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Oct 27 2020 70 mins 265

In which two talented writers and raconteurs, Jeff Richardson and KC KAOS, get together once a week to talk about life, art, music and other stuff, all while making the funny and sharing their own artistic creations. They also interview the smartest, funniest, and most fascinating people in the business!

Episode 98: That Weird, Forbidden Feeling ft Ryan Boyd of Rank & Vile
Jul 16 2017 76 mins  
In which Jeff does a hangout with Ryan Boyd of the Rank & Vile Podcast; Jeff shouts out Amy Sheppard of Earbuds and Earworms; Ryan describes Rank & Vile; Jeff reveals that he's kind of freaked out by horror movies; Ryan's girlfriend is not a fan of scares; we cover all sorts of fascinating topics, including: Halloween Horror Nights; moving to the suburbs; the true crime obsession; reading murder books like porno mags; Karen and Georgia's rad last names; Albert Fish; Helter Skelter; Encyclopedia of Mass Murder; Jeff's got a Tube Screamer; crunchy pedals in a bad way; on being a drummer who now makes electronic music; podcasting is easier; Ryan expresses remorse for trash talk; Rikki Rachtman is ridiculous; mummified ancient rusty hairmetal guys; an "enterprising" tweeker; Ryan wants to surf; growing up in military towns; college in Cotton Town; on dating an LA townie; why Ryan doesn't like Last Podcast on the Left; feral, untrained people; Jeff tells the tale of Nightmare on Elm Street; Ryan likes Nancy Thompson; The Dream Warriors as metaphor for forbidden delights; finding one's "people"; It, Stranger Things, camaraderie with boys; the unknowable enemy; the man in the rubber suit; Jeff puts a crazy story on Facebook; hella impulsive decisions; gangstalking and delusional disorder; the monster that cannot be seen; Ryan and Josh in a former brothel; Cemetery Man; American Psycho; Alien; Get Out; Bride of Frankenstein; and more! Closing Song: "That Feeling" - Bliss N Eso Plugs: The Dirt Work - twilight zone/craigslist videos coming soon! Shutter - horror movie streaming service Ghostwatch - rad UK horror movie (Available on Shutter) The Hair Club for Men Podcasts: How-to Wrestling My Dad Wrote a Porno Mental Illness Happy Hour My Favorite Murder Get involved in the show! Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC Join our Facebook group, Friends of Everything is Awesome! on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 97: Hard Times Make Us Better People ft Rebecca Lee Douglas
Jul 11 2017 87 mins  
In which Jeff and KC call Rebecca Lee Douglas of the Group podcast, all the way out in New York City; Rebecca prepares to quit her job; Jeff and Rebecca bro down about TBTL and what constitutes a Ten; Rebecca talks public radio production and freelancing; she explains her vision for the podcast; shout out to Jeremy Holmes; KC thinks about doing industrial organizational psychology; Jeff and KC talk bad bosses; Rebecca says "hard times make us better people"; KC transitions from Kathy to KC; names bring judgments; Jeff goes into his first last name (spoiler alert: it sounds dirty); Rebecca pronounces Boehner in a fun way; KC tells the tale of how she and Jeff met; KC was taught to be frugal; shoutout to Steve Dunkleberger; KC talks about Creative Colloquy and reading her poem; the two meet cute; Jeff steps in as line coach for KC's roller derby team, The Marauding Mollys; Rebecca talks forestbathing, wanting to get a pet, what kind to get; Jeff recommends a hairless cat, KC goes guinea pig; Jeff is uptight about lateness, getting yelled at, and letting people down; KC trains with London Brawling up at Rat City; Rat City makes an impressive come from behind; KC gets real stinky in the derby; Rebecca's cohost, Ian, is moving to Seattle; the Writing Process; BFRBs; and more! Closing Song: "Soak Up the Sun" Plugs: email Rebecca at [email protected] Check out the podcast website: grouppodcast.com Podcasts: 2 Dope Queens Can I Pet Your Dog? Shattered Worlds RPG Get involved in the show! Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC Join our Facebook group, Friends of Everything is Awesome! on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 96b: Jeff Doesn't Like the British ft Stuffy Doll the Band
Jul 03 2017 103 mins  
