Myths and Legends

May 13 2020 37 mins 190.4k

Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was a dangerous and wonderful place.

190-Chinese Folklore: Fierce
Jul 29 2020 47 mins  
In one story, a dragon is rampaging around the countryside unless he gets his favorite meal: teenage girls. In the other, a young woman trapped in an impossible situation meets a new friend who might just be able to save her: a parrot with a secret. Two stories with two very different heroines who share one defining characteristic: their unbreakable will to survive. On the creature of the week, when it comes to making a deal with the devil, you could choose infinite wealth, power, or epic guitar skills...or you could do what the strix did and become a stinky owl monster. Disclaimer: -- Sponsors: Get what U.S. News and World Report named "best overall home security of 2020" with free shipping and 60-day risk-free trial by going to Planning to take the G-R-E, G-MAT, L-SAT or M-CAT? Magoosh has got you. Check out their awesome test prep at and use the code MYTHS for a 20% off discount. -- Music: "Where it all happened" by Blue Dot Sessions "Dark Skies Above" by Bobby Cole "Lemon and Melon" by Blue Dot Sessions "Betty Dear" by Blue Dot Sessions "Topslides" by Blue Dot Sessions "Low Slopes" by Blue Dot Sessions "Really Scary Piano Music" by Bobby Cole "Artic Draba" by Blue Dot Sessions "Sincerely Yours" by Podington Bear -- Links: A discussion of gender and Confucianism as it relates to the first story today:

176-The Emperor's New Clothes: Matchless
Mar 11 2020 39 mins  
Three stories this week from the Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen about people that are matchless. The first is the tale of the emperor and his new clothes, where an emperor who needs a new coat every hour gets an offer he can't refuse. The second is about a boy who wants to marry the daughter of a monarch and all the cool gadgets and racially insensitive cosplaying he'll do to win her hand, and the third is the story of the little match girl. That one literally has matches in it. I still do puns. The creature is the scariest couch potato in the world. If the seas have couches. I mean, they probably have lots of couches with how much trash we throw into them. Ok, I'm sad now. The store: The post on -- Sponsors! Looking for another side of Vegas? Visit for more. Check out Simplisafe and get free shipping and a 60-day risk-free trial. Go to Check out Motherland: Fort Salem on Freeform, premiering Wednesday, March 18th! -- Sources: The Emperor's New Clothes: The Swineherd: The Little Match Girl: -- Music: “Symphony No. 1: II. Truth” by Steve Combs “Thom York (At Home)” by Podington Bear “Symphony No. 1: IV. Hope” by Steve Combs “Delican’t” by Podington Bear “Twosome” by Podington Bear “Introduction to Part 1” by Steve Combs “Despite my Empathy” by Steve Combs “Sex and Death and God” by Steve Combs “April” by Kai Engel

174-Medieval Knights: Take Your Time
Feb 26 2020 37 mins  
The story of Sir Isumbras, a knight from the high Middle Ages, includes talking birds, epic battles, unicorns, and a quest for redemption where the redemption includes the knight's participation in the crusades... The creature is the sealah (pronounced SHE-la), a genie that just wants to go out dancing and get dinner...and by that it means it wants you to dance for it before turning you into its dinner. The Myths and Legends store: -- Sponsors! Check out Best Fiends, the 5-star rated mobile puzzle game, on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Get you first 3-hour cleaning for only $29 when you sign up for a cleaning plan at promo code LEGENDS. -- Music: "Four and Fourteen" by Blue Dot Sessions "In the Box" by Blue Dot Sessions "San Diego Sunday" by Blue Dot Sessions "Stack Me Up" by Blue Dot Sessions "Vela Vela" by Blue Dot Sessions -- Scholarly works: Sir Isumbras and the Legend of St. Eustace: Between Romance and Legend: "Secular Hagiography" in Middle English Literature: Magic and the Supernatural in Medieval English Romance: The Sinful Knights (no preview available, sadly): The Loss of the Holy Land and Sir Isumbras:

151B-Faust: The Bad Place
Aug 21 2019 39 mins  
Faust decides that if he's going to have these powers, he's really going to enjoy them so, in no particular order, he gives himself: A Doctor Strange cloak Telekinesis A demon common law wife and baby A get-out-of-debt plan that involves humorously tearing off his own limbs And grapes. In the winter. Crazy, right? Seriously, though, we take the somewhat more grounded story of last week...and then completely go off the rails while Faust (and the writer of the chapbook...mostly the writer of the chapbook) imagines all the things he can do with powers from the devil, and then does them. The creature this week is the ophies pteretos, and you might feel bad for them...if they weren't angry flying snakes. -- Sponsors: Test prep for standardized tests doesn't have to be stressful, boring, or expensive. Visit and enter the code MYTHS for a 15% off discount. If there is something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals, BetterHelp online counseling can help. For 10% off your first month, go to and use the discount code LEGENDS Check out The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix on August 30th. As promised, here's a link to the awesome trailer: -- Music: "Ghost Byzantine" by Blue Dot Sessions "Hardboil" by Blue Dot Sessions "Ballad of the Blackbirds" by Chad Crouch "Pacing" by Chad Crouch "Small Hours" by Chad Crouch "Undying" by Blue Dot Sessions

