Blank Check with Griffin & David

Nov 22 2020 115 mins 14.6k

Not just another bad movie podcast, Blank Check reviews directors' complete filmographies episode to episode. Specifically, the auteurs whose early successes afforded them the rare ‘blank check’ from Hollywood to produce passion projects. Each new miniseries, hosts Griffin Newman and David Sims delve into the works of film’s most outsized personalities in painstakingly hilarious detail.

4.8 • 13 Ratings

Clegg Oct 31 2020
Blank Cheque is as Blank Cheque does.

kaitlinonfire Oct 13 2020
Love #thetwofriends! For some it may run long, but I love the long-winded episodes the most. Always funny, always smart, always dedicatedly nerdy, just like hanging with my irl friends. I prefer listening to eps that I've 100% seen the movie cuz the friends will spend a lot of time obsessively dissecting details, and skip til I've watched the others. Dedication to bits is top notch.

Djdogmanfish Sep 27 2020
I would pay for an abridged form of this podcast. The comedy bits are overly long and unfunny, they tell boring stories about working in the business, actual talk of the movie makes up a quarter of the episode, if that.

paraclete-pizza Sep 06 2020
Really funny and thoughtful podcast, even when I haven't seen the movie. I love that they've decided to use their platform to promote awesome but marginalized directors alongside the big names they cover.

Jeff_Impossible Sep 03 2020
I'm giving 5 stars even though they haven't done a Batmen Forever ep.

GlisJackel Aug 23 2020
By far a number one podcast, outlasting, outcasting, and out-no-bitsing all other competition. David Sims and Griffin Newman do hold the competitive advantage of being #theTwoFriends. This podcast CLEARS!

pollardgreens Jul 21 2020
My absolute favorite movie podcast. Griffin & David strike a perfect balance of playful curiosity and such a sense of appreciation for even the real stinkers the watch. For people who are sometimes more interested in the context of how a movie got made than the movie itself, or if you just love a director they've covered, it's worth checking out. It also helps that there are absolutely zero bits (winky winky)

Palico_music May 12 2020
Love this podcast! If you are into movies... this is the place to be 🤩

vteyshev May 11 2020
A great watch along podcast, the host are incredibley insightful, charming, and funny as hell. It really changes the way you think about film, with a focus on each directors process. And if you like context well let me tell you these two best friends are true connoisseurs of context and you will love every minute.

Al Bobson May 07 2020
Favorite podcast out there. 10/10 Content and 10/10 host chemistry

ChrisBerg25 May 07 2020
Aggressively charming & hysterical film critiques, with two of the nicest dudes in the biz. In the crowded world of "podcasts where two white dudes talk about movies" - it is a guiding light of positivity and inclusivity. The sort of stuff that reminds you why you love movies.

homestar86 May 06 2020
The best podcast!?! Yes.

Rude_Gambler Apr 14 2020
Simply the best film/comedy podcast out there. Griffin and David, #thetwofriends, are funny and astute film fans. Truly connoisseurs of context.