Jul 31 2015 42 mins 1.2k

Join James Reynolds and leading web traffic experts and learn how to get more website visitors and grow a profitable audience online. On each show James Reynolds grills his expert guests and gets them to reveal their very best traffic getting secrets. Topics covered on this hard hitting internet marketing show include; Twitter (Scott Stratten), Google Plus (Chris Brogan), Podcasting (Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas), Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi), You Tube video marketing (James Wedmore), Mark Schaefer (Twitter and Market Leadership), Facebook Advertising (Jennifer Sheahan), Andrew Warner (Media Buys). Tune in and learn how to get more traffic and make more sales.

TJ71 – Co-Authored Content: 40,000 Words That Established A Personal Brand ~ Aaron Agius
Jun 23 2015 27 mins  
Conventional thinking would dictate that you should get full credit for a 40,000 word blog post when you wrote it. You write, you get the reward. This was not (entirely) the case for Aaron Agius however when he wrote tens of thousands of words for QuickSprout.com. His name didn’t appear as the author, and he didn’t get paid. Why then would he waste days of his time to content that sits on someone else’s site published under someone else's name? Aaron Agius understands the power within other people’s audiences, when those audiences are bigger and more established than his own. Aaron is adept at identifying co-authored content and guest post opportunities then exploiting them for his own gain. On this episode, you will discover how Aaron leverages high trafficked sites to get more 'eye balls' and build his brand. OUR GUEST: Aaron Agius is the managing director and co-founder of Louder Online, an inbound marketing agency geared towards creating imaginative marketing strategies for small businesses and global corporates. His business has worked with international brands such as IBM, LG and Ford. Aside from running an agency Aaron is a prolific content creator. He has produced two in-depth guides for QuickSprout; The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience and The Complete Guide To Building Your Personal Brand. Each guide being of more than 20,000 words. Aaron Agius also writes for leading business and marketing publications like Entrepreneur, Hub Spot and Search Engine Journal. Here are some of the highlights from episode 71 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Why Aaron Wrote for QuickSprout Guest Posting The ROI with Co-Authored Content Determining Where to Guest Post Finding the Balance: Content on Site vs. Guest Posting How to Get Good at Writing The Right Type of Content Why Longer Content Works Social Distribution: How it Works Aaron's Facebook Marketing Strategies

TJ68 – Joint Ventures – Examples Of Partnerships That Yield Win-Win Marketing Results ~ Andy Hussong
Apr 07 2015 39 mins  
Hands down the best way to position yourself in front of other peoples audiences is to get introduced. When you ""join up” to co-promote with other non-competing businesses who allow you access to their customers, you get introduced to reach your new ideal audience pre approved. Joint ventures, examples of which are shared in this podcast, are the most highly leveraged (marketing) relationships that allow two businesses to reap the benefits from one set of customers. But because at the core of joint ventures is the requirement to share, JV's are often met with much hesitation and skepticism. On this show, we dive deep in to joint ventures. We cover the strategy, what makes a good (and a bad) JV partner, how to craft the ‘right’ JV offer and tackle the objections that are holding you back from conducting your own joint venture.Whether you are skeptical or curious abot joint ventures, you’ll find plenty in episode 67. OUR GUEST: Andy Hussong is a joint venture specialist from Indianapolis. He made his name during a 5 year tenure as the affiliate manager for the internet marketer John Reese. He now works with several friends of the Traffic Jam podcast including Ryan Levesque, Todd Brown and Kyle Graham. He comes to Traffic Jam highly endorsed. Andy owns and operates the website JVAttractionCoach.com aimed at sharing strategies for product owners, JV brokers and affiliate managers. Prior to that Andy ran AffiliateManagementInsider.com from 2009 until 2013. Andy’s focus is to help online marketers have higher sales every month through coaching, home study programs and consulting. Outside of the marketing arena Andy enjoys coaching baseball and hanging out with his wife, family and friends. Here are some of the highlights from episode 68 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... What is a Joint Venture? Why a JV is Good for You. Finding the Right JV Partners. Approaching the Low Hanging Fruit. Webinars Work for JV! Overcoming the JV Phobia. Laying Down the JV Deal. Co-promoted Benefits. What Makes a Successful JV Partnership. You've Got to Do This Now!