In which Jeff and KC continue to laugh with Jupiter and Jey of Stuffy Doll; [TRIGGER WARNING: we discuss sexual assault pretty frankly on this episode]; Jeff digs up trenches, hates watching internet videos; we talk Taylor Swift videos, starbucks lovers; we talk about a whole bunch of other stuff, including: a badass Marauding Mollys poster; Jeff and KC want answers about Jey's supposed fatness; we learn about "crackin open a cold one with the boys"; dreams as idioms; walk hard the dewey cox story; the depressed meteorologist; Jeff's sexual vigor; Jeff drops the honey; KC's great fake laugh; public displays of affection; something is usually Jeff's fault; KC impersonates dudes; why did Purgatory become a thing?; what if there was a cool Stalin; Mary friendzoned God; the Catholic "Loophole"; Jupiter has a great catch phrase; Shakim floats through the screen; shout outs to: Cookie's in Bremerton, Mobster Mike's, Krating Daeng in the gold can; did the ladies in Portland get a raw deal?; Jeff thinks India was cleaner when it was a colony; George Michael RIP; Billy Joel is not loved in this house; KC writes about hubris; "Oh, you mean the sky star."; Jeff reads from "The Serpent's Kiss"; what if fancy Barbie wore frumpy Barbie's clothes?; sensible proportion barbies; fidget spinners; Powerbottom don't play no more; ipt af; kc plants a thought; peanut butter sandwiches, Shel Silverstein; Atahualpa; and more hubris. Closing Song: "A Boy Named Sue" - Herr Voss Get involved in the show! Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC Join our Facebook group, Friends of Everything is Awesome! on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 96: Stuffy Doll (The Band)
Jun 13 2017 67 mins  
In our continuing series of promotional episodes, we welcome Jupiter and Jey of Stuffy Doll back to the studio to chat and solve the world's problems. We talk about the cult of Pythagoras, the current madness affecting The Evergreen State College, Facebook's newest emoji, Kayley Blome, someone thinking Jupiter is a homophobe, and so much more! Don't forget to attend the Marauding Mollys Comedy Fundraiser June 29th at the Acme Tavern in Tacoma, 7:30 pm! Bring cash to get merch, raffle tickets, and/or tip the artists! Plugs June 21st - In Porch Taste with Anica Cihla, Bremerton WA June 28th - Roast of Ben Beckett, Bob's Java Jive June 25th - Last Call Comedy Showcase at Tacoma Comedy Club (you're welcome, Casey McLain) June 29th - Marauding Mollys Comedy Fundraiser, Acme Tavern, Tacoma ft: Josh Firestine, Casey McLain, Reid Clark, Kris Brannon AKA Sonics Guy, Jill Silva, Stuffy Doll, Fred Bowski July 5th - IPT Roast of Jey and Richie Affleje Jupiter says go see Anica Cihla wherever, whenever! Podcasts Shattered Worlds RPG Making It with Riki Lindhome Dateline NBC with Chris Hansen Song Exploder 99% Invisible The Nar Bar Podcast with Josh Firestine and Narin Vann Oh No Ross and Carrie ADHD Rewired with Eric Tivvers Cascaudio Who Done It? by Levi Manis & Mike Masilotti Rank & Vile Movie Babies And don't forget to help us build our podcast network, Sassy Animal Podcast Network! Go to our indiegogo page and throw us a few bills! Closing Song: "Lovebugs, Splattered On a Windshield" - Stuffy Doll Get involved in the show! Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC Join our Facebook group, Friends of Everything is Awesome! on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 92: Three Shades of Jeff ft Steven Dombrosky
May 28 2017 87 mins  
v PS Help us grow by donating to our new podcast network! It's called Sassy Animal and it's gonna be super cool, but we need your help to make it happen. Donate here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sassy-animal-productions-need-a-website-photography-art#/ In which Jeff welcomes old friend Steven Dombrosky to the studio to talk shop and catch up; Steve admits he sometimes fears losing his job; he gets paid to do standup; the boys discuss Steven King's thoughts on writing; they talk Elizabeth Gilbert and Tom Waits; genius comes like a spark into a bathtub; Jeff needs to get some sunscreen; a party is saved through the power of Spotify; Jeff takes down the xmas lights; Creampuff and Louis stop by; Jeff shoots a dog (with pepper spray); Steve saves lives (not to brag); Steve outlines his budding standup career; he gets in a tough spot and comes out on top, thanks to one outraged viewer; Americans put each other in boxes; Neil Gaiman writes a thing and Amanda Palmer reads it; Jayson Teller does a great bit about his alt-weight; Steve explains what a Baxter is; baby Jeff rides to the library to read about murderers; and more! Plugs: Steven Dombrosky on Facebook twitter: @completebaxter He plays open mics at Bob's Java Jive in Tacoma, Mobster Mike's and Cookie's in Bremerton Come to our Comedy Night Fundraiser for the Marauding Mollys roller derby team (KC Kaos's team!) - June 29th at the Acme Tavern in Tacoma Podcasts: Shattered Worlds RPG Astonishing Legends Round Table of Gentlemen Last Podcast on the Left Kill Tony Two Dope Queens Radiolab The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Group with Rebecca Lee Douglas Welcome to Nightvale Alice Isn't Dead My Dad Wrote a Porno My Favorite Murder Closing Song: "Say Hello 2 Heaven" - Temple of the Dog Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC Join our Facebook group, Friends of Everything is Awesome! on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected] and check out Jeff's other podcast, Shattered Worlds RPG!

