a living percussion legend of a man. The wonderful: LEDDIE GARCIA In addition to being an amazing human gentle man, he is a percussionist who has shared studio and stage time playing music with a seemingly never-ending list of musical legends like: Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Cindy Lauper, Gladys Knight, Macy Grey, Carlos Santana, Stevie Wonder, and SO many damn more. Leddie and I have played together a ton over the years, and it’s ALWAYS such a treat to get to hang. It’s also important to note that he is incredibly generous with his time, whether it is to volunteer in the community weekly, come give of his time freely to work with children, or even to come hang and do my whacky ass podcast! Truly an admirable man, one you’ve heard on the radio and on commercial jingles and movies throughout the years without even knowing, and someone I’d CERTAINLY take note of and follow online in every way possible (@leddieg1 on the ole IG)!! Thanks again for guesting on this crazy show Leddie!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: I hope that you’re coming off of your Turkey hangover by now because it’s the last of the “brrrr” months, and SUCH a huge time of celebration and love!! If you’re someone who gets a little blue this time of year, know that you’re not alone, and I hope this crazy show gives you a little break to hang with some friends via the ole podcast waves!!!!

Oct 29 2019 76 mins  
Strength Level: The Mighty Rocky Mountains HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEK!!!!! 

Guys, this is not only the Halloween episode for the year, but also episode #160, which means I’m bringing back the POWER HOUR!!!!!! This time, the guests of the Power Hour are past guests: Carolyn Jania Adam Ceschin Mikala Schmitz Jonah Levine And FUTURE GUEST: BOBBY WILMORE! Like I mention in the LONG intro, this episode was planned and meant to be EXTRA silly. That being said, MAN do I ever lose complete control of this whacky pack of friends of mine!!! Hahahaha 
We had SUCH a blast doing this episode together, I’m grateful I got to introduce these great humans to one another, I’m grateful YOU now get to experience this insanity, and that next week, you’ll get to FULLY meet the wonderful man, Bobby Wilmore (and he talks on mic the whole time!). I hope you get yourself PLENTY of beers to play along with us this time, and have a happy and safe Halloween with friends and fam!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: Though we all clearly drank far too much on this episode, I want it to be known that all participants stayed at my apartment for a LONG time after we got done recording. There was resting, eating, drinking water, and general tom foolery all around. Everyone got home safe, had people pick them up, left cars at my place over night, etc! IF you decide to play along, or drink a crazy fun amount over the Halloween weekend, PLEASE do so safely!

Episode 141 - Is David Linard Super Strong?
Jun 18 2019 74 mins  
Strength Level: A Tornado Unlike the way a tornado rushes into your neighborhood and destroys everything in its path, pianist, composer, and all around gentleman, David Linard rushes into your neighborhood and spreads joy, warmth, and smiling faces to everyone who sees him. David was in LA for a short trip from NYC to celebrate the podcast that he composed for, "Tell Them I Am" (which you should check out IMMEDIATELY), and I think you’ll be able to hear the joy in my voice from just having the opportunity to share air with this man. I hope this joy spreads first to your ears, and then immediately to your own smiling face. David is such a great person, and I’m overjoyed to share not only his personality with all of you, but also, a little clip of him playing on the Latin Jazz Collective album, “Que Sorpresa!”, and a ton of music from Sammy Miller and the Congregation, including a NEW TRACK that you probably haven’t heard EVEN if you’re one of the SMC’s biggest fans!! Once you’ve listened to this episode and inevitably fallen in love with Mr. Linard, please go follow him (@dhlinard) and Sammy Miller and the Congregation (@smcongregation) everywhere you can find them, buy all of their music, watch all of their videos, become their biggest fan, and generally just improve your quality of life in these ways. OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: If you don’t have a friend like David Linard, you need to go get you one ASAP