TJ67 – How To Advertise On YouTube At 5 Cents Per View ~ Tommie Powers
Mar 19 2015 32 mins  
YouTube statistics say that every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year - so of course it makes sense to advertise there! The statistics are staggering and they may excite you, but before diving in it's important to learn how how to advertise on YouTube effectively. When done poorly you can waste thousands, but when done well you can reach billions of people for as little as 5 cents per view. In this podcast we answer questions like what kind of videos do you advertise with? How long should your video ads be? Are call to actions a must? And much more. Who best to get answers to these questions than someone who lives and breathes YouTube marketing. On episode 67 we are joined by Tommie Powers. OUR GUEST: Tommie Powers specializes in paid traffic and conversions. He has 15 years of marketing and advertising experience most recently focussed on search, social and video marketing. Tommie’s goal is to provide as much information as he can about digital marketing topics and technology. He shares his knowledge to his friends and clients through his blog and newsletters. Currently, Tommie is considered a specialist when it comes to YouTube advertising and has spoken at conferences throughout the United States on the topic. Tommie is also the co-author of a book titled “#Code Bytes: Conversations with Internet Entrepreneurs” When Tommie is not creating YouTube Ad campaigns for clients, he spends his time with his 3 kids and wife. He is also a huge sports fan with Football (American) being his favourite. A QUICK PREVIEW OF THE PODCAST: Here are some of the highlights from episode 67 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Why YouTube Advertising? Advertising Costs in YouTube Facebook vs. YouTube Ads Different YouTube Ad Types What are In-Stream Ads Video Ads that Work! Direct Response Ads YouTube Ad Funnels Targeting Your Audience The Art of Retargeting Getting Started on YouTube Ads Overcoming Common Hurdles

TJ66 – How to Guest Post to Other Peoples Audiences to Grow Your Influence and Following with Tommy Walker
Mar 10 2015 36 mins  
Building your brand and authority does not always have to mean planting the seeds in your own backyard. Whilst I advocate nurturing your own garden first, if you want to harvest a larger crop you'll need to sew your seeds elsewhere too. To grow a larger audience, you'll need to go beyond your own audience and get in front of other people's audiences (OPA's). The larger, the more relevant the audience, the better. Todays guest, Tommy Walker learned how to guest post and quickly leveraged that skill writing for top marketing sites like Conversion XL and Crazy Egg. By getting in front of these established and loyal audiences, Tommy developed a loyal audience of his own. On this show you will learn how to find guest post opportunities and how to write posts that drive traffic in to your own backyard. OUR GUEST: Tommy Walker is an Online Marketing Strategist and Consultant. His mission is to mainstream the concepts of online marketing through inspiring, entertaining video content and slick editing. He also writes, a lot, mostly for other peoples audiences. Through guest blogging and regular contributions to the likes of Crazy Egg, Unbounce, Convince and Convert, and Hubspot, Tommy Walker has built himself a reputation as an established voice on marketing and built a loyal following online with it. Tommy Walker is a former editor of the Conversion XL blog and currently a marketer for Shopify. Tommy’s bragging rights? He once got fired over a pair of pants, he can beatbox (badly) to NES video games and is a ninja table top role playing gamer. His favourites are D&D and Mage from the World of Darkness series. Here are some of the highlights from episode 66 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... How Tommy Started His Career. Learning From a Gas Station. Understanding Consumer Behaviour. How to Implement Your Research. Tommy's Content Approach. Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities. Byline Blindness and How to Overcome it. Moving the Audience to Your Own Backyard. Forums and Communities as Traffic Sources.