Episode 88b: I'm So Rich in Spirit ft Daniel Isherwood and Nam Huynh
Apr 16 2017 68 mins  
In which Jeff & KC continue their epic conversation with the stars of the awesome Seattle experience The Fellowship of Reconciliation, Daniel Isherwood and Nam Huynh; Jeff explains his prudish nature; Daniel destroys the studio restroom; the gang explores the nature of exotic sexual aids; the four writers discuss their process; Nam and KC talk about being the children of immigrants; KC's parents flee disaster; Nam's dad has swagger; he was the richest truck slapper in Vietnam; escaped death through pooping; taking boats from Na Trang; Dad comes to Bothell; his mom goes bonkers; Nam takes care of the family; Mom passes; Asian dudes party like dorks; romance will ruin a D&D group; Daniel grew up in the rurals; donkeys and chickens; Nam describes his ideal man, Lord Shawnathan Kemp, Father of Bastards; KC continues building a poem; Jeff reads from "Shattered Worlds: The Serpent's Kiss"; Nam plugs Zen Pencils; we learn all about The Fellowship of Convenience; and more! Closing Song: "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago (The Movie) Plugs: April 21st - The Fellowship of Convenience, 9 pm, Seattle April 28th - Wave of Mutilation party, Hard Luck, Seattle (official uniform sponsor for the Dockyard Derby Dames) April 29th - Wave of Mutilation v Rainier Roller Girls, Pierce College - Steillacoom Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 88: It's a Roller Derby Coaster ft Nam Huynh and Daniel Isherwood
Apr 10 2017 81 mins  
In which Jeff & KC welcome the men of the Fellowship of Convenience, Nam Huynh and Daniel Isherwood to the studio; the boys quiz KC and Jeff on roller derby; we riff on ideas for mall-based toenail stores; tongues need brushing; the gang talks foot dentists and oral; KC says saliva has enzymes and some other science-y type stuff; Amateur Dentist Nam Huynh; we recall the "going postal" days; Daniel ponders existential ennui; Daniel roasts Nam; we bring the listener behind the curtain; Nam may be more like his mom than he'd like; KC encourages Jeff to keep things clean; Daniel talks about his living sitch; Nam tells how they met and made the FoC; Hannah Boone and the show she wanted to emulate; Acquisitions incorporated; Jason Goad and D & D street cred; the Fellowship has been going for a good year or so; Daniel finds something on his shirt; the Pocket Theater hosted the show until Wine World of Wallingford stepped in; KC has no knowledge of harpies; Nam and KC talk Vietnamese names; finding games at the dork store; and more! Plugs: Find the Fellowship of Convenience on Facebook Friend Nam L Huynh and Daniel Isherwood April 15th: Black Lives Matter March, Seattle WA April 29th: Dockyard's Wave of Mutilation v Rainier Roller Girls, Pierce College, Steillacoom WA listen to Shattered Worlds RPG! Join the Facebook group: Friends of Everything is Awesome Podcasts: Everything You Know Is Wrong Play Me Out American Mythology Your Last Meal Planet Money Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 87: Quality of the Trim Job ft Kevin Heiderich
Apr 02 2017 74 mins  
In which Kevin and Heather Heiderich come to Mailman Studios for the first time; we learn about a Volkswagon Golf named Gertrude and the Union Street Massacre; we enter rabbit hole of words; Kevin explains different weed strains; Jodi Streeper says to woah down; Kevin tells us to go to seedfinder.eu to learn all about the strains; vaporizing extracts cannanabinoids and burns up all the fats and jazz; dabs are the destiny of goodness; all the smells and tastes come through in the oil; turpines are notes like tannins; you can take different chemicals from each bud for different effects; weed can help you have a great time and feel a lot better; wait long enough, for all these strains are all still out there; Jeff has a strain that taste like rubber ball meets broccoli; "the government doesn;t like clever”; different farm regions have different ratios of price and quality; Kevin finds candy cigarettes in the wild; weed is like beef; a strain reminds Kevin of the dankest days of seattle and tacoma; Jeff recalls the year Seattle ran out; and more! Plugs June 29 Comedy Fundraiser for the Marauding Mollys at Acme Tavern April 29 KC’s first bout with Wave of Mutilation - Dockyard’s road team Books The Blue Giants Strains Blue Dream Pineapple Express Jack and Jill Gorilla Glue Number 4 Jillybean Jack Herrer 9 Pound Hammer THC Snow Cannabis growers Black Label Cannabis Torch Northwest Boggy Boon Perma (a union shop) Podcasts Rank and Vile Darren Selector's Grit Rock /kevin.heiderich on Facebook @ds3kah on twitter kevinintacoma on Instagram Tacoma House of Cannabis 2622 S 38th St Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 84: Silence of the Slams ft Amy Sheppard
Mar 12 2017 96 mins  
In which Jeff welcomes podcaster, TBTL ten, and all-round groovy chick Amy Sheppard to the world of Everything is Awesome; Jeff has seen LEGO Batman and it is legit; KC and Jeff are fixin to sing a song from the movie; KC wants to learn the ukelele; Amy thinks guitarists look cool; Amy has a podcast (Earbuds and Earworms); Amy clowns on Jason's love of Deep Purple; Everything is Awesome has a rich history of audio screwups; the only iMacs Amy thinks of are the big blueberries; Memphis is all blues and Elvis; Nicole Kidman can't clap cause she's Nashvillian; Amy has a lot of alcohol; fun "facts" about alcoholism; bleedin heart liberals surrounded by Trump voters; Amy counsels "don't look at twitter before you go to sleep"; Amy goes on a treasure hunt with maps made by a child; they found a worm, a spider, and a classic bottle of pop; don't sniff the inside of the bottle; Amy prices things low to move product; she has a helpful mailman; Jeff