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Podcast focuses on searching the web and finding out facts that most people are not aware of, enhancing their common knowledge of events that have happened.

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sometimes product description may sound confusing or fall under the “they wouldn't do that” category, because let's face it, a company wouldn't do that. well this company did. if anyone has ever played cards against humanity, they know the card game isn't for the easily offended or sensitive kind. and the company rolled with that. cards against humanity, did a special black friday deal, where they would let you get your hands on a extremely limited edition box of bullshit for a low low price of 6 dollars. 30,000 boxes were sold with literally what they said, bullshit. 30,000 people got bullshit in a box. cue the jokes and songs. how many of us have used wikipedia for this or that, or even to do a complete collegue class. one thing i found very interesting about wikipedia is that they have a project called wikipedia zero. what it comes down to, is a massive online encyclopedia, just like regular wikipedia, but available to the people that live in areas where internet might not be available so they depend heavily on mobile internet, with that mobile charges tend to be heavy. what wikipedia zero does, it eliminate the mobile data costs to access wikipedia. currently wiki zero is in 61 countries with 69 operators already on board for this service. way to go wikipedia!oh man, this one made me laugh. we all know it suchs to get caught speeding nowadays, because it's nearly impossible to get out of it, with the cameras and speed sensors all over the places. but in 1902, the way police used to get you speeding was to hide inside trees with a stop watch. yup, in 1902 westchester county in new york had a system where 3 dummy trees trunks were put up on a road, 1 mile apart from each other. each tree trunk would have a officer with a stopwatch and a telephone. as a car passed, the first officer would start the watch and call the second tree, after the car passed the second tree, he would call tree number 3 while doing math to see if the car was speeding or not. if the car was speeding tree number 3 would lower a pole across the road to stop the car. ever felt like you are heavier, like 21 grams heavier?! well that's what Dr. Duncan Macdougall thinks and was able to prove it in 1901 that our souls has some weight. he weighed 6 people that were in the last leg of their lives due to age and tuberculosis. duncan over here, to prove his point took the patients, while in their beds, and put them on a very sensitive industrial sized scale and waited for them to pass. once they passed, duncan, noted a 21 gram drop in the person's weight. duncan later on ran the same experience on dogs, and nothing happened. after the results being published in 1907, psychologist Richard Wiseman, among others that these results were flawed, due to limited equipment, and lack of control over conditions. it was noted by this psychologist, that at time of death there is a spike in body temperature secondary to the lungs no longer cooling the body, thus making a person sweat while dying, making these the mysterious 21 grams duncan thought was the soul leaving the body.I have noted along the years, things we consider nowadays as a good thing or a way to improve our lives were once a way of punishment. Today i discovered that treadmills share the same fate. Invented in 1818 by a english engineer, Sir william cubitt saw the prisoners were just being lazy, and thought, why not put them to work, and make them useful for them. It was calculated that for a work day, between 6-8 hours, prisoners would climb anywhere between 5000 to 14000 feet in stairs. these treadmills were used for pumping water or power ventilators in mines.