TJ60 – Media Buying 101: How To Maximise Your ROI From Paid Traffic with Charles Kirkland
Jan 07 2015 50 mins  
Since banner ads are largely ignored by consumers, you might assume that you, the marketer, should ignore them too. Whilst this is largely true, due to developments in technology giving us better insights in to our audience and more precise ways to target them, online ads in the right hands are perhaps more effective than ever before. In this media buying 101, Charles Kirkland opens up and discloses some of his best paid traffic tips acquired from years testing in a multitude of markets, across many networks and for both B-to-B and B-to-C products and services. If you are new to media buying and worried about getting your fingers burned, this podcast will teach you how to set things up right from the start and get the maximum ROI from paid traffic. OUR GUEST: Charles Kirkland is the founder of the Media Buyer Association. He is fully committed to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build successful media campaigns by providing advanced training and resources from real world experiences. Charles used to work for an engineering company but had to quit his job when he was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in his late 20’s. He took different kinds of jobs including teaching and selling products but continued to educate himself in online marketing. After years of learning, Charles took a risk on a media buy and saw his traffic and sales rise in just 30 days. Stunned by these results, he made further studies and realized how powerful media buys can be. With all the ups and downs that he experienced, Charles wants to make things easier for other businesses by giving them training and real world advice. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS; PPV: Who Should Use It? CPA: Why It Works. Why Yahoo Stream Ads Work. YouTube Ads. Getting Started. How To Choose The Right Model. Charles' Greatest Successes. Testing and Tracking Ads.

TJ59 – Google Adwords: Retargeting, Search and Display Network – How To Build A Profitable Campaign Today with Mike Rhodes
Dec 23 2014 46 mins  
Google, by far, has the greatest market share of all search engines world-wide. So, naturally it makes sense that if you want to reach people actively searching for what you offer, then you should display your wares on Google. Because of it's wide reach, Google has virtually limitless information about the who, what, where and when for everyone on the web. This means that not only can they give you access to a huge market but they can offer many options for the way you target people with advertising on the web. Get these targeting options set up correctly and Google is a literal money making vending machine . Get them wrong and the result could be you burn through a whole lot of cash. Listen in to this episode as Mike Rhodes shares his checklist of must haves and what-nots for Google Adwords retargeting, search and display network campaigns. OUR GUEST: Mike Rhodes is a Goodle AdWords Management Specialist from Melbourne, Australia. He is the CEO and founder of Web Savvy, a Google Adwords marketing agency widely considered as the best in it's market area. Web Savvy helps small businesses improve 3 vital things: overall online strategy, improve website traffic, and then conversion rates. WebSavvy also gives coaching on online marketing, pay per click advertising, and Google Analytics. Mikes's seven years of experience with Google AdWords campaigns makes him an authority in on online marketing. His company is one of the first ever in Australia to be awarded Google Partner status. Aside from being a consultant, Mike Rhodes co-authored the book The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords along with Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Why Google Adwords. Common Campaign Errors. The Right Ad Groups. Ad Copies that Click. Setting Up Google Display Network campaigns. Google Remarketing Types. Why Mike "Dislikes" AdRoll. Mike's Checklist (Traffic Jam Exclusive).