151A-Faust: A Man of Wealth and Taste
Aug 14 2019 34 mins  
The story of Faust and his infamous deal is one that has survived for hundreds of years. Beginning as whispers in Germany in the 1500s, it grew to plays and, most famously, a play by the German writer Goethe, largely considered to be one of the greatest works of German literature. The story has been done and redone, and the phase Faustian bargain is still in use to this day. In today's episode, we're getting back to the very beginning - to the legends behind the masterpieces, and the story of a doctor who just wanted every question answered and desire granted. Was that too much to ask? If you don't mind trading your soul, apparently it's not too much to ask. The creature this week is the onocentaur...a sad donkey centaur that needs to put down whatever he's carrying in order to run like a weird little bug. -- Sponsors: Test prep for standardized tests doesn't have to be stressful, boring, or expensive. Visit and enter the code MYTHS for a 15% off discount. If there is something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals, BetterHelp online counseling can help. For 10% off your first month, go to and use the discount code LEGENDS Go to to get the only home security system that I use and you’ll get free shipping and a 60-day risk free trial. Seriously, you have nothing to lose…unless you get robbed because you don’t have a home security system. Just saying. -- Music: "Cover Letter" by Blue Dot Sessions "The 49th Street Galleria" by Chris Zabriskie

124-Greek Mythology: The Fall
Oct 17 2018 44 mins  
Theseus has had a long and storied life, but now he faces his greatest challenge: after you've accomplished everything you set out to do and your name will live on for generations, what comes next? The creature is the, impundulu environmentally-conscience bird who only uses alternative fuels for its tiny plane. Unfortunately, the alternative fuel is human blood. --- Sponsors: Blue Apron! Go to to check out this week’s menu and get your first 3 meals free. Empty Faces: an amazing new mystery box that you can solve. Check out for 10% off your first box. Don't forget to catch season 2 of Lore on Amazon Prime on October 19th --- Theseus episodes: 17A: 17B: 17C: 46A-D (Argonauts): 76 (Atalanta): 93A: 93B: --- Music: "A Rush of Clear Water" by Blue Dot Sessions "Baroque" by Blue Dot Sessions "Curio" by Blue Dot Sessions "Dirty Wallpaper" by Blue Dot Sessions "Myrian" by Blue Dot Sessions "Celadon" by Podington Bear "Tweetstorm Gathering" by Podington Bear "Telltale" by Podington Bear "SuzyB" by Blue Dot Sessions "John Stockton Slow Drag" by Chris Zabriskie "There's Probably No Time" by Chris Zabriskie "Trap" by Jahzzar

116A-Mexican Legends: Alta California
Aug 08 2018 43 mins  
It's 1850. The gold rush in the wild west, and Joaquin Murrieta seeks a better life in the US state of California, only recently taken from Mexico in the Mexican-American War. He tries to play by the rules and live by the laws, but everything keeps getting taken from him over and over again. Tired of living underfoot in a land that used to be his homeland, Joaquin decides to stand up and take his place as one of the legendary bandits of the old west. The creature this week is the headless mule. Like, a firebreathing one that moves around, not just a dead mule. -- Sponsors: Check out Vikings on The Great Courses Plus! It's a great way to learn not just about the culture behind some of the most popular stories from the podcast, but seemingly anything. There are over 10,000 lectures available. Go to to sign up for a free trial! Casper mattresses are so much more comfortable than sticks. For real. I absolutely love mine. Check out and use the code LEGENDS to get $50 off your mattress purchase. -- Music: “Something Elated” by Broke For Free “Bald Eagle” by Chad Crouch “Global Warming” by Kai Engel “Emmit Sprak” by Blue Dot Sessions “Roll On” by Ketsa “Pied-billed Grebe” by Chad Crouch “Maree” by Kai Engel “We Drive 3 Days” by Blue Dot Sessions “Masked” by Ketsa “Meekness” by Kai Engel “Residual Anxieties” by Ketsa “Life in Letters” by Ketsa “Sad Moments” by Ketsa “Dangerous Swing” by Blue Dot Sessions “Wandering” by Steve Combs

104-Egyptian Mythology: The First Avenger
Mar 21 2018 34 mins  
Horus's uncle Set murdered his father, and because his mother was shrewd, he gained the throne and the murderer was exiled to the South. There was just one problem: Set wasn't going to go quietly. He vowed on the day he left to kill Horus, feast on his flesh, and reclaim the throne for himself. The boy Pharoah, Horus, watched Set and his followers go, and knew he had to be ready. The war was coming. The creature this time is the vegetable man, and, no worries, he's not going to make you eat your vegetables. As a (possible?) vegetable himself, he's way more interested in eating you. -- Sponsors: Spotify! Check out this (and so many other podcasts) on Spotify. I actually made it super-easy for you to open Myths and Legends in Spotify. Just click on this link: Bombas. I'm wearing Bombas right now. They are fantastic. Go to to try them out and get 20% off your first order. Amazon Music Unlimited: I'm super excited that they're a sponsor for this show. It is amazingly cool. I've been a big fan of their service for years, and they have all the music you could want. You can try it out for free for 30 days at (FYI, it renews automatically, but you can cancel any time) -- Music: "Twilight Grandeur" by Podington Bear "Pythagoras" by Podington Bear "Graduation" by Podington Bear "Blammo" by Podington Bear "Bare Shoulders" by Podington Bear "Strange Dog Walk" by Blue Dot Sessions "Dangerous Swing" by Blue Dot Sessions