talks Zine Symposium, Neely Bat Chestnut and Mend My Dress publishing; KC is in New Orleans; she hasn't found a ghost yet; Amy had a sweet roller derby name for the league she didn't start; Jeff has a new derby name: High Larryous; it's the first time Jeff and KC have been apart in a year; Jeff luxuriates slobstyle; that feeling when your food baby doesn't leave in the morning; meeting Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh in Chicago; meeting Christy and Jeremy in St. Paul, Minnesota; her mom saw a lot of shooting victims; "It's midtown Memphis. They're probably gunshots"; Jeff recalls his drug dealin neighbor; mom was a trauma nurse, and a sociopath; dudes get more love for the fiber arts; Trump can't wear clothes right; Hitler wasn't that bad (wha?!!! jkjk); Amy's cat attacks her; Sphinxes are the sweetiest, ugliest cats; "I've got my bourbon, my mint, I'm ready"; Amy tells her tale of woe; her kid loves getting xmas trees as presents; Methodists believe in drinkin and donuts; Tumblr porn and selfies; Gaga gets political; December is Mental Illness Awareness Month; oh btw Amy was in a psych ward once nbd; and more! Closing Song: "With Your Two Hands" - The Wind and the Wave Plugs: Earbuds and Earworms - the podcast for people who like music, and the two goons that host it! eandepod.com Podcasts: Rank and Vile TBTL Little Red Bandwagon ADHD Rewired Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 82: I Prefer Yang Yoga ft Chad Denick and Tawny Denick
Feb 26 2017 102 mins  
In which Jeff and KC welcome Chad and Tawny Denick to the studio; Chad’s back from LA; KC blames her bad behavior on the trump in her; tawny talks health insurance; jeff doesnt like talking on phones; passwords are stupid; the ladies do hot yoga; Chad can’t understand the yogi’s nonsense; Jeff talks Sri Baghwan Rajneesh; Chad prefers yang yoga; Jeff and KC went to Curry Corner; KC throws some shade at work; Chad talks about shutting down hecklers; Jeff talks about his sidecast, Shattered Worlds RPG; Jeff goes back to therapy; sprinkling; Tawny and Jeff hate Valentine’s day; we learn how Chad handled his early standup career; Emo Philips is great; Jeff doesn’t love eye contact with strangers; Chad doesn’t love shoulder touches; Tawny is a master gardener and baker; Jeff loves pastry; the gang talks Disneyland; KC talks about parenting and emotional neglect; she could nuke anything; Chad lays a positive statement on us; Jeff reads a post from The Belle Jar; the good thing about being snowflakes; the difference between mainstream and black comedy shows; lactose intolerance and crossword puzzles; and more! Plugs: March 4 - Tacoma Jazz Walk March 18 - Dockyard Derby Dames Championship Bout @ Pierce College, Lakewood 6 pm April 27-29 - Chad Denick MCing for Steve Trivino @ Tacoma Comedy Club May 25-27 - Chad Denick MCing for Tim Meadows @ Tacoma Comedy Club Podcasts: TBTL (Too Beautiful to Live) ADHD Rewired The Jackie and Laura Show You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 81: Come Down to the Chuckles Factory ft Reid Clark and Meredith Armstrong
Feb 19 2017 82 mins  
In which Jeff and KC welcome Seattle comics Reid Clark and Meredith Armstrong to the studio to discuss a broad range of topics; Jeff and KC engage in some podcast foreplay; Reid and Meredith have an open relationship; Reid has mad sad pieces; Jeff is uncomfortable with the whole topic; a uhaul truck is a great way to pick up free stuff off of Craigslist; roller derby is the Doug Stanhope of sports; Reid and Jeff discuss talkin ish and burnin bridges; KC contends that one can be honest without being offensive; the possibility of making a perfect statement; Reid quotes the first memo; Reid advocates approaching life like a press secretary; getting lost in your own con; y'all should come on down to the Chuckles Factory; KC uses an authoritative tone with Louis; Reid thinks we should keep sex, religion, and sports out of social conversation; we discuss the new bread and circuses; Lady Gaga doesn't get up to any Super Bowl shenanigans; Meredith talks about her first standup set; Reid tells Meredith she's a natural and later gets all romantical; "she came, and then she came"; they've been boring ever since; Meredith is a delight! Ugh; they are a very confrontational couple; Jeff reads from Shattered Worlds; The Serpent's Kiss; KC's goin to Mardi Gras in New Orleans; fluoride calcifies the third eye; Meredith is a goldurn delight; "we'll run a train on your podcast"; and more! Closing Song: "The Church of What's Happening Now" - Sia Plugs: February 20 - Creative Colloquy, 7 pm at B Sharp Coffeehouse in Tacoma February 22 - Top Shelf Show ft Sam Talent, 7 pm at The Rendezvous Seattle February 25 - Destiny City Winter Zine Symposium, 2 pm at Destiny City Comics March 18 - Dockyard Derby Dames Championship Bout, 6 pm at Pierce College Steillacoom Podcasts: Doug Loves Movies Getting Doug With High The Dollop The Greatest Generation Mental Illness Happy Hour Stuff You Should Know Smart People Podcast ADHD Rewired Drink Champs You Made It Weird Comedy Bang Bang The Church of What's Happening Now Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 80b: Can't We Just Hate Mondays Instead? ft Stuffy Doll's Jupiter Zirkua and Jey Cieri
Feb 15 2017 46 mins  
