Star Trek: The Section 31 Files by Eric L. Busby

Jan 02 2021 5.3k

This collection from Darker Projects brings the Star Trek series back to life with a fictional account of our universe on the brink of war. With stakes running high a splinter group decides to take on the most morally dubious missions and bring us the listeners along for the ride. Sometimes in war there are no good options and this series explores those darker decisions that don't have to be made in everyday life. The story is action packed and goes at light speed jumping around the universe always keeping in the center of the action and outwitting the enemy.

1.5 • 2 Ratings

Lexical Nov 28 2020
Note! This is a mirror of the darker projects' show. I thought I was just getting confused, then realised the feed is backward! Great show, but you're better off going to the original site for the feed in order.

pwolf359 Aug 19 2020
The episode are all out of order, there no episode numbers so i couldn't watch them manually. Production was good, but couldn't stand to listen out of order, fix this and I'll finish listening and re-review this