The Ryan Lindsay Show

Oct 17 2020 83 mins 10

NEW Website - (Email: [email protected]). The Ryan Lindsay Show focuses on topics related to the past, the present and the future, and everything in between. ( We discuss ALL Walks of life.... The Normal, the Paranormal, the Known and the Unknown. We focus on the world we live in and new frontiers we have yet to explore. Ryan Lindsay is a veteran of 12 years in Commercial Radio. Ryan has worked at radio stations in Minneapolis as well as in Dubuque and Waterloo, IA. Ryan also worked in radio in Eau Claire and Wausau, Wisconsin. In his "other" life, Ryan was a Full Time Police Officer for 15 years. You can think of him as "Andy Griffith with a microphone." On the Ryan Lindsay show, we discuss LIFE. We talk about dreams, hopes, desires, possibilities, ideas and more. We discuss our problems and the ways we can possibly solve them. Ryan interviews Psychics, Authors, Doctors, Explorers, Dreamers...Anything and Everything can be discussed on the Ryan Lindsay Show. While there is a definite "flair" for paranormal topics, the Ryan Lindsay show may be the most diverse Talk Show you've ever heard. Visit Ryan's website at

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