Awakening: Mother Mary, Shelter in Times of Crisis - Interviews with Compelling People by Connie Shaw

Jan 02 2009 28 mins

"Awakening" boldly investigates the steps that heroic people everywhere are taking to meet the effects of the current economic and social crisis in daily life. These dynamic role models are feeding the homeless; retrieving parents from nursing homes; growing their own food; creating community; radically forgiving; and discovering the miraculous. The Western American author Louis Lamour has said that "There will come a time when you think that everything is ending. But that will be the beginning." "Awakening" is about that planetary beginning. Mother Mary - Shelter in Times of Crisis: Interviews with people of different faiths who have seen Mother Mary many times and for whom she has provided protection, healing, manifestations, messages, career guidance and miracles. Prepare to laugh, ponder and be inspired by Suzanne Shaw, Mid-western American life-coach and medical intuitive; Paz Macaballug, Filipina governess and mystic; Claire Papin, former constable, ad hoc singer and current mystic and media host. Mother Mary has guided them for decades and has informed their work and service as mentor, saint and eternal friend.

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