In which the second part of our chat with Stuffy Doll's Jupiter Zirkua and Jey Cieri unfolds; there are lot of Americans with terrible ideas who want to kill people; we could have used these anti-Trump people before the election; could we hate Mondays instead of refugees?; KC asks if there's ever been a separation of church and state; do we have to like the Pope now?; KC talks about her parents being refugees from Vietnam; her mom travels to four other countries before coming here; it hurts KC because she wouldn't have existed if this nonsense was happening; muslims are being treated like savages; Jeff thinks if more people knew refugees the idea that they are terrorists would lose traction; Jupiter says something amazingly incisive about ole DJT and capitalism; psychopathy and narcissism lead you nowhere good; Dandy from American Horror Story: Freakshow is Trump with a knife; nothing gets done without people power; Jey and Jupiter extoll everyone to call and write their legislators, to vote and raise heck; Kirsten Gillibrand for Prez 2020; Jupiter wants YOU to run for office; we hear about In Porch Taste, Jupiter and Jey's biweekly comedy show in Bremerton; we get into the writing process: Jeff shares his latest chapter; the group discusses heroism and is it real; what makes an artistic hero worth cutting off; Woody Allen was great in Antz; Jupiter feels bad for watching Carnage, one of Polanski's finest; he also mentions Kanye and Kim Kardashian for some reason; Jey does NOT bust out a sick freestyle; we get deep into the development of a Stuffy Doll song; and Florida is the Australia of the US. Closing Song: "Helena" - My Chemical Romance Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 80: Caught a Tapeworm in Colorada ft Stuffy Doll's Jupiter Zirkua and Jey Cieri
Feb 12 2017 99 mins  
In which Jeff and KC welcome Jupiter and Jey of Stuffy Doll to the studio for an extended chat; Jey moves from Japan to Oklahoma to Alaska to Jupiter’s attic; KC gives a derby update; Jupiter hates physical altercations and being on wheels; Stuffy Doll was named after a magic card; Vin Diesel plays Dungeons and Dragons and KC is shocked; Jeff gets embroiled in a heavy duty Facebook debate: are violent factions a necessary part of a resistance?; "this argument is a millenial"; Jupiter thinks civil war is less than a year away; will Florida seceding from the union?; KC and Jeff catch some racism during Lunar New Year; the boys talk up In Porch Taste and the Patreon campaign; Jeff's hair is pretty good for 40, but is it a Trumpian combover; #Jeyisfat; Jupiter's dad is super dead; both of them products of dead dads; Jupiter would move to Canada for their sexy prime minister; Jupiter likes mountain goats, John Darnielle, and the Hamilton soundtrack; Jey mowed lawns at age 12; humans are cockroaches with nuclear weapons; there has to be a worse thing than being a human; lil Jey liked classical guitar, My Chemical Romance, Nine Inch Nails; we talk about the band; Jupiter has some Taylor Swift sheet music for Jey; Jey couldn't keep a rhythm; "it's like the fart of guitar jokes"; Jeff namechecks Battersea; we talk drummers; the Slipknot dude has enormous setup; Jeff throws a shoutout to Steve Dombrosky; Jupiter’s narcissism isn't just for him, it's for other people; Jey gives a shoutout to Limp Wizards (they do not have a ghost writer); lil Jeff tries to impress a lady by talking about the fucked up state of the world; the podcast movement brings back radio but not lame; Jeff plugs Ear Buds, the Podcasting Documentary https://store.comedyfilmnerds.com, and more! Plugs March 12th Stuffy Doll - High Fidelity Lounge, Bremerton Feb 10th Fellowship of Convenience - Seattle, WA Feb 25 Destiny City Zine Symposium - Tacoma, WA destinycitycomics.com Every other Wed In Porch Taste Bremerton, WA Podcasts Welcome To Night Vale Nerdist Stuff You Should Know Mental Illness Happy Hour My Favorite Murder The Doug Stanhope Podcast You're Not So Smart Lead Singer Syndrome Get involved in the conversation: Find us on Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast With Jeff and KC on Twitter: @EIAPodcast or by email: [email protected]

Episode 78: Morgue Stories ft Steve Mathews
Jan 14 2017 83 mins  
In which Jeff and KC introduce the show and talk about their week; Jeff and Steve Mathews of the Shattered Worlds RPGcast travel around Tacoma; Steve tells morgue stories; Jeff points out various vistas and things to visit; the Five is Drived, Steve hasn't seen the beach in twenty years; we see Vashon Island, Gig Harbor, the bridges, and Ruston; Ruston used to have the ASARCO smelter but it poisoned everything and they had to reclaim the land; now there's a movie theater; more morgue stories; Steve is a vapehead; shoutouts to Proctor Business District, the Post Office, Cafe Brosseau, Magoo's, University of Puget Sound, The Spar, Metronome, Farelli's, Mary Mart, Frisko Freeze, Tacoma General, The Red Hot, Ice Cream Social, The Old Pancake House, Taco Time (better than Taco Bell), Jazzbones (boo), Shakabrah Java, MSM, Tacoma Games, Tacoma Little Theatre, The Parkway, Cosmonaut Coffee, WA State Historical Society, Stadium High School, Stadium Video (RIP), Wright Park, 1st Presbyterian Church, and Destiny City Comics. Order all your comics and other nerdy type materials at destinycitycomics.com ! Tell em Jefe sent you! Plugs: Dockyard Derby Dames, 7 pm, Saturday January 28th at Pierce College in Steillacoom, Washington Podcasts: Out of the Fridge My Favorite Murder The Trouble With Trivia Podcast Thanks for everything, you dummies! Just kidding, we love you ;") contact us at: [email protected] twitter: @eiapodcast Facebook page: Everything is Awesome Podcast with Jeff & KC

Episode 77: There's More to Me Than a Jump Shot ft Monica Nevi
Jan 01 2017 92 mins  
