Africa On The Move

Oct 25 2020 137 mins 310

A Pan-African Political Talk Show. It seeks to educate, inform, enlighten and expose information and activities of interest that impact the well being of Africa and African People

Critical Look at the Black Family
Aug 07 2016 120 mins  
This week's theme will look at the sociological institutions impacting the black community. Suppositions abound decrying the role of poverty negatively impacting the black community. This position is contrary to historical record which documents the longeivity and vitality of black families. Clearly, a philosophical view of family has occurred and the source of this perception continues to be debated today. Ostensibly, the question arises: to what extent is this decline of this "noble institution" self- inflicted? This supposition suggests the problem arises from an inabilty of black families to emulate the American way, instead adopt practices which are not only mal-adoptive but born fron indigenous practices from the mother-land. In order to better test this hypothesis, we will employ various sociological models which will address this specific notion. In addition, we will revisit the case of Sandra Bland. New information will provide clarity on the inner working of the criminal justice system and the reason why reform is relatively easy compared to actual implementation. We will also look at the intricate world of propaganda and the role the government play in utilizing propaganda on the American people.Government operations, by statue, are intended for foreign governments. That being the case, why would the CIA operate within the borders of the U.S The depth and scope of these operations may surprise you: the level of planning intriguing and the players involved will enrage you. Also, we will look at the case of Saleh vs. George Bush. This case will look at a single Iraqi mother who is undertaking what has thus far been impossible- sue the U.S government for violation of international law and crimes of aggression. Unlike previous attempts to bring U.S to justice, this case has the benefit of reports out of England corroborating Saleh's claims. The Chilcot report chronicles the planning of illegal war.

Countering the Capitalist' Offensive Against Afrikans Worldwide
Jul 24 2016 121 mins  
This program will focus on socio-political policy that ensures oppression endured by Afrikan people will continue. Continuation, of sorts, entails the most aggregious of affronts impacting Afrikan people.From the use of propaganda, to disparage Afrikan people- to militay incursions operating both inside and outside the U.S. Ostensibly, the implications are difficult to overlook. Pursuit of total control over the worlds resources, and blanket exploitation of humanity squarely places the aspirations of imperialism on a collision course with progress. Juxtapose this imperialist agenda with extreme disperation ensures strategies which are not only inhumane but wothout boundaries.If we include the plight of Afrikan people in the equation, Afrikan people, through no fault of their own, find themselves on the front line of attack.The veracity of this statement lies in the fact Afrika is mineral rich and capable of feeding the world. Such capacity is not viewed favorably by western powers who realizes an empowered Afrika would effectively conclude western designs for total conlrol. De facto, Afrika, and Afrikan people- by extrapolation, become unwitting targets in a game not of their own choosing. This reality by no means precludes sanctuary for Afrikans inside the borders of the U.S. Levels of police brutality, incarceration, homeliness are sure to abound. Afterall, the colonal status of Afrikans in America does not end simply because many choose to believe otherwise. Topics:Quarter Century of War, Death of Hugo Chavez, U.S race Relations Decline, and Don Trump and Central Parh 5; along with current events. Assessing program can be achieved by visiting africa-on-the-move or call into (323) 679-0841. Program aires 7-9PM (EST) every Sunday.

Neo-liberalism: Nuance, Negligence, and Numbers
Jan 18 2016 95 mins  
The concept of neo-liberalism continues to astound and confound. Just what is neo-liberalism? How does it manifests itself? What is the implication for humanity? In order these questions be assuaged first we have to define neo-liberalism. Neo-liberalism is the belief, by the capitalist class, all problems, be they economic, political, and social- can be resolved by allowing the market place to sort them out. Just who is this market? Is it some autonomous computer generated program void of human emotion and/ or concerns. Or is it social convention masquerading as fact, compelling those without power to accept its mandate(s)? The economic elite would have us to believe the "market" is the evolution of ideals, norms, and customs which have served humanity successfully for ions. Contrary to the ebb and flow of human history, such a claim could only obtain validity if we presuppose only one side of the tale is preferable. Mature adults are more likely to reason absolutes exist only in fables, that given the complexities of life change must intrinsically be part of the equation if humanity is to prosper and grow. Lack of opportunity for human growth, at its sharpest, underscores why neo-liberalism could never be the panacea propagated by the capitalist. Implicit in his core is the seeds of rancor ultimately leading to the demise of society itself. Does neo-liberalism bode well for the multitudes clamoring to be free, employed and sated- not likely. What do you think? Can neo-liberalism save the day

The non sequitur nation of African History
Jan 11 2016 121 mins  
The re-hashing of historical fact oftens conflicts with prevailing notions of rationality, science, or even common sense No where is irony more prevalent than discourse around African history Many scholars take the position the slave trade was a direct result of Western capitalism; thus justifying violent exuberance Recently, other scholars have refuted such claims exclaiming the reverse is is more palpable In other words, more recent scholars reject the social conventions expressed adnauseam by their peers that capitalism served as catalyst for the U.S enslavement of Afrikan people.Thses scholars take the position slavery created the impetus for Western capitalism Amassing great wealth for themselves, Western leaders' motivations were inspired not by the pursuit of materialism but the pursuit of power of power which precludes capitalism ethics that is- the pursuit of wealth Clearly, wealth opportunity abound within the borders of Europe but Western excursions took place outside the boundaries of Europe. Copious amount of wealth needed to venture into foreign lands was not only risky but cost ineffective This begs the question: If capitalism is really about maximizing profits, what motivation would justify transgressions in a foreign land where the variables are unknown More importantly, any success would be fraught with danger and the human cost astronomical Is the motivation money or is there a deeper motivation? What do you think?

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