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almonds, who doesn't like them, unless you eat a lot of them and then your jaw starts hurting from too much chewing. Me and a whole lot of people believe that almonds are a nut, since they are part of mixed nuts packaging. Turns out almonds comes from a tree also called almond, and this is not in the nut family. Almonds are the seed of the drupe. The drupe is the fruit that comes from the almond tree and its seed is what we eat. Who remembers barney and friends? I think I saw it a few times when I was learning english. This tv series designed for children between ages 1-8. Although we all think barney is a good guy, some people, including scholars at yale university don't share the same opinion. They believe that barney might be a contributing factor to the perceived sense of entitlement in the millennial generation. Let me quote one criticism: "his shows do not assist children in learning to deal with negative feelings and emotions. As one commentator puts it, the real danger from barney is 'denial: the refusal to recognize the existence of unpleasant realities. For along with his steady diet of giggles and unconditional love, barney offers our children a one-dimensional world where everyone must be happy and everything must be resolved right away.'"I'm doing my own research on this guy before letting my kids watch him. the wedding cake, probably the only part of the wedding the man participates in, along with choosing the reception food, because he has to eat it also. but for those less aware, this includes me, we all thought that cake was, well, cake. as long as its delicious, moist i don't really care of anything else. just like the wedding dress, the wedding cake has a meaning after all. lets pull out the history book, the first wedding cakes were fruit cakes. these cakes were a sign of fertility and prosperity. in the 17th century there was 2 cakes, a groom's cake and a brides cake, by the 19th century only one was made, for the bride. the whiteness of the cake represented a sign of purity and virginity, so the whiter the cake was the purer you were believed to be, and also the richer you were. how about another visit to the things that make our mouths water just thinking about it, Nutella. created in the 1940’s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero, founder of the Ferrero Company in italy. because of world war 2, cocoa was in short supply so Mr Ferrero used hazelnuts which they had in mass quantities. And this is how “pasta gianduja” was born, and it came in loafs wrapped in tin foil. mothers would take this loaf, cut a slice and make a sandwich out of it. kids were known to simply throw away the bread and just eat the chunck of chocolate. seeing this Mr Ferrero changed the recipe, and instead of a loaf he turned it into a spread, renaming it supercrema gianduja. around 1964 the name changed once more, to what we know it today as nutella. who hasnt heard about the oldest profession in the world. some studies and research suggest that this profession goes back further than the humans. a study done in 1998 demonstrated that adelie penguins, once faced with shortage of stones, would trade sex for those materials. i know this sounds crazy, but the same study also brings chimpanzees into the mix but this time trading food for sex. this study made an apparence in BBC news world edition. dont believe me, google BBC penguin prostitution. it should be the first search result.

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why was the moon in a bad mood?it was going through one of its phases!back to businesslet's take this next one to the skies, ever heard of the “no fly list”, of course you have. This is a list created by the Terrorist screening center, to make sure that whoever is on that list does not make it, inside a commercial airplane. the number of people on this list fluctuates every year, i wonder if they get a reset count on their status if they are on this list. in 2011 it's said that the list had around 10,000 names on it, in 2012 number double to 21,000, and a leak demonstrated that by 2013 there were over 47,000 names on this list. this list was created during george w. bush administration and still stands, and up until 2008 nelson mandela was on this list.i do this and i'm pretty sure you do this also. how many times have we stood there pressing that crosswalk button 150 times, in the hopes that the light will say “walk” so we can cross. plenty of times, but it looks like our suspensions are not incorrect. new york city has purposely deactivated 2500 of the 3250 crosswalk buttons that the city has, making it a placebo button for the more paranoid. this was back in 2004, today it might just be all of them. this can be looked at as, a delayed gratification, where you have to wait for the sign or attempt the froggy dodging cars game.If we look at the world of tire design and manufacturing we would think that michellin, toyo, continental, goodyear amongst others would be on the top of list in poduction. what if i told you we are all wrong. lego would be on the top of this list, with the most tires produced. in 2011 goodyear produced 181 million tires, michelin 184 million, bridgestone 190 million, and lego a wonderful 381 million. this would