Pr1me Hardcore Podcast

Oct 11 2020 55 mins 63

Roma PR1ME is one of the most skillful hardcore DJs of the Russian scene. Started DJing in 2003 and was the one who introduced mainstream hardcore sound in Russia. Headliner of all St. Petersburg hardcore events and many outside raves. Each of his sets is full of real floor fillers and rich in technical performance.

All f***ed up mix
Nov 24 2014 95 mins  
Recorded in May, 2007. Vinyl only. Tracklist: 01. Teenage Warning - If the Kids are United (Punk Version) [FORZE018] 02. Djanny Projekt - Kick Some Ass (Original Mix) [ETX0028] 03. Dark By Design vs Alex Kidd - Rough Stuff (3am @ Goodgreef Mix) [0608PNUK] 04. Dj Paul - Natural Born Killers (Born Bad) [FORZE018] 05. The Masochist - The Reincarnation Of Forbidden Sound [MOHSP010] 06. Damage Inc. - Turn Around (The Viper Remix) [TT050] 07. Bodylotion - How Much Can You Take (Catscan Remix) [TT050b] 08. The Nightraver - So (Stunned Guys Remix) [TT050c] 09. Stunned Guys - Love Really Sucks (Chaosphere Remix) [TT050b] 10. Bodylotion - Make You Dance (Tha Playah Remix) [TT050c] 11. Art Of Fighters & Tommyknocker - Follow Me [TRAX0064] 12. Nitrogenetics - True Rebel [HM2755] 13. Art Of Fighters & Tommyknocker - Bombermen [TRAX0064] 14. Nitrogenetics - Hit Me [HM2755] 15. Neophyte & Evil Activities - Invasion [NEO029] 16. Scott Brown & Darrien Kelly vs Bodylotion - Always a Jellyhead (JDAs Gelei-mix) [TT050b] 17. Dj Tails & Noizer feat. General Noise - Kickin the Bass [WAX016] 18. Somebody From Rotterdam - It's Like Hardcore [WAX022] 19. Dj Tails & Noizer feat. General Noise - Get up [WAX016] 20. Somebody From Rotterdam - Goddamn Rotterdam [WAX022] 21. Sonicdriver - In Your Arms Tonight [RAID527] 22. Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (Original Mix) [RAID527] 23. Sonicdriver & Stingray - As Cold As Ice (El Bruto Remix) [RAID527] 24. Diss Reaction - Jiiieeehaaa [RAID527] VK Public: Soundcloud: Mixcloud:

Live at Teodor Fest
Apr 20 2015 51 mins  
Six years ago Radio Record decided to create the biggest hardstyle festival over Russia Federation. Never interesting in "hard and fast" underground sound they unexpectedly face towards to hard dance. They invented scary character named Teodor marked with number 777. His deep voice and nasty smile appeared in all commercials throughout the city declaring "What's hidden in the Teodor's black box...This is Hardstyle...This is Teodor Fest". After months of preparations in April 25st 2009 festival has been held in the biggest roofed roller park area. About five thousands clubbers came to find out what is hardstyle and who is mr. Teodor. Showtek, Yoji and T-DJ was starred as a headliners of this night, besides native djs. It's important to say that only i was playing hardcore music and was entrusted with the honor to opens this night. I performed b2b with dj Bingo from vinyl records and Radio Record was organized online broadcasting but unfortunately due to technical issues my set wasn't recorded properly. So this is home studio remake what i exactly played that night. Tracklist: 1. TEODOR FEST Intro Bingo! & Pr1me 2. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria Ft. MC Raw - The Point Of No Return (5:50) [MRV 100B] 3. Tommyknocker vs. Sunbeam - Twisted World (The Viper Mashup Mix) (5:22) [TRAX 0067] 4. Art Of Fighters - Earthquake (5:30) [TRAX 0038] 5. Evil Activities - Dedicated (To Those Who Tried To Hold Me Down) (6:05) [NEO 021] 6. Art Of Fighters vs. Nico & Tetta - Revenge (5:30) [TRAX 0061] 7. Endymion & Nosferatu - Act Of God (Thunderdome 08 Anthem) (6:38) [TD 002] 8. Masters Of Ceremony - Adapt Or Die (5:17) [NEO 035] 9. Art Of Fighters & Endymion - Let's Get It On (5:58) [TRAX 0076] 10. Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy (5:04) [NEO 036] 11. Evil Activities - Back On Track (5:13) [NEO024] 12. Tha Playah vs. DJ Mad Dog - Enter The Time Machine (DJ Mad Dog Mix) (6:04) [ROTSP 05] VK Public: Soundcloud: Mixcloud:

God Mode
Jun 08 2015 130 mins  
This was anniversary 10th promo mix from OSRHT.COM. Mix consists of massive floorfillers of those times and also includes a track from St. Petersburg local produsers. Pure hardcore sound and may be the best period in modern mainstream hardcore. Tracklist: 01. Mike Nrg - Lost In Dreams (Q-Base Anthem 2010) (Masters of Ceremony Remix) 02. Evil Activities - Pray For Me 03. G-Town Madness - Headbanger 04. The Stunned Guys And Art Of Fighters - United By Hardness 05. Nitrogenetics - Mu-Sick 06. Amnesys - Refly 07. Wildstylez - No Time To Waste (Defqon 1 Anthem 2010) (The Vipers Black Remix) 08. Korsakoff - Pink Noise 09. Outblast And Angerfist Ft. Tha Watcher - The Voice Of Mayhem 10. Nitrogenetics - Driven By Fear (Official Dominator 2010 Anthem) 11. Tommyknocker Feat. Ian K - Scream 12. Endymion And Art Of Fighters - A New Today 13. Weapon X - Where My Party People At 14. Anime - Believe 15. The Viper And Endymion Ft. Nikitta - Sanity 16. Korsakoff And The Viper - Re-Bottled 17. Predator And Angerfist - The Switch (Meccano Twins Remix) 18. Weapon X - Bad Boy 19. State Of Emergency - Our Remedy 20. Outblast & Dj D - Electro Shocking (Dyprax Remix) 21. Noize Suppressor - Fucked Up 22. Endymion And Meccano Twins - The Industry 23. Evil Activities - Evil Inside 24. Neophyte - Live And Loud (Neophyte And Tha Playahs Loud Mix) 25. Tha Playah - Hit Em (Evil Activities Vs. The Viper Remix) 26. Outblast - Masters Symphony (Evil Activities R3fik5) 27. Headbanger - What The Hell Are U Waiting 4 (2010 Refix) 28. T-Junction And Angerfist - A New Level Of Freak 29. Gancher & D-Light - Monster 30. Hellsystem - Shut Up And Die (Angerfist Remix) 31. Noize Suppressor - Master Of War 32. Amnesys - System Crash 33. Tommyknocker - Demolition (Evil Activities And Lenny Dee Remix) VK Public: Soundcloud: Mixcloud:

We Can Freestyle Too ep.1
Jul 20 2015 53 mins  
Yes, we can freestyle too. When i say we i mean russians in general, seriously its in our gene to mix unmixed things i.e. tracksuit with boots, chanson with electro house, vodka with beer and so on. So i believe originally freestyle was inspired by russians, made by belgian producers, and improved by dutch djs. Btw long time ago (in 2007) i already performed with jumpstyle sets and this music didn't received widespread popularity and current set was recorded as a part of such experiment to surprise local clubbers in summer open-air. And here is the tracklist: 01. Freaks (Gave Freestyle Rmx) - Timmy Trumpet 02. Freaks (Addict Bootleg) - Timmy Trumpet & Savage 03. Hold Up - Backstabbers 04. It's A Trap - Face One 05. Kamiz Song - Kamiz 06. Bomberman - Ranson & Mad-B 07. Breakdown - Royal S 08. Hit My Chapter 1 On The Floor - Pat B 09. Orcheal 2014 (Nowaxx Remix) - DJ Francios 10. Insomnia (Q-ic bootleg) - Faithless 11. Mindcontroller (Lethal MG rmx) - Clayton Cash 12. No Limiter - FeestDJRuud & DJ Punish 13. Go Momma - Demoniak & Mark Jr 14. Dj Turn It Up (Lowriderz Remix) - YELLOW CLAW x TIGHTTRAXX & ETC!ETC! 15. Free For All - Zany & Ruthless 16. Move That Body - Paul Elstak aka Da Warrior & Dr Phunk 17. All I Wanna Do - Pat B 18. Open Wide (Davoodi Bootleg) - Calvin Harris Ft. Big Sean 19. On A Star - Lethal MG 20. Givin' It All (Dr Rude Remix) - Ruthless 21. Bring The Noize - Potato 22. Banaan - Pat B & Da Rick 23. Young Birds (Bootleg) - Potato & Vince 24. Afterparty (Extended Mix) - Potato 25. W.T.F. - Low-E, Alter Egosz 26. Stampuhh!! (Atmozfears Remuxxx) - The Prophet Vs Deepack VK Public: Soundcloud: Mixcloud:

We Can Freestyle Two
Jan 25 2016 54 mins  
I have spent the super New Year weekend while travelling in Finland. And to celebrate the completion of it, I have done a little party at the studio using alcoholic beverages and energetic music. Wasn't it cool to drink Caribbean rum and play some freestyle to get warm while waiting for the summer. Suddenly someone pushed the record button so now you can feel that atmosphere and enjoy fifty-four minutes of toughest freestyle tracks in quick mixing. Tracklist is here: 01. Bring The Noize - Potato 02. Everybody In The Club - Norman Kash & Wodan 03. Happy Together (DJ Punish Bootleg) - The Turtles 04. Lose Control (Original Mix) - Speakerfreakz 05. Pump Up My Pussy - Rudy Sunders 06. Slaves To The Rave - Nowaxx 07. These Streets - Lowriderz Ft. Diesel 08. Young Birds (Bootleg) - Potato & Vince 09. Back To The 90's - Tatact 10. Buzz (Original Version) - Saltzer 11. Chapter One (Greg C Remix) - Binum 12. Life Is Like A Terapia - Ruthless & Dave S 13. Powah! - Crude Intentions 14. Pussy Syndrome Part 2 - Dutch Movement 15. Static Faction (Gregamix By Boon-T) - Dj Greg C 16. The Hard Dancer - Relic 17. Flesh Is The Fever (Dutch Movement Remix) - The Horrorist 18. On A Star - Lethal MG 19. The Power - Potato 20. MV (Orphan Bootleg) - Giocatori ft Bokoesam & Sjaak 21. All I Wanna Do - Pat B 22. Free For All (Original Mix) - Zany & Ruthless 23. Dj Turn It Up (Lowriderz Remix) - YELLOW CLAW x TIGHTTRAXX & ETC!ETC! 24. No Good (Q-ic Bootleg) - Prodigy 25. Insomnia (Q-ic Bootleg) - Faithless VK Public: Soundcloud: Mixcloud:

THRASHCORE (live from Under Pressure: Invasion)
Apr 18 2017 58 mins  
Proud to present my new vision of hardcore for the next years. Fast, rough and barbaric - I call it THRASHCORE as it feels similar to the thrash and speed metal (cause I'm a big fan of). As all of you already knows mainstream hardcore nowadays undergoes not the best of its times, full of poor melodies and awkward kickdrums, bad experiments with lead sounding, lower BPMs. Major mainstream hardcore producers turned into a raw hardstyle or stopped producing new tracks. So I believe the crowd would like hardcore back to its roots with 185 beats per minute and distorted kick drum. Thanks to the new producers a new era of hardcore is opening. Enjoy my new hardcore podcast episode. Also, this was my opening DJ set from festival "Under Pressure: Invasion" held in Cosmonaut nightclub on March 11, 2017, featured with Dj Mad Dog, Tha Playah and Day Mar. Tracklist: 01. Twisted world (The BeatKrusher Bootleg) - Tommyknocker Vs Sunbeam 02. Make The Club Go - The Fuze 03. Katharsis - Quil 04. A Decade Of Syndicate (Syndicate 2016 Anthem) - Thorax Ft. MC Tha Watcher 05. Killswitch - Furyan & Nosferatu 06. Ik Wil Stampen - Kasparov & Amada ft. Diesel 07. Willy - D-Fence 08. Voel Je Die Bass (N-Vitral Quick Edit) - DJ JDA 09. Rammen - Neophyte & D-Fence With Tim & Alee 10. Stick To My Guns - Deadly Guns 11. Bring Us Some - Radical Redemption & Destructive Tendencies 12. Sound Becomes One - Partyraiser & Destructive Tendencies 13. Point Blank - Deadly Guns & Mr. Sinister 14. Runescape - The BeatKrusher 15. Bassdrop - Penta 16. Alles Kapot (D-Fence Remix) - Neophyte & Evil Activities 17. Hedde Drugs Op - The Beatkrusher 18. Beter He - Tieum & D-Fence 19. Coming at You Strong (D-Ohmicyd Remix) - Neophyte & Tieum & Rob Gee 20. Scarphase Bass - Scarphase 21. Moshpit - Nukem 22. Yes - Angerfist 23. Peace is for B*#ches (200 BPM Style Anthem) - Hatred 24. Ready To Die - Insane S-Wakizashi Web: Facebook: VK Public: Soundcloud: Mixcloud:

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