Bonus-The Time Machine: Inspector Spacetime
Dec 29 2017 44 mins  
Since Myths and Legends is off this week, I thought I would run an episode from our other show, Fictional. It's a podcast where we adapt and retell stories from all over fiction. Today's episode is part one of "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. If you're not already subscribed, this is a chance to check out the new show, and if you are, we'll see you next week with a new Myths and Legends! --- Subscribe to Fictional: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Stitcher: Google Play: via the site: Copy and paste our RSS feed anywhere you get your podcasts: --- Here are the original shownotes for this episode: "The Time Machine" is a book written by the father of science fiction, H.G. Wells. This is a book so famous that it actually coined the phrase "time machine" to refer to a machine that travels through time. It is a short but sprawling book, flinging mankind into the farthest future where we see how the consequences of our actions today can affect the world for millennia. It still holds up, too. It's a little more plot- and concept-heavy than today's novels, but it's a fascinating story full of interesting twists. The villain this time is neither fascinating nor full of twists. He's a one-note idiot obsessed with returning to a past that never was. ----- Music: “Cylinder Three” by Chris Zabriskie Additional music by Breakmaster Cylinder

80A-Medusa: Golden Child
Aug 16 2017 34 mins  
Hey! Have you subscribed to Fictional? Go subscribe to Fictional! You'll love it, and it will be an amazingly huge help to us. Thank you!! You can find it at: for Apple Podcasts for Google Play for Stitcher --- Medusa is probably the most misunderstood villain in all of Greco-Roman Mythology, famous only for being a monster...and the hero's quest to kill her. We'll learn all about her background and follow the quest of one fated to clash with her. Also this is Greek mythology so everyone is terrible all the time always. The creature this week is the floating head and he's kind of like Pac-man...if Pac-man had a taste for people and delicious chestnuts. --- Sponsors: Lootcrate! The theme for this month's crate is Kingdom, with stuff from Adventure Time, Lord of the Rings, and the Legend of Zelda. Check out code LEGENDS, to get $3 off any new subscription today. Spotify: My preferred way of listening to podcasts, check out to get started there today. --- Music: "Toppler" by Blue Dot Sessions "Soothe" by Blue Dot Sessions "Seamless" by Blue Dot Sessions "Partly Sage" by Blue Dot Sessions "Old Skin" by Podington Bear "Little Dipper" by Podington Bear "Astrisx" by Blue Dot Sessions "Comet Trails" by Moon "Orbs of Light" by Moon --- Disclaimer: Non-graphic talk of Zeus impregnating a woman by turning into a shower of gold (?) and non-graphic talk of how Poseidon raped a woman and then the woman was blamed for it because she was irresistible.

75-Pecos Bill: Rider on the Storm
Jul 12 2017 34 mins  
The story of Pecos Bill is that of a true American Hero...who spends half the story naked and who legitimately thinks he is actually a coyote. But don't tell him that. He's cool and won't hurt you, but you'll get into a long discussion and won't actually convince him or his horse (named Pegasus/Widowmaker/Jeremy) that he's actually a human being. Also, while we're at it, he can lasso water and air because I guess when you ask the audience to suspend disbelief, you go for broke. The creature this time is the Mongolian Death Worm. It's a sand worm, but don't go getting your maker hooks just yet, because it's no Shai Hulud. And that's a problem, because instead of the spice melange that will give you longevity and maybe prescience, it spits a virulent neurotoxin that will do precisely the exact opposite. ---------- Sponsors: Loot Crate: as usual, Loot Crate offers awesome, monthly subscription boxes full of epic and exclusive gear and collectables. This month the theme is animation, and subscribe by the 19th and 9pm PST to get stuff from Rick and Morty, Bob's Burgers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Futurama! Head over to (code LEGENDS) to subscribe today. Also, check out LeVar Burton Reads! It's at for Apple Podcasts and for Stitcher. ---------- Music: "Vibrant Canopy" "Seamless" "Scraper" "Opener" "Moon Bicycle Theme" "Middle" "Gondola Blue" "Doubled" "An Introduction to Beetles" by Blue Dot Sessions