Happy New Year! For this first episode of 2017, we wanted to have one of the most positive people we know set the tone. KC and Jeff do a little catchup pre and post to get us all up on what went down over the holidays. And we get ready for that ball droppin, yo! In which Jeff and KC welcome HugLife podcast cohost, Renton's own Monica Nevi to Mailman Studios for a chat about her life and all sorts of other business; the Hug Life origin story; Mike says this thing and she calls it that; positive spin can help give some antidote to all the heavy news; she was into sports and exercise science; Jeff got fired for sleeping at work, hence he's not a doctor; KC sees difficulty returning to work; Jeff tries to make her rest, but she can't (until she gets a sty); Jeff and KC go to a dirty derby brunch party; Booty Trap should have a bakery; we learn all about Monica's journey to standup stardom; she actually likes salad more than McDonald's; Jeff reminds customers to call police if they expect theft of mail; Monica likes brewery shows, like Casey McLain's Last Call Comedy show at Wingman Brewing; we learn about aural hugs and lexical embraces; Monica knew she was a basketball player; she also did golf and track; got hurt halfway through her career at Seattle U; kept playing on a high ankle sprain and got wrecked; "There's more to me than a jump shot"; Monica creates the Seattle Super Secret Standup Show and misses running it; road work makes more money than LA work; we get some inside show biz info; KC and Monica talk about depression and anxiety; antidepressants take longer to work than benzos; Jeff recommends frozen peas to help with flooding panic; Christmas!; Monica and her brother are super close now, but he keeps moving; we get heavy and talk about kids stuck in Remann Hall with no visitors; KC makes the analogy to Syrian refugees; we get into the writing process; people didn't realize Monica was a writer until after she got into comedy; she started her blog and shit got heavy; she did some competitive erotic fan fiction with Brian Cook; KC reads Self Doubt again and we get into it; Jeff reads more from Shattered Worlds; plugs, podcasts, and more! Songs in this episode: "Expanding Anyway" - Morning Teleportation "What Christmas Means To Me" - Hanson Plugs: Her website: Monicanevi.com twitter: @monicanevi Jan 28 - Dockyard Derby Dames bout @ Pierce College New Year's at the Valley Pub - metal! Get your comics straightened out at Destiny City Comics: destinycitycomics.com Podcasts: Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin Lore American Mythology (new episode!) The Nar Bar with Josh Firestine and Narin Vann Slumber Party with Allie and Georgia My Favorite Murder The Jackie and Laurie Show Dork Forest Get involved! Contact us today! Twitter: @EIAPodcast Email: [email protected] Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast with Jeff & KC Show archives: awesomepodnw.libsyn.com And join our Facebook group! Friends of Everything is Awesome

Episode 75: That's The Trump In Me ft Andrew Rivers
Dec 11 2016 133 mins  
In which local celebrity Andrew J Rivers stops by the studio to be interviewed by Jeff and KC; KC undermines Jeff; Andrew is not a Snohomie but did grow up with mostly white people; we learn that a marina worker is not fond of gorillas; Trump wins and Andrew's dad has some underwhelming words of encouragement; Andrew's been putting some political stuff into his act; he did some of it in Texas and Indiana; folks are upset about Trump's newest lies but Andrew sets the record straight (SPOILER ALERT: he's been lying THIS WHOLE TIME!); the conservatives he knows were convinced he'd lose also; Trump's race whistle blows; Andrew has friends; they have proof of global warming; Andrew buys a water heater; an Asian woman driver brings out the Trump in him; conservatives don't care how dumb their voters are; Electoral college wishes; Andrew talks about losing his job and losing the next before he even got hired; John Roy's advice about comedy writing; the North Remembers; San Antonio has a secret show; his is not a swipable face; offensive linemen aren't sexy; Andrew turns the tables and interviews KC; she talks derby, college, and career; Andrew and KC bro down about online dating; KC finds a hobo on bumblr; Jeff loves Christmas because that's the only time he was let out of marriage prison; Andrew digs that sweet Sansa action; plugs are discussed; Andrew shows his dangle to a prospective lady; Andrew has a podcast (and a YouTube series!); Andrew: "We're Facebook friends because I don't like you"; and more! Shoutouts in this episode: John Roy, Jon Ryan, Kermit Apio, Casey McLain, Jim Stewart Allen, Monica Nevi, Mike Coletta, Derek Sheen, Jill Silva, Colin Kaepernick, Drew Barth, Manny Martin, Tyler Lockett, Sarah Colonna, Jon Ryan, Todd McComas, Pat Macafee, Jesse Case, Christopher Titus Closing Song: "Scars To Your Beautiful" by Alessia Caro Plugs: Roast of Tyler Lockett hosted by Andrew Rivers, Sunday December 18th - Parlor Live in Bellevue Laffs in Tucson (check his website for the dates and deets- andrewjrivers.com) Podcasts: Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark Monday Morning Quarterback with Bill Burr Don't Quit Your Night Job (with Andrew Rivers!) A Waste of Time with Its the Real How Comedy Works with Wendy and Rick Jesse vs Cancer Get involved with the show: Twitter: @EIAPodcast Email: [email protected] Facebook: Everything is Awesome Podcast with Jeff & KC Show archives: awesomepodnw.libsyn.com And join our Facebook group! Friends of Everything is Awesome

Episode 69: Jeff's Big Four Oh No ft. Spenser O'Neill and Tony Lewis
Oct 10 2016 107 mins  