Episode 134 - Is Lucy LaForge Super Strong?
Apr 23 2019 61 mins  
Strength Level: The Sea Man-o-man do we have a delightful guest this week!! This week, sit back, relax, and enjoy this silly interview featuring the very warm presence of the wonderful super talent, LUCY LAFORGE!!! Lucy (of the band Lucy and La Mer) is not only a great musician, but also someone who shows strength in SO many facets of her life and career, and if you’re already a fan of her’s and coming to this show for the first time, you already done been knowin that. But, if you haven’t heard of Lucy before, take it from me man! She rocks! 
The tunes you’ll hear in this episode are called: 1 - Discovery 2 - Just Friends 3 - Oak Tree All of these are available online, so my true hope is that ONCE you’ve become Lucy’s biggest new fan of all time, you’ll run to the internet, buy her music, follow her on her social medias (@lucyandlamer), and just improve your life in general by making her and her art more a part of it. 
ALSO, Lucy facebook live streamed this whole interview! So if you want to SEE the podcast with your eyeballs, I strongly recommend going to her facebook page, going back to March 28 on her feed, and viewing away! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: One week left of April….the month of the fool. Do with this week what you will, but never forget what it felt like to get pranked so hard on the 1st. If revenge is what you seek, remember that you have almost a full year to plan the best prank you’ve ever dreamed of, and then take some time off just to relax.

BEST OF MUSIC - PART 3 - Episode 122 - Is these memories super strong?
Jan 29 2019 94 mins  
Strength Level:The Future The final episode of the “Best of MUSIC” series of RISS is here! Next week, I will be back at you with regular style shows, but this week, I have 13 more artists to re-share with you, and Lori Pasqualino and I are here to talk about ALL of them! I hope you have enjoyed listening to this series as much I have enjoyed putting it together, and please do follow up with all of these people if you like any/all of their music. They would LOVE to hear that their music is making a difference! :) If you aren’t a fan yet, I promise you will be!
Here is a list of all of the bad ass past guests who are being featured this week on volume 3: - Robert Stephen Rothkopf (episodes #3 and #68) - Eddie Haddad (episodes #28 and #68) - Granison Crawford (episodes #50, #60, #82, #86, #93, #95, #97, and #119) - Lori Pasqualino (episodes #8, #54, #67, #78, #84, #100, #120, #121, and #122) - Dustin Laurenzi (episode #102) - Caitlin Moss (episode #91) - Ryan Eichelberger (episode #74) - Steve Hatfield (episode #70) - Sotiris Eliopolous (episodes #30 and #106) - Reed Flygt (episode #104) - Sean Patrick Gallagher (episode #79) - Nathan Williams (episode #92) - Rudy Love Jr. (episode #86) Go back in the archive to re-meet these guys, and follow them IMMEDIATELY!!! You won’t regret it. :) OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: Spending the beginning of 2019 reflecting back on how awesome my past guests have been has been such a cool thing to do. I really look forward to doing it again in the future because man-o-man do we have some HEAVY hitters coming up in the future! So many episodes already recorded, and you are going to LOVE these guys! Stay tuned, because RISS is only goin up and up!!

BEST OF MUSIC - PART 2 - Episode 121 - Is these memories super strong?
Jan 22 2019 127 mins  
Strength Level: History Last week was amazing, and now we’re goin for ROUND 2! Lori Pasqualino and I are here to share another HUGE episode, featuring EVEN MORE extremely talented musicians!! You’re going to love it as we not only share whole tracks, but also tell stories about every one of these great guests, remind you what episodes you should IMMEDIATELY go re-check out (OR listen to for the first time), and then really waste A TON of your time do to extreme sleep deprivation and goofiness. I love this series for so many reasons, and I truly hope that you listen to it and share it like crazy because EACH AND EVERY one of these people deserves to be freakin HUGE based on talent alone. If you aren’t a fan yet, you will be, and here is a list of all of the bad ass past guests who are being featured this week on volume 2: Isabelle (episode #99) Julian Hoffman-Beechko (Episode #42) Max Marshall (episode #71) Coleman Cook (episodes #32-38) Owen Stevenson (episode #103) SCHMABARET feat. Carolyn Jania & Adam Ceschin (episodes #51 and #101) Braxton Molinaro (episode #111) Becca Lustgarten (episode #78) Matt Smith (episode #96) Megan Shung (episode #109) Michael Ragonese (episode #83) Aaron Lee Martin (episode #76) Marcos Varela (episode #80) Zach Churchill (episode #98) Molly Neeley (episode #73) Matthew Grant (episodes #27, #54, #67, and #114) Conner Cherland (episode #114) Matt Judson (episode #114) IMAGINE (episode #114) Go back in the archive to re-meet these guys, and follow them IMMEDIATELY!!! You won’t regret it. :) OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: I am blessed as crap to know these dang people, and I hope you get a chance to know em too. :)

