Embrace Grace

Oct 29 2017 30 mins

The Embrace Grace Podcast is a way for people around the world that is happening with Embrace Grace ministries. This program is hosted by Amy Ford and consists of candid in-studio recordings, audio blogs from the road and spontaneous guest from around the world (or around the house and office.)

Me Too with Witlee Ethan
Oct 29 2017 42 mins  
In the last four years alone she has witnessed and experienced how corrupt our judicial system is, when she became a victim of police-perpetrated violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who is a law enforcement officer. In the middle of the night she had to escape to another state for her safety and has been forced to live in hiding ever since. Including having to take various safety precautions because the government continues to protect him by operating under the “Blue Code of Silence“. Though the more her story is told and heard, the more power she takes back from him and the sooner she can safely come out of hiding. October 23rd will mark 1,500 days of her living in hiding. Though despite her circumstances she has tried to make the best out of her unfathomable situation. She has since gone back to school to further her education. Majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology, so she can better help other victims and survivors like herself. She recently graduated in May 2017. Because of all that she has endured through out her life, it has helped her to realize that her true calling is to be an Inspirational Speaker so she can educate and spread awareness on these issues, while being an advocate for others who have faced similar traumas like herself. The injustices she has faced have given her the passion and perseverance to fight every day for other survivors voices to be heard, while never forgetting the victims whose voices have forever been silenced through murder. Her story and all that she has suffered at the hands of others is not in vain, God is making beauty from ashes. Today she speaks on all the issues mentioned above and travels through out the country using her story to inspire others to “make a difference one day, one life at a time”. Her story is having an impact garnering followers and attention both nationally and internationally. She has been published by six organizations/media outlets within the last seven months. Her story is both versatile and applicable to any audience and platform. Witlee Ethan is not just a survivor, but more importantly a warrior for others, standing up in the fight against violence and injustice. Her story is one of hope, forgiveness, healing, redemption, unwavering faith, and God’s grace. Which is the message she wants to share with others! She will be the first one to tell you, that it is through her faith alone that she has survived, and because of her relationship with Jesus Christ, she is thriving and she wants to help others to do the same!

Wired for Freedom with Sarah Elson
Jul 24 2017 46 mins  
We are WIRED FOR FREEDOM and Sarah's story reminds us so clearly how God has placed His spirit inside of us so we can walk in authority and victory! We love overcomer stories and Sarah is one of our favorites! For 13 years Sarah battled self-injury. Labeled as a “good Christian girl,” she still felt worthless, ugly, crazy and alone. One night, she SHARED HER STORY with a young girl and her life was forever CHANGED. This girl shared the same struggle — she WASN'T ALONE! God began to heal and EMPOWER Sarah through her testimony, but it wasn’t enough for her to stop hurting myself. She needed an outlet. Learning to crochet helped her develop patience with herself. Not long after, she discovered using wire as art and embarked on her JOURNEY with Wired for Freedom. Naturally, she used herself as a model for her jewelry creations and soon started receiving custom orders. She began to find VALUE in herself but often thought of quitting. As her gift developed, she went for it, and Wired for Freedom (wf) was created. As a designer, she has an outlet for self-expression through the creation of custom pieces, which also allows customers the same experience. Though once terrified to share her story, she now does so nearly every day. Today, she thanks GOD for setting her FREE and continues to use hdf hands to CREATE instead of destroy. She has learned that through her story and art, she can help others become WIRED FOR FREEDOM. To shop Sarah's Etsy shop, click here! ** Stay tuned for an Embrace Grace exclusive line coming soon!

Word of Encouragement with Gail Gause
Sep 05 2016 32 mins  
Have you ever gotten a scripture or heard a sermon at a time when you just KNEW that God was talking to you through it? You felt like He said it just for you. That’s what a “now” word feels like – a word of encouragement that was just what you needed right NOW. Maybe it was an encouragement to trust God with the difficult situation you were worried about, or maybe it was a push for you to step out into the new thing that had just been placed before you, but you were nervous to try, or maybe it was a word just to tell you how much God loves you so very much. God can use creative ways to love on His sons and daughters! Join Amy as she discusses with her friend Gail Gause about what prophetic and a word of encouragement. They discus the new pro-love initiative by Embrace Grace called BloomWord.com. Bloomword is a place where you can go to receive a word of encouragement. We have a volunteer prayer team and staff that pray over every name that is submitted through our BloomWord.com website. After praying for you, they will send you a special word of encouragement – hand-picked just for you – via email that you can print and save forever. We want to bless you and share God’s love for you through these words of encouragement. To get YOUR word of encouragement, just go to www.BloomWord.com and fill out the online form! For more information about what the prophetic is, check out Pastor Jan Greenwoods blog on 10 Tips to Help You Grow Your Prophetic Gift and 5 Tips to Hear God's Voice - SO GOOD!