72-Kelpie: Party Horse
Jun 21 2017 39 mins  
A sea horse (but not that type of sea horse) that haunts the coasts of Scotland, the kelpie is a legendary cryptid that represents the dangerous unknown of the well as new guys stopping by your village for the sole purpose of picking up women. The creature this time is the Shojo, a Japanese yokai, who is living its best life: by lounging on the beach drinking and pulling off daring heists. ************ That incredibly readable book on Celtic myths and legends: ************ Sponsors: Audible: Check out for a really great deal for a full year of Audible! Dollar Shave Club: for a great shave at a great price, check out Dollar Shave Club at for a $15 value for only $5. Get razors straight to your door whenever you want them. Carvana: You can buy a car online! And pick it up as early as the next day! From a car vending machine (what?)! Check out for more info. ************ Music: “Closer” by Blue Dot Sessions “Cottonwoods” by Blue Dot Sessions “Dirtbike Lovers” by Blue Dot Sessions “Drch” by Blue Dot Sessions “Flaked Paint” by Blue Dot Sessions “Mknt” by Blue Dot Sessions “Tensor” by Blue Dot Sessions “The Big Ten” by Blue Dot Sessions “Turning on the Lights” by Blue Dot Sessions “Halter Top” by Podington Bear “Rain On Glass” by Podington Bear “Satellite Bloom” by Podington Bear

71C-Sinbad: There and Back and There and Back Again
Jun 14 2017 45 mins  
If you've ever wondered about giving that strange old man a piggy-back ride in the woods, the philosophical nuances of way too much grave robbing, or how many people are necessary to take down a four-story-tall baby bird, well, then this is the episode for you. Sinbad finishes up his epic tale of epicness and we see what led to him falling back on his plan "B" of living a life of leisure on his near-infinite wealth. The creature this time is the reason you should take a giant bat with you everywhere you go. Sponsors: Casper Mattresses. They are really comfortable mattresses that you will miss when you are away from home and want to letters to telling them such but that would be for naught because mattresses don't possess thumbs or sentience. If you want to give this whole "amazingly comfortable mattress" thing a try, you can for 100 days risk free at home. Check out (code LEGENDS) to get $50 off a mattress purchase. Dollar Shave Club. You can get razors for only a few dollars a month. They are super-smooth, close shaves and you don't even need to leave your house to get them. Well, the razors, that is. You generally don't leave your house to shave. Unless you're stately, plump Buck Mulligan shaving on the roof. Don't be Buck Mulligan, though. That guy was a jerk. If you're interested in really great razors and not hassling tortured artists, check out You can get a $15 value for only $5. Music: “Decompression” by Blue Dot Sessions “Liptis” by Blue Dot Sessions “Sunday Lights” by Blue Dot Sessions “Toppler” by Blue Dot Sessions “Across the River” by Podington Bear “All the Ways” by Podington Bear “Just Watching” by Podington Bear

71B-Sinbad: Snake Eyes
Jun 07 2017 38 mins  
Whether it's deadly literary references, sticky cows, or extremely inappropriate eulogies, the stories of Sinbad have it long as by "it all" you're looking for a story of how a rich (and, let's face it, not-so-smart) guy for whom everything pretty much always works out. It's like Mr. Magoo without the nearsightedness and with much, much more impalement and cannibalism. The creature the creature this week is a great excuse to keep your house well-stocked with red peppers and pet crabs. ---------- Sponsors: Blue Apron: For fun, fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to your house weekly, check out to get your first three meals free with free shipping. Loot Crate: The theme for June is alter-ego, with stuff from Spider-man, the Hulk, DC Comics, and more. Be sure to subscribe at (code LEGENDS) by the 19th at 9PM PST.! ---------- The clip from Planet Earth II: ---------- Music: “Patched In” by Blue Dot Sessions “Brass Buttons” by Blue Dot Sessions “Diner Gothic - Dasher” by Blue Dot Sessions "Downhill Racer” by Blue Dot Sessions “Floor Shine” by Blue Dot Sessions “Inventio” by Blue Dot Sessions “Midday” by Blue Dot Sessions “Slider” by Blue Dot Sessions “Sweetly” by Blue Dot Sessions “Wax Paper Jewel” by Blue Dot Sessions “Gorgon” by Jesse Spillane “Harbor” by Kai Engel “Front Runner” by Podington Bear

71A-Sinbad the Sailor: Venture
May 31 2017 35 mins  
Sinbad (no, not that Sinbad) is probably the 3rd most famous story from a collection titled "One Thousand and One Nights". It's a story of loss, hardship, and redemption...and then partying so hard that you forget all that loss, hardship, and redemption and need to do it all over again. Six more times. On the plus side, it's not just about an out-of-touch rich guy being out-of-touch and rich, but being so while experiencing some pretty weird stuff. The creature this time is an awkwardly hot squirrel thing who wants to cram a metaphor about pride down your throat. ---------- Sponsors: Think you know a place? Well, how about you try the Detour app and see if you really know a place. It's a guided audio tour through cities where Radiolab, Ken Burns, and others take your through their favorite neighborhoods and you learn all the fun, interesting details you had no idea were all around you. Better yet, go with friends and everyone can listen to the same one at the same time. Check out for more info. Dollar. Shave. Club. It's high quality razors and shave butter right to your door for only a few bucks a month. The executive razor is well worth it, but you can put their name to the test and get a razor for a dollar a month (plus shipping). Check out for more info on that. ---------- Music: “Hickory Interlude” by Blue Dot Sessions “Plaque” by Blue Dot Sessions “Colocate” by Podington Bear “Oui” by Podington Bear “Pure Swell” by Podington Bear “Streetbeat Heat” by Podington Bear “Transmogrify” by Podington Bear