BEST OF MUSIC - PART 1 - Episode 120 - Is these memories super strong?
Jan 15 2019 109 mins  
Strength Level: Memories HOLY CRAPBALL do we have an amazing episode for you this week….. Because I appreciate the living helllllll out of my guests, I decided something special I could do was to create a 3 part series highlighting a track from everyone who has come on my show and shared their music with me and my audience over the past year. Doing “Ryan is Super Strong!” Is a true highlight of my career, and life in general, and the fact that I WEEKLY get to hype and admire my friends and their work is something I was so excited to celebrate, that I invited my new fiancé (and old friend of the show), LORI PASQUALINO on to listen and talk about all of these bad ass musicians, and I think you’re in for a REAL treat. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy music, and/or someone who fast forward through bands when they are featured….this may not be the episode for you tune in for. But if you’re a DECENT human with a warm heart filled with blood, you’re gonna freakin LOVE what we’ve put together!! Bad ass past guest who are being featured this week on volume 1: Felipe Fraga (episode #105) Christian Knudsen (episode #17) Jeff Knudsen (episode #100) Jonah Levine (episode #77) Kira Morrison (episodes #81 and #84) Tara Louise (episodes #23, #79, #81, and #84) Nina Storey (episode #95) Noor Che’ree (episode #115) Andrew Lederman (episode #84) Nick Stoppel (episode #116) Sergio Sanchez (episode #82) Mikala Schmitz (episode #85) Micah Oelze (episode #75) Go back in the archive to re-meet these guys, and follow them IMMEDIATELY!!! You won’t regret it. :) OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: Thanks for being a part of the RISS community. I really like ya.

Episode 119 - Is Granison Crawford Super Strong...AGAIN?! (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)
Jan 08 2019 113 mins  
Strength Level: Baby (not booby) New Year!! Holiday break is OVER BAYBEEEEE!! It’s 2019, Super Strong Ryan took a 2 week trip to Ireland where he became betrothed to the lovely (friend of show) LORI PASQUALINO!! Now, it’s time to settle in for an extra long episode where Ryan brings in dear friend and fan favorite, GRANISON CRAWFORD!!! Granison is crazy goal oriented, always focused, and just a great source of encouragement for everyone around him! So who better to ring in the new year, and talk goals, fears, resolutions, and so much more on an episode where we truly hope you feel better, more relaxed, and most importantly ENCOURAGED to be the best version of you that you can scrounge up throughout this new lap around the sun! Granison (@instagranison) is such a great guy, HILARIOUS on stage and screen, and if you don’t already love him from his many past appearances on my show, I’m SURE you’ll love him after this episode! So if that’s true, go and support him any way you can get your hands on! Jump on the Granison band wagon today cuz it’s FULL STEAM AHEAD for this guy!!!! OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you enjoyed this extra long episode!
Probably won’t make it a habit, but we had a great time recording a fully REAL conversation with each other, and I hope that something we said encourages at least SOME ONE to feel strong about their goals, and potential to achieve them this year!!!!

Episode 107 - Is Kristin Olson Super Strong?
Oct 02 2018 61 mins  
Strength Level: Dracula This week, Ryan has the delightful KRISTIN OLSON in the room!!!!! Kristin is an insanely talented percussionist/drummer/musician/super talent from Minnesota who is newly based in LA, and is an absolute joy to hang with. Kristin sits down to chat with Ryan about drums, Minnesota vs Wisconsin, our mutual friendship with MANY past guests from RISS, and many more things…….but the whole time, the whole ENTIRE time, there is an insidious and harsh truth lying in the darkness underneath the entire interview….. It's officially the spookiest month of the year. The month so spooky even saying it gives you chills. Octoburrrrrrrr As I do every year, I really try to encourage you all to TRY and not be so spooky scared out of your mind that you can’t even function anymore, and this week, the first week of October, Kristin is here to break down some Halloween themed truths, take the candy challenge, and hopefully just help you quell your fears during this VERY spooky scary frightening time. I hope you fall in love with Kristin and go check her out on social media (@kolsonperc & @cluboro.mp3) and interweb NOW, and that this episode brings you great joy during this spooky spooky month. OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: Monsters ARE NOT real. We don’t have to be scared of them any more, and that’s just gotta be something we tell ourselves until we believe. Please try and believe it. I know it’s hard. Just please….for me