Think Differently Live Differently with Bob Hamp
Aug 01 2016 30 mins  
Now is a good time to become yourself, to discover your God-created, God-connected true self. Now is a good time to Think Differently about things that ruled your life. Don’t let the actions of others, experiences of the past, or current circumstances prevent you from living in the peace and power for which you are made. Learn to Live Differently as you connect to the Ever-present God so that you might be the ever intended you! “The drive for freedom is like our appetite, like hunger, unconscious and automatic, like blinking your eyes when someone strikes out at you.” We all desire freedom. But it’s the definition of freedom we all seem to get lost in. The battle is in our attempts to accurately define so that we can effectively pursue this thing we so desire. Join Amy as she chats with her friend Bob Hamp about his book, Think Differently Live Differently. They talk about how it is far too often, our thought processes hold us captive, and therefore, shape our attempts to live free. In other words, we must first think differently before we can really make progress in this journey. Real progress calls for not just new thoughts but new ways to use our minds and new ways to see ourselves and the journey ahead. It is these new thought processes and new perspectives that make this book unlike any other. Grab Bob's book here:http://bobhamp.com/product/think-differently-live-differently-book/ In the first half of this book, you will find a roadmap to changing your eyes and your ears, and as a result changing every other step. Like obtaining a brand new prescription for your corrective lenses, these chapters will bring many things into new focus. With a new way of thinking, the second half of this book then provides the next several steps on the journey. You will find yourself becoming more and more you at every step along the way. If you are ready for real change, in ways you have yet to imagine, dive into the parable that is the skeleton of this journey, and take your first step. “…as he paused to take it all in, he was struck by another thought: he had a choice to make … He had to choose between the familiar reality his mind knew and the unknown truth that resonated in his heart.”

Cherished Revised with Polly Wright
May 09 2016 30 mins  
Millions of women have been sexually abused in some way, but many stay silent, while the pain from a broken heart worsens with time. Join Amy as she talks with her guest, Polly Wright about her story and her latest book, Cherished Revised. As a young college student, Polly found herself taking off her clothes for men and money. But like ninety-five percent in the American sex industry, she didn't find herself there by accident. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Sexually abused at a young age...It's the story of a teenager, finding herself in an abortion clinic. It's the story of a young wife and mother, masking her pain in a bottle. But it's more than that, it's the story of how a very real enemy waged a very real war against this incredible woman from the time she was very small. It's the story of how the lies he spoke to her became her truths, leading her into the darkest of places and the most difficult of times. And it's a story of a woman and her Savior. It's the story of how He rescues and saves, pulling us out of the miry pit in which we all find our selves. It's a story of healing, truth and discovery. It's a story of God's voice and of a woman becoming all she was created to be. When you follow Polly's story you will have the opportunity to write the foundations of your own Cherished Story. Newly included, after every chapter are journal prompts designed to help you discover who God truly created you to be. Whether your story is similar to her's or very different, this book will challenge and encourage you to become free and know your true identity and value. Purchase Polly's book and share this podcast with your friends!

Shame with Nancy Houston
Feb 01 2016 28 mins  
Shame...who hasn't experienced it? Shame can so easily become toxic. Listen to this passage in Jeremiah 31. "I was ashamed of my past, my wild unruly past. Humiliated, I beat on my chest. Will I ever live this down?" Shame can feel overwhelming, partly because it high-jacks our brain. Brene Brown says the solution for shame is vulnerability and courage. Verbalizing shame attacks to safe people is so redemptive. God encourages us to confess to one another and to bring those shameful feelings into connection and community. He also wants us to experience his feelings he has for each of us. "Oh! Ephram is my dear, dear son, my child in whom I take pleasure! Every time I mention his name, my heart bursts with longing for him! Everything in me cries out for him. Softly and tenderly I wait for him." Can you hear the passionate love God that has for you? He longs for you! Shame, whatever the cause does not cut you off from Him. He delights in you! The valuable lesson that Nancy unpacks with Amy Ford in this podcast is that no matter your history or how shame has kidnapped your heart, we can find hope in the truth that God delights in you, His heart bursts with longing for you, He waits for your return. Shame cuts all of us off from love. Let the warmth of his love banish toxic shame from your life! Tune in to hear more from Nancy about God's love! Nancy Houston is a Townsend Leadership Director for John Townsend's Leadership Program. She leads groups in New York and Texas. She loves to help people reach their full potential by empowering and equipping them to be fully alive. Through connection and community, the program provides a safe structure for people to grow and develop their personal leadership skills. Limitations are removed and new possibilities emerge. Nancy is a licensed and professional counselor with a certification as a Christian Sex Therapist. For more information on Nancy and what she's up to, follow her facebook page!

Refining Identity with Courtney Cohen
Jan 24 2016 35 mins  
Becoming someone who finds their worth in Christ alone requires more than just looking like you have it all together. Though many things will try to define who you are, there is only One who truly can. Your past, your job, or the expectations of others are no longer things that have to define your value or your purpose.Tune into the Embrace Grace podcast with Amy Ford and her guest Courtney Cohen! Using the ancient practice of refining gold to illustrate, Courtney guides you through the journey of releasing false identities which have held you captive and embracing your genuine identity, now found in Christ.You don't have to have it all together. You just need to know the One who does! Discover that as you come to intimately know God, your Creator, you will then come to know who He always intended you to be! Grab Courtney's book on Amazon, it is SO good!!! Refining Identity by Courtney Cohen For Courtney Cohen, everything comes down to two questions: Who is God? And, who has He designed us to be? Whether she’s writing, speaking, or homeschooling her children, these questions propel her forward. Author of Refining Identity, Courtney passionately pursues helping others come to know the I AM as their closest Friend. She’s married to Steve, her most radical supporter, who also keeps her real. They have two children who, simultaneously, bless her socks off and keep her on her toes. Stay in touch with Courtney at her blog, IAM.NowFound.org.

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