be nice and dandy if we are looking at tires in general, and not for road application, but its a good fact to pull on your friends. in terms of road use bridgestone would win. in 2014 bridgestone produced an astonishing 29.3 billion dollars worth of tires. we’ve all had those days where we order something, it arrives, just to find out it doesnt fit us, and then we have to return it. for most of us that period comes and goes, because 30 days for a person that isn't in a hurry to return stuff passes by very quick. but on you have 365 days to return orders, they just ask for original packaging and original condition, but that isnt long enough just wait for february 29, then you will have until the next february 29 to return it. thats 4 years. i have never seen any company do this. again they just ask for original packaging and original condition. space is a bitch to youwhile the thought of being in space sounds wionderful, but once you are there, things tend to backfire on you. For some unexplainable reason, scientics at NASA cant explain this one, your skin goes through a molting process, like birds. the human skin goes through this around the 2-3 month mark, where the calluses fall off from your feet. If this happens at home, when we pull off our sock and we see a cloud of skin flacks floating around, now imagine this in space, zero gravity, not a whole lot of ventilation and sharing the same space with others. not good. for this reason NASA astronauts, when this starts happening, have to undress in front of a air filter, so that all these dead skin flakes get sucked into the filter and later on can be disposed

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What's the difference between Sesame Street and Leonardo DiCaprio?Sesame Street has an Oscar.We go to the definition of commitment. How would you celebrate the wonderful 50th anniversary of your marriage to the woman you love and married 50 years ago. some couples would go on a cruise, some would fly around the world, and other would stay home and enjoy the company of each other. this couple from denton, Greater Manchester celebrated by eating a present that was given to them on the day of their wedding. they were given a can of chicken, a can with a whole chicken on the inside. if any of us got that today we would throw a nasty fit. The couple, husband was 73 at the time, wife around 68, at the can of chicken and said they never felt better. A food safety expert from salford university said that canned food can last indefinitely as long as it's sealed properly with high temperatures and under high pressure so that it creates a tight vacuum seal, normal shelf life should be about 6 months. this was back in 2006, not sure how the couple is doing, but if 50 year old chicken didn't kill them , then i can safely assume they are still alive and kicking. you get a burger and fries, and what is the first condiment you ask the waiter for?! ketchup. The United States eats up around $800 million dollars worth of ketchup annually. This is the second most consumed condiment in the US followed by soy sauce at 725 million and barbeque sauce at 660 million. the first stop on this list is for a condiment that i don't see a lot in my house or even in restaurants which surprised me when i found out its place on this list. Mayonnaise is the top dog, the number one on the list at nearly $2 billion dollars consumed annually in the United States..and today we bring you 10 enjoyable facts of penguins.1- the south pole is home to 17-20 species of penguins2- penguins, can swim at a speed of 4 to 7 mph, but there is one penguin that can put all of the others to shame, its the gentoo penguin, with speeds reaching 22 mph, the artic michael phelps.3 - the famous tux they wear isnt to show off how classy they are, its really a defense mechanism, when in the water if seen from above the black on their backs will blend with the dark ocean, and from below the white of their bellies will blend with the brightness from the sky4 - penguins dont have teeth, they have backward fleshy spines that line the interior of their mouths5 - penguins are carnivores, eating about 2 pounds of food each day6 - penguins have a water filtration system built in, when eating a lot of seafood they also ingest salt water, the supraorbital gland, located above their eyes, filters the salt from the bloodstream7 - they produce their own waterproofing oil, in a gland called preen8 - every year, the penguins experience a “catastrophic molt” meaning they lose their feathers and regrow new ones9 - the emperor penguin has the most feather density ratio of any bird, around 100 feathers per square inch10 - the most endangered penguin species is the new zealand yellow-eyed penguin, with only 4000 surviving in the wild today.philadelphia, city of brotherly love, but how did it come to have this name and nickname all at once. William penn, apparently was a hard man to figure out because no one could understand what was going through his head when he decided to give philly its name. what we do know is that he aimed high. Philadelphia is a combination of 2 greek words, phileo, which means love , and adelphos, which means brother. join those 2 together, switch them around and add a few years to that and you have a city with a nickname.