70-Ugly Duckling: Fowl Play
May 24 2017 33 mins  
It seems like with a lot of fairy tales someone looked at the original, thought that there was absolutely no way they could tell that to a child, and re-wrote it to get rid of the shocking violence and general terribleness of every creature ever. "The Ugly Duckling" by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen is no exception. It's shockingly violent and sad at times, but underneath its brutality and ridiculousness is a profound theme that still resonates today. Also birds are jerks. The creature this time is the Loveland Frog. It's a large-ish frog from my hometown in Ohio. Ohio is so boring we can't even have a cool cryptid. Sponsors: Three words: FRONT. POCKET. WALLET. Get one, and say goodbye to an achey back from sitting at an angle all the time. Not only that, but they are hard to pickpocket. Not only THAT, but they are RFID shielded, meaning people can't scan your pocket and get your credit card info. Also, they come in cool leathers, like moose. Really, check it out. The owner is a friend of the show and a regular listener. Go to and use code LEGENDS at checkout for free shipping. Dollar Shave Club: For just $5, you can get their top-of-the-line razor and a tube of shave butter (which unlike the Seinfeld episode isn't real butter and won't lead to Newman taking a bite out of you). Just go to Detour: I've always wondered what I'm missing out on when I'm walking through a city. Now, there's a way to know. Guided tours right on your phone that you can share with friends. Check out Music: “Just a Blip” by Andy G. Cohen “Warmer” by Andy G. Cohen “Faster Faster Brighter” by Blue Dot Sessions “Parade Shoes” by Blue Dot Sessions “Rafter” by Blue Dot Sessions “Tripoli” by Blue Dot Sessions “Like Starlight through a Veil” by Philipp Weigl “Midnight Blue” by Podington Bear

69-Midas: You Got the Touch
May 17 2017 37 mins  
Don't, under any circumstances, trust the Midas touch. The king of unforced errors, Midas is a well-known figure in mythology mainly because of horrible decision making and lack of foresight. They say any publicity is good publicity, and I hope that is the case for Midas, who took a bad choice and used it to propel himself to everlasting notoriety. Mouse bears. The creatures this week are mouse bears. They have the ferocity of bears and the ability to sneak into your cupboards like mice. Needless to say, they're super annoying. ---------- Sponsors! Loot Crate: May's theme is Guardians, with stuff from Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Star Wars, Destiny, and Goonies. Go to and use code LEGENDS to get $3 off any new subscription today. Blue Apron: Like fresh, great quality ingredients and fun recipes and not having to go anywhere for fresh, great quality ingredients and fun recipes? Blue Apron is your thing. Check out code LEGENDS to get your first three meals free, with free shipping. ---------- Music: “Bitter Roll” by Blue Dot Sessions “Floating Whist” by Blue Dot Sessions “Glass Runner” by Blue Dot Sessions “Lead Shroud” by Blue Dot Sessions “Pacing” by Blue Dot Sessions “Sylvestor” by Blue Dot Sessions “Town Market” by Blue Dot Sessions “Bagd” by Podington Bear “Breadtime” by by Podington Bear “Many Hands” by Podington Bear “Swimmy” by Podington Bear

68B-Morgan le Fay: Her Majesty
May 10 2017 45 mins  
Wrapping up this two-part series on Morgan le Fay, we'll see her devious schemes within schemes come to fruition with one aim in mind: killing King Arthur and seizing the throne for herself. The creature this week is fish man, from Spain. He's kind of like a superhero if all superheroes did was lay around and drink wine at their parents' house. ---------- Sponsors: Hey, so Mother's Day is this weekend. As in three days from today. Still looking for something? You can show your mom you're thinking about her and you don't even have to look up from your phone. She doesn't have to know how easy it is and that it took basically no time. We won't tell her. We probably don't even know her. Unless this is Mike, in which case, hi Mike! There are two excellent options: Shari's Berries. Super easy. You know why? Because they somehow got the domain They're delicious and they look fantastic. I got them for my mom on her birthday and my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. You can get her huge, freshly dipped berries starting at $19.99 plus shipping, and you can double the berries for $10. Just go to and use the code MAL when you click on the mic. Or maybe flowers are your thing. Aren't you glad you listen to this podcast? We have you covered there, too. ProFlowers cracked the code on sending people fresh, beautiful flowers. Ours have been going strong for over a week - way longer than flowers from a supermarket or florist AND I am just realizing I forgot to change the water after three days like I was supposed to. They're that good. Check out and use the code MAL. Both are so easy, that in the time you took reading this you could have Mother's Day wrapped up. We're just looking out for you. Also please don't forget to use code MAL it keeps the lights on. ---------- Music: “Lamplist” by Blue Dot Sessions “One Needle” by Blue Dot Sessions “Parissi” by Blue Dot Sessions “Tuck and Point” by Blue Dot Sessions “Please Listen Carefully” by Jahzzar “60s Quiz Show” by Podington Bear “A1 Rogue” by Podington Bear “All The Colors In The World” by Podington Bear “Canoe” by Podington Bear “Climbing the Mountain” by Podington Bear “Dulcet” by Podington Bear “Loam” by Podington Bear “Modest House” by Podington Bear “Rythn” by Podington Bear

