Between You and I

Sep 06 2020 82 mins 55

Notable musician Carrie Akre invites you to join her as she talks with her friends and people that inspire her.

Between You and I – Podcast #5 - 7 Year Bitch
Jan 18 2016 52 mins  
It's taken me way too long to get to a place to find old friends again. I"m so happy that we are all waking up enough to find each other again. I am personally committed to reaching out more from here going forward. This podcast is so much about it. During the early 90s period of music scene, I was so introverted and shy in some ways. I was used to being a loner and watcher in so many ways. That is who I had been in my life up into then. On stage was different. I felt an automatic comfort like I became a vessel and there was no time to worry! Ah that's a good feeling. Now I am ready and am so enjoying coming together with other musicians/friends that I really didn't get to know so much at the time. Ah youth! So afraid and trying to tough it through so often. You just don't know what you don't know at the time. Well many years later I do. So for our 5th podcast (I wish it had been the 7th) I reached out to the wonderful women of 7 Year Bitch. I loved talking with Selene Vigil, Valerie Agnew and Elizabeth Davis. I got the chance to regroup with some of them during the weekend of our benefit to support James Atkins (soul brother and bassist for Hammerbox). I just felt so much love and thought I saw a real look in each other eyes that we hungered to talk and were so ready to share and commune on where we've been, how we've been and where we want to go now. This really just felt like part I of many conversation! Hope you enjoy.

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