The #3 most downloaded episode of all time! In which Jeff is the guest of honor at his own fortieth birthday party, accompanied by Northwest comedy legends KC KAOS, Casey McLain, Spenser O'Neill, Tony Lewis, and Jill Silva; Chase Roper faces a harsh accusation (mediocre arson); ten minutes into the show it actually starts; Casey plows up Jeff and KC's spot; presidential candidates debate and our heroes abstain from watching it; the Mariners still have a shot (spoiler alert: no they don't); we remind you to listen to Casey's first appearance on the show in Episode 55: The Abortion Ghost Panic of 1878; Casey has a new sports podcast called The Swill; Jeff and KC explain why it's not easy being awesome; KC makes a startling revelation; we learn where KC's derbygirls practice [spoiler alert: Rollin 253 and Auburn Skate Connection]; Jeff is taken over by a positivity alien; Jeff cleans up dog poop OUTSIDE CASEY MCLAIN JESUS; the first derby bout of the you was awesome; Fast Girl Skates closes; Jeff's bicycle tire explodes; Jeff's best friend Erica calls in; Jeff tries to read an itunes review - can't find any; Tony does My Little Pony erotic fan videos (allegedly); Spenser O'Neill watches Magic Mike and makes sweet love; Jeff realizes who Jill Silva is and things get awkward; Tony appreciates Jeff as a person; Jill and Mark were Americans in Canada, and now they're in love; Kamryn Minch and Peeled Bananas gave Jilly a place to rock; getting adjusted to adulthood after the recession isn't easy;Jeff does a weird thing called opening presents; IMPROMPTU TWISTER!!!; Casey recalls the TalkBoy; Jeff recalls the 1ST EVER GAMEBOY!!!; Jeff loves KC (KC, CASEY, NOT CASEY, GET IT RIGHT WEIRDO I DONT LOVE YOU); Jeff gets Darth Vader Yoga Pants and Throw Pillow; Louis is farty; Jeff's dad sounds cooler with a British accent; Tony and Spenser face off for birthday presents; Tony feeds an old friend acid - goes to sleep; Tony calls out his coworker [Steve]; Casey's wife didn't see his until their wedding day; Tony loads up on axes; selfie-sticks have come a long way; Jeff throws card in vain attempt to not cry (I LOVE YOU KC); Jeff gets Bag of Holding - reveals mega D-and-D-nerd-ness; one time he got scared and crawled up inside it; Colleen Gray and Stan Shaw arrive!; Jeff gets a book about pruning; some loose female dogs cause trouble; Spenser hosts a podcast called Elephant Crossing; Jeff looks younger than Casey; we learn that Jeff has two gay dads; this is Spenser's last night alive; HI TONY!; Jeff gets punked by relighting candles gawldangit; Facebook tries to tell Jeff the score; Plugs are made, Podcasts extolled; candles are stamped out; and Jeff reads a special poem for the woman he loves [HINT HER NAME IS KAYCIE CAO AKA KC KAOS AND SHES AMAZING]. Plugs: Skating at Rollin 253 and Auburn Skate Connection In Porch Taste VIII: A Taste of Victory - Wednesday October 12, Bremerton Band of Lovers: back to Tacoma - Friday October 21st 7 pm, Tacoma Podcasts: TBTL Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin Last Podcast on the Left The Nar Bar with Josh Firestine and Narin Vann Songs in this episode: "Star Wars Opening Theme" - John Williams "This Lamb Sells Condos" - Owen Pallett "Wake Up" - Arcade Fire "I'm a Believer" - The Monkees Check out our website at: awesomepod.squarespace.com Email us at [email protected] Twitter: @EIAPodcast

Episode 67: I Feel the Injustice ft Yung Fern
Sep 18 2016 90 mins  
In which KC expresses her interest in Snoop Lion; Snoop has a documentary on Netflix called Reincarnated; Yung Fern is reviewed for the Seattle Weekly; Fern explains the significance of Big Bitter, Ghoulavelli, Preacher Nicky, and Midnight Snack; Fern talks about welding in Alaska; the man interprets his own dreams, thank you very much; many dream subjects are really about penises; KC is awash in Instagram followers; therapists sound boring when you're young; Jeff inquires after a Mr. Peanut Butter costume; the Affordable Care Act is slighted and defended through grunts; Wilson and Sherman call for unity, while others actually do something*; KC reads her own strong words on 9/11; we discuss the generational impact of war; and more. Plugs: Go see Fern in Southern California or Nevada: @yungxfern on twitter, @therealyungfern on Instagram Sept 24th - Dockyard Derby Dames first bout of the season, 7 pm, Pierce College Sept 30th - Skateclub with KC as a ref! Sept 23rd - Oregon Trail with Jim Stewart Allen, 7 pm, Pocket Theater Sept 28th - Bianca del Rio, Seattle Oct 1st - Everything is Awesome presents Jeff's Big Four Oh-No, 7 pm, Mailman Studios Oct 5th - Creative Colloquy Crawl, Tacoma Podcasts: Last Podcast on the Left The Adventure Zone Historiography Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin The Nar Bar with Josh and Narin Like it or Not with Umi and Ahip Closing Song: "KOSCHEI" - Yung Fern Email us at: [email protected]

Episode 66: We'll Cut That Out (Trip to Chateau Ste Michelle) ft Bob Dick and Carol Olsen
Sep 03 2016 59 mins  
In which Jeff and KC travel northward to the fabled Chateau Ste Michelle winery to attend the annual TBTL Picnic, Jeff's mom and dad come with; KC creates more chaos; Luke Burbank erupts with joy; hundreds of Ten ten it up all over the wine tasting room; Mom tells the story of the scandalous roommates; KC objects strenuously; Dad and Mom debate pigeons in pairs; Snoqualmie Falls or Snow Lake?; Hawaiian military resorts are neat; Jeff tells a joke and no one laughs; KC tells of the time when Jeff ran to escape a wall of seafoam (and let his dog get swamped); directions are given and map apps debated; Jeff does not love computerized voices; Waze sponsors hithchiking and Jeff predicts more axe murder; Dad bums us out with the latest police shooting; more Waze chat; Mom fears the worst; Jeff shares his fruit fly-fighting secrets; Moms gots all the fly swatters; yawns proliferate; Jeff pulls a classic Jeff; KC lays down the law as regards navigation; Mom and Dad share Waze horror stories; Jeff gets his garage door workin (not a euphemism); KC recognizes Janys AKA Professor Doom; KC and Jeff recap the TBTL picnic at Chateau Ste Michelle; Erica Knapp and the fam saved us a spot; "mook chu" means "sour face" in Cambodian; KC welcomes the Infinite Listener; God blesses America; Janys and Chris make the acquaintance of your favorite podcasters; KC gets her first fan hug; KC loves that Stranger Things stuff; Jeff pulls a semiracist boner; and Jeff waters weeds. Closing Song: "Summer Love" from Grease Podcasts you should listen to: TBTL - Too Beautiful to Live with Luke Burbank & Andrew Walsh Livewire Radio with Luke Burbank After These Messages with Andrew Walsh & Genevieve Haas