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emoji, we all use them to say we are making this or that face to our friends, or even to make them believe we are laughing when we are not. This time we will have a mass production of emojis. At a near 7 figure bid, sony entertainment won a bidding war between other 2 other studios to make this movie. this is a first for this segment, because this is scheduled to be released in 2019. No cast has been released on IMDB because it's still a well kept secret. i wonder how that meeting went. did sony ceo get a really funny one earlier that day and once this showed up he said, we have to do it? good lord. REDOhow do you feel about having a goat as part of the defense of your country??? well london thinks it's a great idea, William “billy” Windsor I is the name of their cashmere goat that once served in the british army, as a lance corporal in the first battalion, the royal welsh. during his service, billy got demoted, if you can imagine that, for 3 months in 2006, billy was brought down to a fusilier, after he tried to headbutted a drummer. Billy the goat, was charged with unacceptable behavior, lack of decorum, disobeying a direct order, and had to appear before his commanding officer. after this demotion, canadian animal rights groups protested that billy was just acting like a goat and should get his rank back. he did and later retired to the whipsnade zoo in 2009. we now fly to tokyo, where a man had a house guest he never knew about for over a year. this whole incident started when the owner of the house, one day left his house unlocked. The 58 year old homeless woman found the door unlocked and made her way into the house searching for food and shelter. during her 1 year stay in this man's apartment, she had already moved a mattress into the small closet where she was sleeping. it was going well for her until she became greedy and starting taking noticeable amounts of food from the kitchen. the homeowner got suspicious and installed cameras inside the house to see what was going on. one of the cameras caught movement inside the house, and the cops were called. they were surprised when they got there and the doors and windows were locked and intact. once they made their way in they searched the house and found this woman curled up in her closet space. thomas jeffrey hanks, tom hanks as we know him, born in concord, CA in 1956,and known for his many movie appearances and incredible performances, in movies such as, forrest gump, big, cast away, captain phillips, the green mile, amongst other good movies. Did you know he has a collection of typewriters. i counted at least 8 but who knows really how many does Mr. Hank have stored away. here are a few if you are itching to buy a typewriter, and their prices found on ebay.Vintage Olympia Model SM8 German Typewriter 1960’s - $165 - ebayRoyal “Apollo 10” Typewriter (1950s, made in Japan) - $99 - etsy.comVINTAGE 1946 - 1947 LC SMITH CORONA SILENT PORTABLE TYPEWRITER - 99.99 - ebayVINTAGE IBM SELECTRIC I TYPEWRITER MODEL 71 MINT GREEN w/ MANUAL & 9 TYPE BALLS - 119.99 - ebayVintage 1955 Aqua Robins Egg Blue Royal Quiet De Luxe Typewriter - etsy - $4981963 HERMES 3000 SEAFOAM GREEN PORTABLE TYPEWRITER - 89.99 - 299.95 - ebay

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what do we know about new jersey, it has the most dense system of highways and railroads in the US, has a spoon museum with over 5400 spoons, composed of 21 counties and also home to the jersey shore show that ended wonderfully on december 20, 2012. These are not the facts that brings me to new jersey, it's their state dinosaur. I knew states had, state animals but not dinosaurs. New Jersey's state dinosaur, is a duckbilled dinosaur. Hadrosaurus foulkii as it was called, measuring in at 25 ft long, 10 ft tall and weighing around 7-8 tons. it is believed that this dinosaur would stand on its hind legs when running, and he was a vegetarian, presumed to have roamed earth 80 million years ago during the cretaceous period. it became the state dinosaur in 1991 thanks to the efforts of 4th grade teacher joyce berry back in 1988, when she started a project designed to teach students about dinosaurs and the functions of the government. she guided her students in proposing the state dinosaur to invention ever. Peanut butter and chocolate, match made in heaven. One of my favorite candies is the reese's peanut butter cups, man i can eat those all day long. And here is some history behind it, because knowing the story behind something you enjoy is always a good thing. Harry burnett reese, was born on May 24th 1879 in frosty hill, Pennsylvania. in 1900 he married blanche hyson, they had 16 children, 8 boys and 8 girls, only 13 made it to adulthood. Harry moved his family quite frequently in the search of a career that fulfilled him and supported his family. By 1916 harry saw a job opening at