68A-Morgan Le Fay: Get Thee to a Nunnery
May 03 2017 34 mins  
Sorceress. Confidant. Traitor. Sister. All of those words describe Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur's half-sister. She is by far the most complex character I've come across in the Arthurian legends, but she's constantly portrayed in the medieval and early modern texts as a one-note traitorous baddy who is evil because she's an evil sorceress and evil sorceresses are evil. If you're familiar with the legends, you're going to see a Morgan you've never seen before. If you're not, get ready to meet one of the most interesting, tragic figures you'll come across. Sponsors: The Great Courses Plus: Go to to get a free trial of The Great Courses Plus, and while you’re there, check out the course “Fundamentals of Photography." Loot Crate: Here's the link for the Groot I was talking about. This 22" figure will be in the one mega crate sent out to a lucky subscriber. The rest of us will have to settle for a bunch of cool pop culture stuff worth twice what we paid for it. Darn. Check out code LEGENDS for $3 off any new subscription. Music: “Malachite” by Andy G. Cohen “Watching from Red Hill” by Artofescapism “Disinter” by Blue Dot Sessions “The Face of the Thrush” by Blue Dot Sessions “Take Me Higher” by Jahzzar “Snowmen” by Kai Engel “Even when we fall” by Philipp Weigl “The Scent of Cedars” by Philipp Weigl “60s Quiz Show” by Podington Bear “Fits” by Podington Bear “Pop Brasilia” by Podington Bear “Seventh Hill” by Podington Bear “Starday” by Podington Bear “Toboggan (Smooth Run)” by Podington Bear “Trader Ho Hey” by Podington Bear

67B-Gawain and the Green Knight: Head On
Apr 26 2017 39 mins  
I wanted to name this episode "it's not easy being green," but it really is. The Green Knight had his head chopped off last episode...but still carried it out of the most uncomfortable Christmas dinner ever. Really, it's not easy being Gawain, who has to go present his neck in payment. Except it really is easy being Gawain. Most of this episode will consist of him sleeping until noon in a fancy castle. But he still has that date with destiny on New Year's Day...and by "destiny" I mean a hairy green gentleman who is really good at pole vaulting. If you disrespect the hobbies of the creatures this week, they will make your life mildly uncomfortable for like an evening. You've been warned. Sponsors: Check out to try the #1 food and recipe delivery service. Be sure to use LEGENDS to get your first three meals free! Texture is pretty great. You can read over 200 magazines all for the price of subscriptions to 2-3 magazines. It's a great deal and an even better app, and you can try it for two weeks for free at Music: “A Perceptible shift” by Andy G. Cohen “Monkeybars” by Andy G. Cohen “Curious Case” by Blue Dot Sessions “Felt Lining” by Blue Dot Sessions “PolyCoat” by Blue Dot Sessions “Tiny Putty” by Blue Dot Sessions “Chance” by Kai Engel “Run” by Katie Engel “Scenery” by Kai Engel “Love Wins” by Lee Rosevere “Bloomer” by Podington Bear “Dark Disco” by Podington Bear “Funk” by Podington Bear “Guestlist” by Podington Bear “Little Black Cloud” by Podington Bear “We Make a Good Team” by Podington Bear “Wednesday Night Flavor” by Podington Bear

64-Frog Prince: Warts and All
Mar 22 2017 48 mins  
The story of the frog prince is well known - a beautiful princess meets a frog, kisses him, and he turns out to be a prince. Except, in the earliest version, it doesn't go like that at all. I won't spoil it, but the original frog prince is extremely bizarre, and I had the most fun writing it of any episode so far. The second story is of a frog princess, from Russian folklore, and not only is it a great story in its own right, with a stupid king and a ridiculous dating service, but we'll catch back up with our favorite witch living in a house on chicken legs and a certain deathless sorcerer early in his career. The creature of the week shoots hail out of its ears and kills anyone it sees...unless you're carrying a sack of llama fat. Sponsors: The Great Courses Plus: Text MYTHS to 86329 to get a free trial of The Great Courses Plus, and while you’re there, check out the course “Great Mythologies of the World”. (Standard message and data rates apply.) is AMAZING. I'm not joking. They make my life over at infinitely easier. If you want to make your life better, go to and use the code LEGENDS. Music: "The Spinnet" "The Silver Hatch" "The Shoes they Wear" "Filing Away" "Decompression" and "Brass Buttons" are all by Blue Dot Session "Vanagon" "Submerging Blue-Black" "Trailways A" "Smolder" "Sensitive" "Running on Empty" and "Down and Around" are all by Podington Bear "Final Sacrifice" by Visager "Independent Film" by Steve Combs

