The Galloping Ghost Arcade Podcast

Oct 30 2017 891

In the Galloping Ghost Arcade Official Podcast, hosts Doc Mack (owner of Galloping Ghost Arcade) and Pete Hahn (master gamer and multiple World Record holder) discuss a variety of topics, ranging from upcoming events and tournaments happening at the Arcade, new games coming to the Arcade floor, new high scores and World Records set at the Arcade, and any other topics that are relevant to the Arcade, its customers, or the classic gaming scene as a whole. Frequently they are joined by guests from the local community, as well.

Aurcade on the Rise!
Jan 27 2017 96 mins  
Galloping Ghost Arcade owner Doc Mack is accompanied by former Gamer of the Year Pete Hahn to cover recent happenings and topics from Galloping Ghost Arcade including: recent high scores/world records set at the arcade, cabinets upgrades, upcoming events, and arcade news in general. Also covered in depth is the GGA acquisition of Aurcade, the leading arcade finder and scoring house. ---- Show Links ---- Steven Lucas article: Pete Hahn featured on Walter Day's Trading Card spotlight: GameSpot article featuring MK actors and GGA's Kombat Kon: Team RipSet interview at GGA with Daniel Pesina: Geeks Mania: Larry DeMar Step Up for Kids Charity: Galloping Ghost Arcade Instagram account: GGA Harcore Belt 1st Challenge: Check out Scott Lambert's awesome arcade in West Dundee, Underground Retrocade: Battle of the Arcades: Aurcade: Thanks for listening!

"The Tournament Will Win"
Apr 20 2016 52 mins  
In this latest episode of the Official Galloping Ghost Arcade Podcast, GGA Owner Doc Mack and 2015 Gamer of the Year Pete Hahn cover a variety of topics, including... The Midwest Gaming Classic 2016 convention and the games/prototypes that Galloping Ghost Arcade/ Galloping Ghost Productions showed, Chicago Video Game Law Summit 2016, the rare Beavis and Butthead prototype and how it was acquired and repaired. Our Annual "Sega Week" Tournament is coming up very quickly, and we speculate on what games may or may not appear, and who has a good chance of winning. Also covered are all the usual topics, such as recent local "house" high scores and world records set at the arcade, and the Monday Mystery Game winners - The battle for the "10 X" belt is heating up! - = SHOW LINKS = - Midwest Gaming Classic: Chicago Video Game Law Summit: Aurcade Power Rankings (will be discussed/featured on the next podcast): Beavis and Butthead media coverage: Polygon: Kotaku: Arcade Heroes: Shoutouts to Scott from Underground Retrocade for getting us a monitor for Beavis and Butthead when ours went out at MGC! Visit his awesome arcade: If you have an comments, feedback or potential topics for the next episode, please join our Galloping Ghost Productions Facebook page and let us know: Thanks for listening!

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