the Milton Snavely Hershey dairy farm, and moved his family to go work for Mr. Hershey. By 1918 he had been promoted and was managing the Round Barn. In 1919 the Round Barn had to close, in order to save money to the company, Harry by then had seen what Milton was doing and felt inspired to go out and create his own candy business. Reese's peanut butter cup was created in 1928. Mr. Reese later died on May 16, 1956 leaving his company to his 6 sons, and in 1963 the company was sold to the hershey chocolate corporation today we are also doing a top 10, of the liquids that the world consumes the most:in number 10 we have - breast milknumber 9 - soupnumber 8 - energy drinksnumber 7 - vodkanumber 6 - winenumber 5 - coca colanumber 4 - beernumber 3- orange juicenumber 2 - teaand number 1 - coffeewho doesn't remember this voice and those moves, i know i do. Those were the good old days, and one thing i found out today was that seth macfarlane had a hand in that cartoon character as he was a animator for that show. This guy born in 1973, attended Rhode Island school of design and after graduation he has not stopped. he was an animator and writer for hanna-barbera for many tv shows, such as johnny bravo, cow and chicken, dexter’s laboratory, i am weasel, and larry and steve, which can be said to be the prequel to his hit series, family [email protected]

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this might not be new news to you since it happens almost everyday, but a man’s ultimate love for cars can only described by marriage. if you ever heard your somewhat crazy uncle say, “ i love this car so much, i would marry it!” dont brush it off as he’s just crazy, he might just run with that, like this guy in knoxville tennessee did. Buster Mitchell, could not live without the V8, 281 cu in engine, 215 ponies and 5 speed tranny, so he attempted to make it official. he had everything figured out, wrote down birthplace of his fiancee as Detroit, father as henry ford, and even blood type, as 10w-40. just like kim davis did, he was denied this sacred marriage, but he will continue to try this union.And since we're on the topic let me give you a 13 objects people have tried to get married to train, the Berlin Wall, video game character, roller coaster, Eiffel Tower, a tree, a Barbie doll creepy, a picture of himself, & I book, sex doll, a radio, a pet rock, and a pillow, lets hope that pillow wears a pillow case,.miller testlets talk about the miller test and im not refereing to how many millers you can chug in 10 minutes. im talking about the test that is also called the three pront obscenity test, yes, such a thing exists. this test was created to rule if speech or expression can be labelled as obscene, and if it falls under these standards then its not protected under the first amendment of the constitution.the miller test was established in 1973 in the case of miller vs california, and has 3 elements to it:1- Whether "the average person, applying contemporary community standards", would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest,2- Whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct or excretory functions[3]specifically defined by applicable state law,3- Whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.[4]the first 2 elements of this test refer to the standards of a comunity, wheres as the third element refers to a person of the USA as a whole. the third element is kinda of a final verification on the first 2, because what one small community might find offensive, at a national level it might not seen as offensive and have some cup or espresso, which one will give me the best bang for sip? coming from popular belief and from a country that serves a lot of espresso drinks, i too thought that espressos had more caffeine then a regular cup of coffee. And here is why i think this, the grounds used in espresso are thinner then the ones used in regular coffee maker drip machine, making this a much easier to pact a whole lot of coffee grounds in a small canister, this in conjusction that the water in the espresso machines is normally hotter tha the water in the drip coffee maker, helps extract the oils and caffeine from the grounds as water passes through. Studies have demonstrated that the longer the grounds stay in hot water, the more caffeine and oils can be extracted from the grounds. keeping this in mind, espresso still wins on a 2-1, because they have the amount of grounds and the temperature in which its brewed, while coffee drippers only have the time in which the coffee sits in water. if we are looking at caffeine in 1 ounce measurements, then yes espressos win, 1 once of espresso can contains around 30-50 miligrams of caffeine, while 1 ounce of drip machine can contains around 8-15 miligrams of caffeine, since ,most people drink between 8-24oz of coffee, then the regular coffee could contain up 12 times as a espresso.