62-Thor: Hammer Time
Mar 08 2017 36 mins  
Quite possibly the last episode on Norse mythology before we start on the epic showdown that is Ragnarok, this story has Thor earning a ridiculous facial feature and wetting himself in terror. Also, you shouldn't follow Loki into the wilderness, no matter how good the party he is telling you about sounds, and we'll learn how far is too far when it comes to idle, drunken boasts in the halls of the gods. The creature is a sweet little flaming chicken who will steal for you and not feel bad about it at all. Oh, you have some moral issues with stealing? Well, the flaming chicken doesn't have moral issues with burning your house to the ground, so you might want to keep your compunctions to yourself. Sponsors: Check out to get excellent, fresh, pre-portioned ingredients shipped to your home alongside recipes to turn them into amazing meals. Don't forget code LEGENDS. For a new sponsor this time, we have The Great Courses Plus! Text MYTHS to 86329 to get a free trial of The Great Courses Plus, and while you’re there, check out the course “Great Mythologies of the World”. (Standard message and data rates apply.) Music: "Tiny Spoons" by Podington Bear "Swapping Tubes" by Blue Dot Sessions "Sreda Vniecaps" by Rolemusic "Patched In" by Blue Dot Sessions "Neil Takes Two" by Blue Dot Sessions "Moonglow" by Podington Bear "Firefly" by Podington Bear "Fantasy" by Podington Bear "Arame" by Blue Dot Sessions "A Thought" by Podington Bear "The Final Road" by Visager

50-Dracula: Bad Blood
Nov 16 2016 38 mins  
Dracula isn't a creature from myths, legends, or folklore. The fictional vampire is a product of Bram Stoker. The name, though, stretches back centuries to a prince who ruled the kingdom called Wallachia, which borders the land with which he's most famously associated: Transylvania. We'll be talking all about the pseudo-legendary exploits of the real bloody tyrant, the bizarre rules surrounding fictional vampires, and the inspirations for the most famous vampire novel of all time. If you see your significant other on the roof scraping moss, you should just eat the soup they make you even if it makes you vomit. Sponsors: Stranglers, by Earwolf Stranglers on iTunes: Stranglers site: Casper Mattresses are amazing! Vistaprint: For 50% off holiday cards: and use code MYTHS at checkout New show! Our new show is Career Day. The jobs, lives, and stories of everyday people, every other Tuesday. It's an awesome show and we're really excited about it, so please check it out if it sounds cool. On iTunes: Online: The feed (to copy and paste in any player): Music: "Watermark" by Blue Dot Sessions "Independent Film" by Steve Combs "Scalloped" by Blue Dot Sessions "A Calendar Spread" by Blue Dot Sessions "As Nihilism Gives Way to Existentialism" by Nihilore "Support Me in this Moment that I'm About to Lose Heart" by Nihilore "Studie I" by Jahzzar "Aisles" by Jahzzar

46A-Jason and the Argonauts: Some Assembly Required
Sep 28 2016 41 mins  
The beginning of the story of Jason and his legendary Argonauts doesn't start with Jason, but with Zeus being...well, Zeus, and kidnapping an unsuspecting woman. There is a dragon, a giant bronze robot, and court intrigue, leading to some familiar names coming back to help Jason travel to a faraway land and obtain the golden fleece. Those names include Hercules, Theseus, Laertes (father of Odysseus), Autolycus, Peleus (the father of Achilles), Augeus (with the legendarily dirty stables), and more. It's the biggest meetup of everyone we've met so far...well, everyone that isn't in Hades (Sisyphus) tied to a rock (Prometheus) or wandering blind through a plain (Bellerophon). The creature looks so much like a normal person it's uncanny. I mean, he looks like a normal person once you get past his humorously big ears, nose, and hands. And his gray skin...that sometimes glows. Ok, he looks nothing like a normal person. Sponsors: Check out new sponsor Harry's Razors for a free shave kit (just pay shipping, but that's only like $3): and use the code MYTHS and checkout. Like listening to stories by professionals who don't fumble the pronunciations constantly? Check out Say "hi" on Twitter! Say "good day" on Facebook! Music: "The Longshoreman" by Blue Dot Sessions "Spell" by Rolemusic "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" by Podington Bear "One Dirty Sleeve" by Blue Dot Sessions "Micolai" by Blue Dot Sessions "Haena" by Blue Dot Sessions "Discovery Harbor" by Blue Dot Sessions "Space (Outro)" by Andy G. Cohen "Castle Theme" by Visager

4.7 • 31 Ratings

Bubblette Dec 03 2020
Only just found this podcast a couple of weeks ago. I'm really enjoying it and everyone really needs to try this.

meghansde Nov 22 2020
Very entertaining and also informative. Has a lot of humor infused.

Gavintron Nov 20 2020
Came to check out Mulan, but neither of the two Mulan episodes dealt with the original poem and the actual historical context surrounding it. The podcast makes as if she was known for fighting bandits, as if that could make one endure for 1400 years. Makes one question the accuracy of the rest. If I could give it less than one star I would.

