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Jun 06 2019 69 mins

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IBC - Sean's Birthday - Episode 97
Apr 23 2015 84 mins  
It’s time for the IBC podcast! All three hosts are here to bring you episode 97 and we try our best to make up for last weeks episode. Apparently it wasn’t too great so we put in a little extra effort and time to try and get this one back to the level that everyone expects. It might have been that we were all recording in different places over skype, it could have been the topics, or just a total fail on our part. Or the episode was great and the people who gave us feedback have no taste (see Dustin’s scale). But we heard you loud and clear and hope to deliver a much better episode this week. We start out with our normal shout outs but then delve in to Sean’s birthday weekend and all the stories that went along with it. There were drunken shenanigans, sex shops, and a Mikey sighting so it definitely delivered. We then discuss the Chargers leaving San Diego and what Philip Rivers means to Matt’s heart, the new Star Wars trailer and a few other trailers that came out this week, our top 3 TV intro segments, and finally Sean’s topic on Google Fi. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did. We didn’t get too serious but had a lot of fun just talking about some of these topics. If you haven’t already, please be sure to give us a 5 star rating on iTunes, continue the conversations on social media, and definitely leave us some feedback. As stated above, if we disappoint we will try our best to correct it and make better episodes to follow. So thank you to everyone who gave us feedback and please enjoy episode 97!

IBC - The American Dream - Episode 84
Jan 22 2015 101 mins  
What’s up everybody!? Dustin here, bringing you the brand new episode of the IBC podcast! All three hosts are here again and we planned some pretty interesting conversations for this week’s show. Before I get in to the topics, we all wanted to give a big congratulations to Buddy and Athena Crotty who gave birth to a baby girl, Madison Crotty, this past week. Can’t wait to meet her! We start off the show with a ton of shout outs and move right into sports. We discuss the classic Seahawks and Packers game, Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick deflating footballs, and we make our Super Bowl picks. We then discuss the movie phenomenon American Sniper and our thoughts regarding the themes of the movie and why it has really taken off the way it has. We have a fun list this week of top 3 sci fi gadgets you wish were real, and boy do we have some awesome ones on our lists! And finally we move on to our main discussion of this episode which is us taking a look at the state of the economy, what has happened to the middle class, and raising the minimum wage. This is just us thinking out loud and discussing a very hot button topic. None of us are experts or anything. It is a jam packed episode with lots of discussion (and it goes REALLY long) and we hope you enjoy. Be sure to drop us a 5 star review on iTunes and continue the conversations on social media. We really want to know what you guys think. There is so much more to some of these conversations than what we can discuss and it is more fun with everyone contributing. Enjoy!

IBC - Deck The Mikey - Episode 80
Dec 23 2014 66 mins  
Dustin here, and I am SUPER excited to be bringing everyone our annual Christmas episode!!! And what a great episode it is. Matt, Sean, and I finally got together and do this podcast LIVE!! That’s right, we all got together this weekend and enjoyed some wonderful Christmas beers and treats from Sean’s mom Karen Gaston and his brother Brandon. We thank you guys so much and hope you are having an amazing holiday. The vibe couldn’t be better as we do this episode round table style. We start off the episode with a very special guest, SANTA CLAUS! That’s right, we got Santa to come down from the North Pole just to be on our show. But boy does Santa have a dirty mouth. He is R rated and jolly and loves the IBC podcast!! We then jump into discussion on the on going threats from North Korea and how America is handling them, we discuss how gender affects marketing in toys to young children, Sean delights us with the top 5 list of Christmas items for the rich, and we all tell some hilarious Christmas stories. And our gift to our listeners is at the end of this show. We recorded our own Christmas Carol called “Deck the Mikey”. Yup, we made a Christmas song about Michael Taccone and we know you will enjoy it! Thank so much for listening and we really hope you enjoy this special episode of the podcast! Please continue the conversations on social media and be sure to leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and give us any feedback as you guys are continually helping us make the show better. And to everyone listening we hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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