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Now onward!!!!! who remembers the dial up connections and the very distinguished sound of your download being cut off when the house phone rang?! i know i do. this was when AOL was the pioneer of home internet and dial up. oh that 56k connection and all its delays. now in 2015 we bitch and moan, if the Netflix doesn’t load in 5 seconds, or if speeds aren't at least 50megs up and down. As of May this year AOL reported that, it was still receiving believe it or not, $20 a month from 2.1 millions Americans that were still using AOL’s dial up service. 2.1 millions Americans still on dial up, damn. This number is slowly decreasing as people start realizing the super highway is just a phone call away.In better news, Verizon acquired AOL in June of this year for around 4.4 billion dollars. lets hope this brings those 2.1 million Americans up to speed! and speaking of people that live out in the middle of nowhere, let's talk about zip codes. i have one, you have one and the dude that lives just a couple houses down from you has a completely different one then you, and why is this. if you didn't know, the term ZIP stands for ZONE IMPROVEMENT PLAN. back in the old days, the mailing system operated under a postal district or zone number system, where for the most part you only had a 2 digit zip code for your address. In the early 60’s this system needed to change to something more structured. The 5 digit code system was proposed by a US post office, postal inspector named Robert Moon back in 1944, but USPS only recognized the first 3 digits from Mr. Moon proposal. They used those 3 digits to create the “sectional center facility”, which sorts out all the mail in that specific ZIP area. For LA the SCF numbers are 900-905, 907 and 908, and the mail for those zips all end up at 7001 s, central ave, Los Angeles. the 5 digit zip code we have now is simply a combination of the SCF number and the old 2 digit postal codes from a long time ago. here is a small knowledge for those who don't have or don't watch the history channel. coliseums were 2 level complexes, with a network of tunnels, 32 animal cages and around 80 vertical shafts that granted instant access to the arena. these arenas possessed the ability to hoist animals as large as elephants and hippos. the arena was covered in sand, simply to absorb the blood and guts that were spilled during battle. how many of us have gone to home depot or Lowe's all happy we saw a video or a plan online that requires 2 by 4 only to get home and find out you were cheated on the measurements. now don't get too upset with the store, but they don’t mention that the measurement of 2x4 is when the wood is “wet” and once it dries it shrinks by about half an inch, so in reality you are walking out of the store with a 1 ½ by 3 ½ piece of wood. you remember seeing those videos of people annoying new yorkers, you know the ones i'm talking about, according to the new York penal code,article 240 section 240.30 aggravated harassment in the second degree, states:A person is guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree when,with intent to harass, annoy, threaten or alarm another person, he orshe:Paragraph (a) communicates with a person, anonymously or otherwise, bytelephone, by telegraph, or by mail, or by transmitting or deliveringany other form of written communication, in a manner likely to causeannoyance or alarm; orParagraph (b) causes a communication to be initiated by mechanical or electronicmeans or otherwise with a person, anonymously or otherwise, bytelephone, by telegraph, or by mail, or by transmitting or deliveringany other form of written communication, in a manner likely to causeannoyance or alarm;Aggravated harassment in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor and if you are not aware that comes with a maximum 1 year in jail.think twice when trying to annoy new yorkers with emails.

