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Oct 15 2020 55 mins 153

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio is about "Sound Information, Not Sound Bites." We are true talk radio with a mission to raise all voices around the world - big and small. From, a person diagnosed with a form of dementia or MCI, to family and friends, care partners, authors, researchers, support services, education, entertainment, advocacy work, to technology platforms, devices and support; all voices are welcome to have an interesting and respectful conversation with our host Lori La Bey. Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio launched in 2011, and believe it is the first radio show in the world dedicated to dementia. Our goal is to give people solid information and ideas, raise dementia awareness and connect people around the globe. In doing so, our audience has told us Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio: *Gives them hope and strength while increasing their knowledge base. *Makes them feel they are part of a community that truly understands the big and small needs of dementia. *Helps them understand the real everyday life of living with dementia. *Assists them to live graciously with or alongside dementia through tips and tools which are easy to implement and improve dementia care. *Provides them with ideas to tap into, to develop or improve services, products and tools for dementia care. *Directs them to clinical trials pushing research forward. *Creates a needed network of a variety of resources for those dealing with dementia. *Gives individuals and companies a platform to reach a large targeted audience. Be a Guest on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio. Do you have a story about dementia or caregiving to tell? How about a project you are working on, or a product, service, or tool to help those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and/or other types of dementia? Contact Lori La Bey if you would like to discuss being a guest: Main Website

Responsible Media Coverage Needed for Alzheimer's And Dementia Care
Oct 11 2018 63 mins  
Today we doing something a bit different and highlighting an interview done on Dementia Chats which is a sister platform of Alzheimer's Speaks. Dementia Chats features those diagnosed with various forms of dementia who speak out on a topic, Todays topic, is the need for responsible media on Alzheimer's disease and other froms of dementias. We think you will find this to be a very interesting conversation about how media impacts public beliefs about dementia. How media can assist in reducing dementia stigmas and report realistic outcomes, not just what is pitched to them regarding life with dementia, cures, and support to reduce symptoms including both pharma and social engagement opportunities. Listen to this interesting conversation which gives ideas to improve reporting and give hope to those diagnosed or caring for someone who is. Learn how media can give voice to those diagnosed and their families along with all the non-pharmaceutical supports and methods to assist them along with research to control symptoms and be a potential cure. Our Guests Living with Dementia Are: Laurie Scherrer, Harry Urban, Bob Savage, Mary Radnofsky, Michael Ellenbogen, Lisa Head and Bill Walsh Our Facilitators Are: Lori La Bey founder of Alzheimer's Speaks ad Dementia Chats; along with Eilon Caspi, founder of Dementia Behavior Consulting Please feel free to comment, like and share with others. For More Resources: Becoming Dementia Friendly

Film Director Discusses Dementia
Sep 12 2017 43 mins  
Today we are lucky to have Kevin O’Neill who worked in television and film on shows like "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman", "Beverly Hills 90121"and "Highway to Heaven." Kevin's thirty-year background in acting has made him a strong director with actors. He has written and directed several short films, “Clark”, “Captain Fin”, “Lean”, Perception and "Undertaking." "Undertaking" starred Los Angeles veteran Eddie Jemison. Kevin’s short films have toured the film festival circuit winning ten grand jury awards. He has written four feature scripts "Thundersmack", "Trestles", "Undertaking" and "The Flamingo Kids". Kevin has been a Course Director at Full Sail University where he has taught directing for over ten years. He has taught acting classes for the last twenty years in the Orlando area. In 2014 Kevin won two Bronze Telly Awards for his role in Online How To/ Instructional and Internet/Online Education videos. Contact Information For Kevin O’Neill FACEBOOK TWITTER OLIVE RANCH ROAD PRODUCTIONS Additional Resource Information: Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource Website: Keynote Speaker: Dementia Chats™: Dementia Conference & Cruise: Become Dementia Friendly Business or Community:

Delivering Meaningful Activities for Those with Dementia
Aug 31 2017 55 mins  
Today we are lucky to have Gail Sonnesso the founder and executive director of GEM Adult Day Services, Inc. Gail uses a blend of her studies in dementia, Rehab, Occupational Therapy and life experiences in therapeutic recreation to design meaningful days for people living with dementia while at the same time supporting their care partners. In addition, we will have Becky Watson, a Board Certified Music Therapist and the Founder and Owner, Music for Wellness. Becky has always been passionate about supporting the health and wellness through music and Gail and Becky having been doing some work together to ensure this happens. Today we will have a fascinating conversation about the gift of compassion, engagement and music with these two extraordinary women. Contact Gail E. Sonnesso Phone: 252-480-3354 Email: Website: Facebook: Vidoes: Contact Becky Watson Website: (757) 563-3488 Email: Facebook: Twitter: Music4SWell Additional Resource Information: Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource Website: Keynote Speaker: Dementia Chats™: Dementia Conference & Cruise: Become Dementia Friendly Business or Community:

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