TJ58 – Social Media Engagement Strategy: How To Captivate An Audience Of Influencers With Alex Houg and Dennis Yu
Dec 16 2014 41 mins  
In this day and age, everybody is on social media, particularly on Facebook. A lunch doesn't get eaten, a gym weight lifted or an aeroplane flight taken, without news of it being posted to Facebook. Real-life conversations are happening around the content that gets posted to the internet, your success online hinges on your ability to shape those conversations. Alex Houg and Dennis Yu have uncovered a social media engagement strategy that shapes word-of-mouth online. It ensures the right people are the saying the right things. They use frameworks to zero in on the right message, then use ad targeting to get that message in front of the right people. Its an innovative approach to old fashioned word of mouth and you can learn all about it in this episode. OUR GUESTS: Alex Houg is the founder and CEO of Portage. Portage is an internet marketing firm that is based in Minneapolis and employs 21 people worldwide. At 20 years old, Alex has become an international speaker and writer. He has spoken at different events including Social Media Marketing World and ICON14. Alex started as an entrepreneur at the very young age of 14 where he developed, then sold a gaming accessory website. Portage, his current company, works with clients such as Adidas, The Golden State Warriors, Fuddruckers, and Jack Daniels. They help connect businesses with interns, or unterns as they call them. Dennis Yu, the Chief Architect and CTO of Portage.co used to hold leadership positions with Yahoo! and American Airlines. He is now best known for Facebook marketing and advertising, expertise that has seen him featured on Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Fox News, and CBS Evening News. He is a contributor to InsideFacebook and AllFacebook. A QUICK PREVIEW OF THE PODCAST: Here are some of the highlights from episode 58 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... What's Portage? Triangles: Why They Work. The $1/Day Facebook Targeting Strategy. Engaging Facebook Influencers. Facebook Marketing Success: Case Study. The Right Content To Put Out. Facebook Campaign Strategies. Social Media Funnels.

TJ57 – How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog And Convert More Of It To Sales ~ Yaro Starak
Dec 09 2014 46 mins  
The dream of not having to get tied to a desk to manage your business, not having to spend long hours in a day and not having to worry about your bottomline - the lifestyle entrepreneur has it all. But what does it take to be able to do exactly like that yet earn enough money to grow your business? Perhaps a huge following you will purchase whatever product you put out, perhaps that one ultra in demand solution to everyone's problem. You just need to figure out how to get your message across so people say Wow! when they hear about you. Increase your traffic. Build your audience. Be a lifestyle entrepreneur. The dream of not having to get tied to a desk to manage your business, not having to spend long hours in a day and not having to worry about your bottomline - the lifestyle entrepreneur has it all. But what does it take to be able to do exactly like that yet earn enough money to grow your business? Perhaps a huge following you will purchase whatever product you put out, perhaps that one ultra in demand solution to everyone's problem. You just need to figure out how to get your message across so people say Wow! when they hear about you. Increase your traffic. Build your audience. Be a lifestyle entrepreneur. Here are some of the highlights from episode 57 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... The Yaro Starak Journey. How to Grow Your Email List. Setting Up Your System. Launch Funnels vs Evergreen Funnels. The Blog Sales Funnel. Driving Opt Ins. Pillar Content. Getting Published.

TJ55 – Successful Facebook Campaigns: How To Design Funnels That Drive More Traffic, Leads and Sales ~ Keith Kranc
Nov 25 2014 42 mins  
In my experience, there are two very different Facebook ads camps. The first camp are those who have tried Facebook advertising, but for whom it has not worked. The second camp are those who have tried, then honed their skills on the platform and are now reaping the rewards from successful Facebook campaigns. Getting the best out of Facebook's ads platform requires more than just striking images and compelling ad copy, it requires a well architected funnel, it requires analysis and attention to detail and it requires a willingness to keep up with Facebook's fast changing advertising functions. There are few that have mastered these intricacies better than Keith Kranc and on this episode he reveals what it takes to build highly successful Facebook campaigns that generate extreme results. OUR GUEST: Keith Kranc is the founder of Dominate Web Media and the author of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. Keith studied at the University of North Dakota where he took up Commercial Aviation. Aside from being a former airline pilot, he was also a retail business owner. Currently, Keith is helping customers of Dominate Web Media get the most out of their Facebook PPC campaigns through coaching and done-for-you Facebook Ad management. Keith has spoken on the topic of Facebook advertising all around the world from as far afield as USA and Australia. His book The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising which is co-authored with Perry Marshall has sold thousands of copies since it was released in June 2014. Here are some of the highlights from episode 55 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Facebook ads is NOT Fraud. Content that Work on Facebook Ads. Why Dumbing Down Facebook Ads Work Too. Funnels in Facebook. Webinars and Why They Work. Facebook Retargeting. Retargeting Loop Strategy. Building Your Brand in Facebook. Tips to Drive Click Through Rates. How to Get Facebook Ads Some Media Attention.