Episode 96 - Is Matt Smith Super Strong?
Jul 17 2018 80 mins  
Strength Level: Atomic Warhead (THE CANDY!) This week, Ryan brings on his new friend, MATT SMITH, to shoot the breeze in one of the most relaxed and enjoyable conversations caught on this podcast! Matt is such a great guy, seemingly always smiling (even from his condo in “Serious Town”), and a truly talented musician here in LA that ALL of you need to check out ASAP. You will love him, I GUARANTEE you’ll love his music, and after you listen to this podcast, you’re just gonna be a bit better of a person. And that’s just something that is true. I don’t think I’ve had a SINGLE guest do this, but because Matt did, here are the links that he sent me via email, so I could EASILY copy and paste, and now all of you get to have them too!!! Iridas: Website: https://www.iridasmusic.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iridasmusic/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iridasmusic/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXHRnmin9_JMtjGylbt73Q Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iridasmusic Matt: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musicbymattsmith/ Matt’s podcast (new episode comes out on Monday!): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaoZCBGmv2mXk3T4Vb1rL7UJUY2I80bB3 Releases talked about on the show: Reila - Same Drugs (Chance the Rapper cover): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux0YdIp--pQ A.J. Crew - Expensive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuDL_yonlAE OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: Like I say at the top of this show, if you’re new to the RISS fam, HEY! Welcome!!! Thanks for listening, and I hope you know that in addition to being VERY easy on the eyes, you are one impressive human being. I love you

Episode 76 - Is Aaron Lee Martin Super Strong?
Feb 27 2018 71 mins  
Strength Level: Vitamin C Yahoooo!!!!!! And by "Yahoooo!!!!!!", I actually mean, "holy dang...love month from the love city is over..." To be sad about love month being over is easy... To be sad about leaving episodes from my lovely hometown of Wichita, KS is even easier.... But NEVER FEAR!!! This week, we have the AMAZINGLY talented and warm human being: AARON LEE MARTIN He is a what I like to think of as a teddy bear man who you can love in real life. If that doesn't make you want to listen....you may need to check your chest for "no-heart-in-it-disease". Anyway, listen to Super Strong Ryan as he talks to Aaron about everything your heart desires. After you fall in love with Aaron, and listen to SOME of his amazing new album, "Learned Behavior", get the hell on your computer and download everything you can find of his, and JUMP ON THAT BANDWAGON! You won't be alone! Ryan is there! On the wagon! All crazy caps and exclamation points aside, Aaron is the real deal, a person I am very grateful to call a friend, and someone you will want to stay in the loop for. I am truly sad to be "out" of episodes from Wichita after today...but I go home all the time! So plenty more Kansas bad assery will be coming in the future! :) Enjoy this week's show with.....I think bourbon. I think that's what you drink for this friendship. OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: If you keep smiling like that, someone is just going to finally not have the strength to stay away, and they are gonna give you a love smooch. Take that as future excitement...or a dreadful warning.

Episode 74 - Is the Eichelbergers Super Strong? (YES)
Feb 13 2018 52 mins  
Strength Level: All of the glue in the world This week is SO MANY THINGS: - Week 2 of THE LOVE MONTH - RISS' VALENTINE'S DAY EPISODE! - Another episode from Wichita, KS (the LOVE city) - Another feature with SO MUCH MUSIC - A VERY special episode But most importantly, this week features Shylee and Ember Eichelberger; the daughters of my friend Ryan Eichelberger. My brother Ryan passed away in September after an almost 30 year battle with lymphangiomytosis and Gorhman's disease, but he left behind him an incredibly inspiring legacy of music, beautiful children, and friends that will continue to tell Ryan's story and try to share as much of Ryan's legacy for as long as we all can. In a time when not much music in the mainstream really highlights real stories or emotions, Ryan's passion was using his music to express his feelings. Normally, I put these episodes out for fun, goofiness, and to give people a breath of fresh/crazy air during their day/week/routine/etc. My hope for THIS episode however is that if you are someone who needs help, feels alone, feels scared, and you somehow stumble onto this episode....that it makes you smile, and makes you feel less alone. That's what Ryan would have wanted, and I'm SO proud and excited to share my love for him, his incredible family, and his music with anyone who takes the time to listen. Happy Valentine's Day to whoever reads this. I love ya very much. OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY: You aren't alone, and you are loved like crazy. If you like Ryan's music, please go to soundcloud and listen to his albums for FREE! Feel free to email [email protected] for more info about Ryan and his music!

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