Social Anxiety Advice Podcast: Tips and Strategies for Overcoming Social Anxiety

May 07 2015 9 mins 4.7k

Take control over your life and get rid of your social fears that fuel your social anxiety. Join Andre Sossi and his social anxiety podcast where he shares his tips and strategies for overcoming social anxiety. You’re going to learn how to conquer your social fears, build rock-solid confidence and grow a healthy self-esteem. If you’d like to function normally in social situations that provoke your social anxiety disorder, tune in and listen to this online radio show. So let me introduce myself. My name is Andre Sossi and I used to suffer from social anxiety disorder for more than 14 years. It all started when I hit puberty. That’s when I realized I had a problem that goes beyond shyness. In social situations I used to freeze and was unable to express my thoughts and feelings. Somehow I hoped that things would change after high school and that I’d be able to start afresh on college. Well, I was wrong. Nothing changed. My social life actually got worse as I had lost my high school friends and was unable to get new ones on college. Things finally started to change when I was threatened to get fired from the job. It took me almost two years to get that job and I knew if I didn’t do something about my social phobia, I’d found myself back on the job hunt and I knew it wouldn’t be easy. This was the moment in my life that got me started. I made a decision to become proactive and actually do something about my problem. After about 7 months of intensive studying of various self-help books and other materials I was able to make a breakthrough. I tried and tested CBT, NLP and EFT and I finally found the way out. Now that I’m free of social anxiety I want to help other people achieve similar results. You can find lots of great tips and strategies for overcoming social anxiety disorder at my blog:

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