TJ52 – Pareto Rule: 80/20 Law of Sales and Marketing That Multiplies Results ~ Perry Marshall
Oct 28 2014 40 mins  
Fractals exist in every aspect of the universe, and yes, the rule works on sales and marketing too! 80% of your results come from 20% of your marketing, and of that top 20% of marketing, there's another 20% delivering 80% of those results. Keeping track so far? If not, then here's the rub. 64% of your marketing results are coming from just 4% of your efforts. When you know how this Fractal Pareto rule works, you can apply this 80/20 principle in your business for dramatically better results. On this episode we show you how! OUR GUEST: Perry Marshall is the leading authority on sales growth through 80/20 leverage and the most highly regarded Google Adwords expert. Entrepreneur Magazine says, "Perry Marshall is the #1 author and world's most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in AdWords stupidity tax." It was in 2002 shortly after Adwords was first introduced that Perry Marshall got started with Google ads. He studied closely how Adwords works and in 2007 published the best selling book, The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. In 2007, Marshall was a featured consultant on The Next Internet Millionaire, a reality show hosted by Joel Comm. He spoke with contestants on Richard Koch's 80/20 rule as it applied to internet advertising and his philosophy of investing in grassroots marketing. It was then that his understanding of the universal Pareto rule was formed. Perry's 2013 book, 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More expanded Koch's work on the Pareto Principle to online methods for expanding business sales and profits. This was a continuation of the work he'd founded on The Next Internet Millionaire. Here are some of the highlights from the 52nd episode of the Traffic Jam Podcast... What is Pareto Principle? The 80/20 Fractal Rule. The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. Racking the Shotgun to Identify Marks. The 80/20 Sales Funnel. Stick and Peel Method. Why Sell for Just a Quarter? The 80/20 Pricing Method.

TJ51 – Facebooks Ads Secrets: Little Known 7 Step Formula for Effective Advertising in the Facebook News Feed ~ Curt Maly
Oct 21 2014 44 mins  
With many brands experiencing lower than ever visibility it seems that advertising is a necessity if you want visibility in the Facebook News Feed. Getting started on Facebooks Ads platform is easy, but getting real results requires insight and an in depth understanding of the tool. Facebook do provide training, but some of the biggest secrets to leveraging Facebooks Ads platform don't get taught. At least not to the general public. Lucky for you I've located a man who knows the platform inside out. He puts millions of dollars through the system and knows exactly how to get targeted ads in the news feed. But better still, with his step by step formula not only will you get more visibility, but you'll grow your audience, drive engagement and get more leads and sales ringing through your business than you could ever imagine. Here are some of the highlights from the 51st episode of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Getting Started with Facebook Advertising. Who's the Right Audience For You? How To Segment Your Campaigns in Facebook. Step 2: Know Your Audience Demographic. What Content To Put Our For Maximum Response. Getting Responses for Business Posts. Promoting to A Wider Audience. Promoted Dark Post. Facebooks Ads Budget. How Facebook Tracks Activity on Your Page. Using Pixel for Your Perfect Avatar. Retargeting in Facebook. Opt ins on Facebook is Necessary. Create Your Lead Funnel!