Episode 65b: Comics of Destiny Part Two: Vaccine Chatter ft Michael Fitzgerald and Matt Lemanski
Aug 28 2016 61 mins  
In which KC and Jeff strike out on the open road; KC's car gets worked on; the team goes to the liberry; Vaxxed is a documentary about vaccines and KC watched it; Michael Moore fudges some details; Matt mentions Eric Anderson of The Trouble With Trivia fame; Louis gets some homemade cheesecake on his beak; Freakonomics discussed re: abortions and crime; Matt's friends are turning 40 and still don't have children; Mike reminds us that having kids is expensive; the Ghostbusters are not a governmental organization; child psychic predicts vaccine-related autism; Merck and the CDC colluding to hide evidence?; Matt shares a deeply unsettling poem; turns out Mike was a journalism major and newspaper editor but doesn't consider himself a writer; Destiny City Comics Plug #13; Jeff and KC are driving to Seattle and talking plugs and podcasts, and more! Closing Song: "Wrecking Ball (Ra Ra)" by The Vaccines Plugs: Hilltop Street Fair - August 27, Hilltop Tacoma Chateau Ste Michelle TBTL Picnic - August 31, Woodinville Jose's Hammertime - Sept 1, Tacoma Comedy Club Bumbershoot - Labor Day weekend Fruit Juice - Sept 3, Metcalf Manor Olympia Dain Norman EP Release - Sept 9, Bob's Java Jive Maria Bamford - Sept 17, Moore Theatre Dolly Parton - Sept 21, Kent Tacoma Moon Festival - Sept 24 Dockyard Derby Dames Season 11 Opener - Sept 24, Pierce College DDD New Bruiser Intake Session - Sept 25 Bianca Del Rio - Sept 28, Showbox SODO Skate Club - Sept 30, Southgate Roller Rink Tegan and Sara - October WFTDA Championship (and KC's birthday) - November 4, Portland OR Susan Jones and JAMCO Comedy Series - Nov 19, Renton Civic Theatre Like us on Facebook; rate, review, and subscribe on itunes; shoot us an email; tweet at us; Snapchat and Instagram; whatever you do, do you!

Episode 65: Comics of Destiny: The Mike and Matt Story ft Michael Fitzgerald and Matt Lemanski
Aug 21 2016 75 mins  
In which macaroni and cheese is prepared; KC and Jeff do a double intro; Destiny City Comics Plug #1; we learn that Linda Blair was Mike's teacher at UWT; Tacoma Co-Op Closes; Destiny City Comics Plug #2; we debate Deep Tissue v Swedish; Harry Potter Midnight Release Party takes it out of Mike; Destiny City Comics Plug #3; Mike lays money down on Final Fantasy 15; Destiny City Comics Plug #4; Matt contrasts "Funhome" with "Are You My Mother?"; Jeff uploads episode through Deep Sadness; Three's Company is explored; Mike jumps the gun; Matt learns plants are different in Washington; neighbors want to cut Jeff's grass; Matt explains library life; locking horns is not gay slang; Matt prefers OkCupid; Emma Frost and Psylocke bring the boys together; X-Men Apocalypse receives a ringing endorsement; Destiny City Comics Plugs #5 and #6; Everything is Awesome changes name to Destiny City Radio Hour; Matt suggests an intertextual podcast; Matt writes a song; we ponder Weed Culture; Mike wins an award; KC plugs SegueFest 2016; Destiny City Comics Plug #7 #8 and #9; romance novels get even weirder; a big topic is hinted at (Stay Tuned for Part Two); and Destiny City Comics Plug #10! Plugs: Creative Colloquy Crawl at Destiny City Comics with Mikayla Eaves and Green Flash; Crescent Moon Gifts Fred Bowski at the Blackstar Grill August 19 Podcasts: Trouble With Trivia Ink Studs Grit City Podcast How Did This Get Made? Getting Doug With High WTF! Star Date Captain Blast-Off Walking the Room The Dollop American Mythology Planet Money Lore Sword & Scale My Favorite Murder Stuff You Should Know Songs in this episode: "Guttersnipe Bridge" by RA Scion and "Let Me Take You Higher" by Sly and the Family Stone

Episode 51: Passin' the Panty ft. Miss Melissa Suther
Apr 24 2016 80 mins  
In which Jeff and KC ride to the ancestral home of Everything is Awesome, sunny Olympia, WA and meet up with original founder and co-host Melissa Suther AKA Miss Melissa, to commiserate and reminisce about the early days of the show, including discussions as wide ranging as: Jeff's possible ex-ho ex-girlfriend; wondering why we put on blinders for love; crazy mom wisdom and the doneness of one's dharma; a man towing tires in his toyota from the 90s; the history of the phrase "passin the panty"; an awkward place for childrens underwear; KC's First Day of Derby; the tender words of one Carl Palmer (not the percussionist); the pointlessness of much of leftist culture pseudo-activism; the people who are figuratively taking the power back; Bernie!; "What is a Tacoma 10?"; Mel's Facebook feed; the sad reality of gentrification; cocaine found in Northwest salmon; and various and sundry other items of fact and fictitiousness to include these upcoming events: JBLM Betty Brigade will play a derby bout on Saturday April 30th. Derby is on fire with lots of dates so get with us and share the scoop! Email is [email protected] Show twitter is: @EIAPodcast Season 10 Championship game for Dockyard Derby Dames takes place May 14th at Pierce College in sunny Lakewood, Washington Seattle songstress Beatrix Sky will be at Obsidian, in sunny Olympia, Washington also on April 30th. She is rad so don't miss it. Listen to Nerd Poker, Dungeons and Dragons with Brian Posehn and Friends. It's a hilarious game of D & D just for you the listener. Also, check out Stuff You Should Know. KC says its rad and hella informative Culturize Yourself.

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