Alanimal Nov 14 2020
Keep it up! Great stuff!

PrincessWondora Oct 20 2020
Thank you for this show. It keeps me somewhat sane while training for a half marathon while recovering from COVID. I love hearing the old viking sagas since I grew up with some of those stories. Also reminds me of the very GoT museum in Iceland about the Icelandic sagas. Please keep telling stories and taking my mind off all the pain in my lungs! You are amazing!!!

LordPodcast Oct 09 2020
I've found this about a year ago and it's been amazing. I've listened to all of them several times.

Flack Sep 15 2020
I like cheese

mrkwolfe0 Sep 13 2020
Nice that you for the good content.

SelfExaminedPsyc Aug 06 2020
Very entertaining and engaging. I love the host's choice of which folktales to retell (the origins of well-known stories and also the more obscure, underrated folktales) and his commentary/parodying of them.

Zebutron Jul 22 2020
I have been listening to Myths and Legends since the beginning. Bardic always does an excellent job of retelling these wonderful stories. Jason takes the time to give enough context to the works which help give nuance without being pedantic. I always recommend this podcast to anyone.

colorsofthestorm Jul 16 2020
Amazing podcast. Great storytelling. It always makes me smile when they break the fourth wall! It brings old stories into the modern day, and I've gotten to hear so many stories I'd never heard before! I've started listening to episodes as I fall asleep since the voice is so soothing. I always save new episodes for nights I think I won't fall asleep quickly so that I don't miss the end of the story!

jeddpod Jul 03 2020
One word, amazing. myths and legends is retelling of classic stories in a well researched and creatively told manner that never fails to make me laugh and reflect. Please Jason never stop making these.

Soultrader92 Jun 26 2020
Brilliant podcast, one of the best that I have ever heard. The creator Jason deeply researches each story, no matter how long the source material. He adds his own unique touch to each story making it humorous and often leaves the listener with a nice conclusion or his thoughts on the story. I love this podcast, and also his other one fictional. Try this you will not regret it.

Lavaporeon Jun 25 2020
I have always loved learned about myths from all over the world, but have always struggled to find any that weren't "classical". I appreciate Jason for taking the time to tell these stories every week and suck you into a story while also calling out the problematic parts of those stories.

astro_alison Jun 19 2020
So good! I love the stories, the storytelling style, and the modern commentary jabs.

j4ynie Jun 16 2020
Great storytelling, look forward to new episodes. Thank you so much!

Zazzysaurus Jun 10 2020
A funny, modern interpretation of historic tall tales.

Degovx Jun 03 2020
Amazing podcast giving short entertaining retellings of stories, myths, legends, and fairytales from around the world.

ErinBH Jun 03 2020
This podcast has been a delight to listen to from day 1. Jason is a wonderful storyteller and really draws you in. I love his witty ad libs too!

MDB May 02 2020
Consistently one of my favorite podcasts. Great for people who enjoy old and new stories.

lwood the great May 23 2020
Hugely entertaining! I love this podcast.

Psychosis.sight May 23 2020
Been listening to myths and legends since it's start. And I love it. My boyfriend and I listen to it when were headed to bed. Is great when I have to babysit the kids as well, they always love it and how it's a new adventure each time. Definitely just one of the best podcast in general. Highly recommend.

Mumphry999 May 20 2020
A favorite of mine, a singular myth is related and explored for a lesson or meaning and each episode also includes a creature discussion after the main subject. Wide ranging tales from history spanning many cultures and eras.

Chalybeus May 24 2020
I am always happy when I see a new episode of myths and legends appears in my play list. I enjoy the edits added by the presenter that acknowledge discrimatory or outdated values or the lighthearted treatment of plot holes.

Zanny May 25 2020

Talmerian May 24 2020
Podcast is just this guy telling a story. I find myself wishing for a commercial, then the commercials were the same guy. It is important to include other voices for many reasons. This podcast exemplifies ALL the reasons a singular voice is insufficient to tell an engaging story.

Tiny May 02 2020
This podcast is probably in my top 5 favorites. The host tells a very interesting and entertaining story. I like hearing the "real",original, darker versions of childhood fairytales.

cweems4 Apr 23 2020
Well done, good stories!

Podcat Apr 14 2020
Great voice, great topics, great stories. This would be a five star rating, but unfortunately the stories seem to just be there to help deliver bad jokes. The kind that try to be 'awkward'. Worse than that is the constant reminders that he disapproves of the violence in these stories. Yes we know violence is bad. Yes we know the people who first told these stories might have been ok with some of this.

Windoula Apr 14 2020
One of my favorite podcasts. I love his dry humor and the way he tries to humanize the characters, particularly the women, in stories where characters were used only as symbols or tropes. He also makes sure to contextualize the space in which the story was written and how he chose which version of the narrative to retell without condoning the sexism and violence that was so prevalent and acceptable in their time.

SleepyNow Mar 29 2020
Es uno de los mejores podcast sobre mitos, leyendas y folclore. La calidad de los episodios mejora notablemente desde el primero, lo recomiendo