TJ49 – Conversion Strategies That Transform Leaky Websites in to Websites That Sell ~ Peep Laja
Oct 07 2014 38 mins  
OUR GUEST: Peep Laja is the face of ConversionXL, a highly regarded blog filled with well-researched and highly actionable content aimed at "smart people" who want to learn website conversion strategies, and generally improve their website's performance. Peep who hails from Estonia, is a self-confessed optimisation junkie who started his career in web development and design before switching over to sales and marketing where he spearheaded the sales team for real estate portal in Dubai. Since then Peep has been country hopping. He has helped launch a British internet television company and started the very first internet marketing agency in Panama. He currently lives in the US during the summer and Europe during the winter. Peep is the author of the book How To Build Websites that Sell and a contributor to popular blogs such as KissMetrics, Pro Blogger and Think Traffic. In this episode, Peep Laja from Conversion XL tells us what tools to use and what signs to look out for so that our leaky sites actually start getting the results we want. Here are some of the highlights from episode 49 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... The Leaky Bucket Analogy. Are Mobile Ready Sites a Must? Greatest Conversion Factors. How To Increase The Motivation Factor. Using the Color Wheel Survey. Surprising Results from Peep's Tests Finding the Basis for Testing. Important Tools for Testing. The Right Approach to Ensure Conversion.

TJ48 – How to Guest Blog Effectively Using the Expanded Guest Post Formula ~ Bryan Harris
Sep 30 2014 41 mins  
Getting your content in front of other people's audiences by guest blogging is a killer strategy without doubt. Appear on the right blog and you'll get more visibility and the potential for more targeted traffic and leads. But the problem is, most people don't know how to guest blog effectively. The traditional guest blog post (that most people write) is a 500-1000 word article that ends with a link back to their site hidden inside an author bio. Some people click that link, most people don’t. The conversation stops at the last sentence. There is no compelling call to action and no incentive for readers to visit their site and join their email list. The result...a dribble of traffic and the odd new subscriber. By contrast Bryan Harris has the EGP Formula which regularly nets him 500+ subscribers from one single blog post. OUR GUEST: Bryan Harris has been entrepreneurial all his life, and like most entrepreneurs he's addicted to creating stuff. From the baseball stand he built and ran out of his bedroom at the age of 7, to the videos he produced in college, Brian has always made stuff. His most recent creation is VideoFruit.com, a website focussed on providing practical tips on how to use and make video, as well as step-by-step plans (or formula's as Brian calls them) to help you grow your business. Bryan and VideoFruit.com have risen to notoriety in recent months resulting in appearances for Brian on Mixergy and Noah Kagan's OK Dork. Brian once lived on a house boat for 5 years and taught Ballroom dancing for a period. Here are some of the highlights from this episode of the Traffic Jam Podcast... The Expanded Guest Post Formula. Bryan's Post at The Lead Pages Blog. Guest Posting Possibilities. The List Post. Content Types That Will Work Effectively. Reasons Why Guest Posts Flop. The TV Show Strategy. The #1 Tip: Improve Your Writing. Bryan's Favourite Content Upgrade Strategy. Email Upgrade Analytics.

TJ47 – Website Launch Strategy: How To Kick Start Your New or Existing Blog with Corbett Barr
Sep 23 2014 38 mins  
Every day 2 million blog posts are written (enough to fill Time Magazine for 770 years). Thousands of blogs are launched every day. The internet is awash with blogs, but very few of those blogs are blogs that matter. Truth is most bloggers launch to a deathly silence. No traffic, no engagement and no impact. Even if those bloggers work through their early failure, the likelihood of their blog taking off is incredibly low. Unless that is they have a website launch strategy for their blog. Corbett Barr has developed such a strategy by studying the differences between 'most' blogs and the select few that actually attract at large following. This formula (shared on this podcast) is what Corbett used to create blogs that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors per month (including Think Traffic and Fizzle). OUR GUEST: Corbett Barr is Co-Founder and CEO of Fizzle.co; A podcast and community for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves independently on the world-wide-web. Corbett rose to prominence about 4 years ago when he launched Think Traffic, a website focussed on the topic of building a thriving, profitable audience online. Since the launch of Think Traffic he has dedicated his career to teaching people how to build engaged audiences and sustainable online businesses primarily through blogging. He is the creator of the course How to Start a Blog That Matters and is an advisor to some of the most influential bloggers on the internet, some of which reach millions of readers every month. Corbett is location independent, enjoying winters in Mexico and summers in Europe! A QUICK PREVIEW OF THE PODCAST: Here are some of the highlights from this episode of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Corbett's AHA! Moment. Lessons From The Think Traffic Launch. How Fizzle's Launch Differed from Think Traffic. Corbett's Most Unconventional Traffic Strategy. The Stake and Sizzle. How to Stand Out and Be Recognised. Leveraging Relationship for Wider Reach. How To Create Co-Authored Content.