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Welcome to Stuff I Found Out Today on the Internet, this is a show that brings you, the unknown, forgotten or stuff i was oblivious too. This is a way to enhance your daily knowledge and have something to talk about during lunch. These are not current events although some might make their way in. This is stuff that happened in the past.Now onward!!!!!we all know and are aware of the relationship between america and soviet union have never been the most perfect one. back in 1980’s these 2 were at it for domination of the High-tech space, but by 91 the soviet union collapsed, leaving america as the world's superpower. after this fall, most of their equipment was decommissioned or simply left to rot away in their harbours. during this time the military miraculously found a billion, with a B, rubles, for the “Project 949A Antey”.project 949A antey is code name for a class of submarines, that were considered to be one of the largest cruise missile submarines in service at the time, measuring 505 ft in length, beam of 60ft, and a draft of 29.5ft. this sub was powered by 2-OK-650b nuclear reactors, 2 steam turbines and 2, 7 blades propellers, delivering an astonishing 99,200HP to the rear propellers. this monster was launched in 1994, later to find its demise on august 12 of 2000. When during a exercise routine one of its hydrogen powered dummy torpedoes sprung a leak from a faulty weld seam, once a catalyst was applied the gas expanded by a factor of 5000. this ruptured the kerosene tanks causing a explosion equal to 500lb of TNT, 135 seconds later another explosion, this time equal to 7 tons of TNT eruption made a large hole in the hull of the sub.BREAKING NEWS: according to the CDC in 2013 80% of americans are not getting the recommended amount of daily exercise. this was 2013, and in 2015 people still dont give a shit.back to the regular scheduled programdo you know what phosphene is? this is when a person experiences seeing light when there is no light around us making its way into your eyes. a good example of this is when we rub our eyes when they are closed. this pressure stimulates the cells found on the retina. this is called pressure phosphene. another way to see these phosphenes is from either sneezing, laughing, heavy coughing, blowing your nose, being hit in the head or low blood pressure.from seeing stars to actual starts, NASA’s vehicle assembly building or VAB, is so big, you wanna know how big it is? It’s 129,428,000 cubic feet big, its one of the largest buildings in the world by volume. this is a single story building, with its roof reaching 525 ft in height. Has 10 tons of AC equipment to cool it down, 125 ventilators on the roof supported by 4 large air handlers to help keep the florida moisture under control, the air inside the building can be 100% replaced within 1 hour.This building is so big, and has a such a massive volume that on humid days you can see rain clouds forming below the ceiling.Speaking of florida, and flying objects, the most bizarre and unexpected, unless it comes out of florida, happened.this one was back in 94 in Homestead, florida, where the local neighborhood crime watch was having their first meeting in someone's backyard. The chief of police was there, and also crime prevention officer, standing next to a pool, addressing the local neighborhood watch. As the Chief is trying to explain to the people what to look for, the sound of a low flying airplane, makes his speech very difficult. As is passes by, everyone is looking up, and they see something falling from the airplane, straight down. Turns out it was cocaine, 75 lbs worth of cocaine . multiple of these bales were dropped as they airplane was being chased by a U.S. customs aircraft.that's all the time we have today, hope i enhanced your knowledge, share the podcast, leave a comment, leave a review and some stars, and i’ll see you later.

Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 04
Sep 16 2015 4 mins  
these episodes just keep taking me around the world, this time we travel to UK, to a small place on the island of anglesey in wales. We travel here for a specific reason, the name of this village/community. if you are stopped and have either a pen and paper or google maps open, i challenge you to find this community, the name is spelled this way: LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLL. i could not believe this really existed, but after a google maps search, there it was. this name is the middle version, there is a shorter version LLANFAIRPWLL, and a freaking long ass version which i will not spell but will leave it in the description of the podcast.i will be making a bonus round on places that have a single word name, and places that have hyphenated names.moving onwe all complain about the gas prices as we drive in our big SUV’s, or we complain about the gas prices if we drive our small cars with a big engine in it. according to data reported by bloomberg, in the second quarter of 2015 the USA ranked 5th2 in the world for gas prices, 57 on unaffordability and 12 in annual income spent on gas.let me explain these 3 categories:gas prices is the average cost of a gallon of gasunaffordability, is the amount of money of you make in a day in order to be able to buy a gallon of gasincome spent: its the amount of money we spend year for gasquestion, which country has the most expensive gas in the world? if you said norway you are correct, with prices averaging around $7.71 per gallon, it ranks #1 in prices, 52 in unaffordability, and 52 on annual income spent.there is place on earth that gas prices are so freaking low that the chart cant register it. and this gas heaven is called venezuela, where gas was, as of february 2015, 4 cents a gallon. 4 cents a gallon, for that money i would drive a hummer everyday. and venezuela is considered a poor country, why can't we have gas prices like that here.moving on to something more cheerfuldid you ever wonder what HAWK stands for in terms of missile usage, well here you go, Homing All the Way Killer. lets talk about the MIM-23 HAWK, this medium range, surface to air missile had a range between 45-50 km, could fly at a speed on mach 2.4, had a 119 pound blast fragmentation warhead, and cost $250,000 dollars to make, a fire unit of these would cost 15 million dollars, and a battery would run us around 30 million. these missiles are not longer used their lifespan was from 1960 to 2002i'm starting to see a pattern here, this next one, once again comes out of australia. Melbourne australia to be exact. From what i understand people in melbourne complained to the city way too much about their landscape and tree problem with the roots and branches. Since there is a lot of it, the city was having a hard time fixing the reported problem because they couldn't find it, so what does the city do. They assign numbers and email addresses to the trees.Now you might be thinking this is genious, people will tell the city exactly where fixing is required, and things would get done, but this being the internet, it did exactly what the internet does best, and people started emailing the trees, not to report problems but to write love letters, thank you letters, etc.

Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 03
Sep 14 2015 4 mins  
Welcome to Stuff I Found Out Today on the Internet, this is a show that brings you, the unknown, forgotten or stuff i was oblivious too. This is a way to enhance your daily knowledge and have something to talk about during lunch. These are not current events although some might make their way in. This is stuff that happened in the past.Now onward!!!!!up up and away as we move straight up into space, where we celebrate the longest continuous spacecraft occupation. The ISS or international space station, for those who don't know, has had people living in it since november 2nd of 2000, that comes to a grand total of 14 years and 316 days as of today. this broke the previous record of 9 years and 358 days held by the Soviet/russian space station MIR in october 23, 2010Now from the darkness deep space, we find ourselves with shallow color of barcodes and barcode readers. Have you ever wondered how those things work. i know i have. I always thought the black bars were the ones getting read, NOPE. a photodiode measures the amount of light reflected from the white spaces, since light is absorbed by the black bars, is what's decoded by the scanner, very similar to morse code, but for computers.what do we know about carmel, indiana? they have monon waterpark, monon trail and small sea: a metropolis in miniature, but did you also know carmel, indiana is also known for its roundabouts. Since the 90’s the city has been swapping out their signalized intersections with roundabouts. Currently carmel, has over 60 roundabouts, more than any other city in the US. this simple change has reduced injury accidents by 80% and by accidents by 40% overall.california would probably benefit from this since we have patented the california roll.and from carmel, indiana we travel to scotland, specifically glasgow. this trip is to explore the origins of the glasgow smile AKA chelsea smile, AKA glasgow AKA chelsea AKA cheshire grin, or as a lot of us know it as the joker smile, from the batman movies. This is said to have originated in glasgow, scotland. It became more prominent with the english street gangs namely chelsea headhunters, a london hooling firm. The process of this smile, starts by making small cuts on the corners of your victim's mouth, with either a knife of broken glass, then proceeding to beating, and causing them more pain, that way the victim's face muscles would contract, increasing their cuts, from the corner of their mouths, to their cheeks, almost to the victim's ears. this would leave scars that resemble a smile. Tommy Flanagan has these features due to being attacked outside a bar where he used to DJ, this was over 20 years ago.from scotland we go to canada. when do we ever hear people saving sharks that ate something that was too big for their mouths, not everyday.But this one comes out of canada, when 2 canadian good samaritans that were driving down the coast, saw a greenland shark choking on a moose it was trying to eat. reports say this sucker weighted in around 250 lb and was over 8 ft long. These sharks are known to grow bigger then great white sharks. Big boy here did not measure the moose very well, because after attacking it, we wasn't able to cough it up or swallow it, buy thanks to these 2 good samaritans this shark might go eat something else another day.Rick Ross, is a famous rapper, and like every rapper, he was also part of the correctional system, but not behind bars. he was keeping people behind bars. back in the early 90’s, william leonard roberts II worked as a correctional officer in florida. once news of this hit the stands, rick ross denied all of it, just to later admit all was true.that's all the time we have today, hope i enhanced your knowledge, share the podcast, leave a comment, leave a review and some stars, and i’ll see you later.

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