TJ46 – Survey Funnels: The Simple Formula That’s Generated 2.8 Million Leads and 175,000 Customers For Ryan Levesque
Sep 15 2014 36 mins  
Businesses all about us, possibly yours too, are vying for the attention of their prospects by shouting as loud as they can. Each business pushing the freeline, out doing one another with better and better offers. There's a lot of noise on the internet and it's hard to stand-out and be heard. So what's the answer? STOP shouting and start questioning. Ryan Levesque has developed a simple marketing funnel that is kind of contrarian. Instead of screaming we've got the best this, that or the other Ryan suggest saying "I don’t know if I can help you. But, if you take a few moments to tell me a bit about your situation, I'll recommend a solution that's right for you." He then leads people through a step-by-step questioning process he calls the Survey Funnel. It's simple and it works because it mirrors a real conversation. Worried this consultative process can't be scaled? Don't be! Ryan's generating 10,000 leads per day in some markets with this formula - and that's one single funnel. Tune in and learn how it works so you can get survey funnels working for you too. OUR GUEST: Ryan Levesque known by many as "The Funnel Specialist" is well-recognized for creating online lead and sales flow models – most notably The Survey Funnel Formula. He's generated over 2.8 Million Leads, 175,000 Customers - across 19 different markets - and those numbers are just the last 23 months alone. He has been cited as a marketing expert in countless media including CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, Mass Market Retailer, and many others. As marketing & business coach, Ryan has generated over $37 million in additional revenue for his private clients since 2008. Ryan currently lives in Austin, Texas and when he's not running his business, his "hobbies" are his 2 1/2 year old son and tending to his 8 month pregnant wife! EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: What's a Marketing Funnel? Ryan's Success with Survey Funnels How a Survey Funnel Works Video Sales Letter Must Haves Offline Applications of Survey Funnels Traffic Channels that Work Best With Marketing Funnels

TJ45 – SEO Link Building: 3 Untapped Backlink Strategies and the Backlinko Skyscraper Technique ~ Brian Dean
Sep 09 2014 40 mins  
So here's the rub. When it comes to search engine optimization backlinks do still work. But, whether they work for you to increase your ranking, or against you to send your site in to search engine abyss depends on your ability to acquire high value backlinks. In the modern day of SEO link building is tough. No more can website owners spam their site's from article directories, link farms or automation tools and expect to get results. In the present day links must be earned, mainly via hard graft and outreach or by creating content so awesome people actually want to link to it. Most people opt for the latter and are disappointed by the results. To get good links to your site it's helpful to have some backlink strategies up your sleeve. Brian Dean has several and he shares his 3 very best on this episode. Listen in as we discuss how to acquire powerful backlinks using email outreach, Brian's skyscraper technique, plus the step-by-step process that grew Backlinko's search traffic 110% in 14 days. OUR GUEST: Brian Dean is an well-recognised entrepreneur and SEO specialist and the founder of Backlinko.com. Backlinko, under Brian's watchful eye, sets out to provide practical SEO techniques to marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. Everything Brain publishes on his blog is actionable and carefully crafted to help readers get more traffic, leads and customers. Aside from blogging at Backlinko.com he's also contributed to Hubspot, Entrepreneur, QuickSprout and Moz. Since February of 2010 Brian has built a growing internet marketing company while traveling to 25 countries including Thailand, Japan, Spain, and Turkey. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany. A QUICK PREVIEW OF THE PODCAST: Here are some of the highlights from this episode of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Three Types of Backlinks (Good, Bad and Indifferent). The Power of Direct Outreach. How to Get Links from Resource Pages. Using the Broken Link Strategy to Increase Your Backlink Count. How to Take Advantage of Infographics The Skyscraper Technique. Guest-o-graphics - What are they? Why Keyword Research is the Highest Yield Activity in SEO.

TJ44 – Search and Social Fusion: How WordStream Generate 650,000 Visits Per Month Using Paid and Earned Media ~ Larry Kim
Sep 02 2014 40 mins  
Generating consistently profitable traffic is hard work. The hours spent developing content, building distribution relationships, doing outreach and establishing a genuine audience online can be countless before you begin to see a return on your investment. What if it didn't have to be so difficult? What if you could market only to those people looking for what you offer? What if you could show them your marketing for free, and only pay when someone clicks to your website, and you decide the maximum amount that click costs? What if people could start seeing your marketing today, not just one or two, but hundreds or thousands of people? This is all possible with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing. On this episode we explore the intricacies of Paid Search Engine Marketing (PPC) with Larry Kim from WordStream. We discuss what to do, and what not to do when it comes to PPC, the most effective PPC strategies of today, plus exactly how Larry generates the bulk of his website traffic. (Hint: It's not using Paid Search) OUR GUEST: Larry Kim is the CTO of WordStream, a search engine marketing services and software company he founded in 2007. WordStream are well-known for developing and selling software that automates search engine marketing processes. Their suite of tools include a keyword tool, keyword niche finder and a Adwords campaign grader. Undoubtedly one of the most respected authorities on all things Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Larry Kim is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Forbes, Inc Magazine and HubSpot. Larry is the most influential PPC expert in 2014 and 2013 according to the PPC Hero Blog and won a spot in the coveted ClickZ Digital Marketing Hall of Fame and Small Business Influencer Award in 2013. Whilst a voice for the Paid Search industry, Larry is a big advocate for Organic Search (SEO), Content Marketing and Social Media. At the time of recording Larry Kim became a first time Dad to a little boy called Julian. A QUICK PREVIEW OF THE PODCAST: Here are some of the highlights from this episode of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Is Paid Search a Must? How To Do Paid Search Effectively. Common Mistakes From Paid Search Campaigns. How To Improve Quality Score. Effective Ad Copy. Finding Content Inspiration From Within the Business. Identifying Audience Based On Relevance. Growing Your LinkedIn Connections. Content Promotion on LinkedIn.

TJ34 – Inbound Marketing: Using Other People’s Audiences As The Source For No Sales Force with Eric Enge
Apr 13 2014 53 mins  
Eric Enge requires no sales force. His successful digital consultancy Stone Temple Consulting gets 100% of its customers from inbound marketing. No cold calling, no hard sales just a steady stream of prospects picking up the phone and asking "how do we get started?" How does Eric create such a predictable flow of sales enquiries with zero outbound sales? Content marketing! Eric is undoubtedly a leading authority in the world of SEO. He is the co-author of The Art of SEO book, he writes for Forbes, Copyblogger, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch, all impressive feats. However these accolades are more than noteworthy listings on his CV, they are a strategic move to increase his authority and leverage other peoples audiences, resulting in wider exposure for him and his business and indirectly better search engine placement. Tune in to episode 34 are learn the steps required to build a fully inbound sales system, plus exactly how you need to adapt your SEO strategy in the era of Google's Hummingbird algorithm. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: The Stone Temple Strategy. Getting Sales Without The Sales Force. Content Creation and Content Marketing. Finding Your Business Voice. Engaging Social Media Effectively. Target Your Market Correctly. The Right Approach to Sharing Your Content. SEO Updates You Should Not Miss! Link Building The Right Way. Social Media and Google Ranking.

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