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Oct 23 2020 52 mins 48k

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382 - Falcon Seeks Falconer feat. Briahna Joy Gray (1/6/20)
Jan 07 2020 101 mins  
We vent about Iran, the catastrophic implication of the Trump administration's actions, and the effects on the world in general and US politics specifically. SPEAKING OF, we're then joined by Bernie Sanders' national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray to discuss the state of the Sanders campaign and what YOU can do to help out TODAY. So, listen up screwheads, this is what you gotta do: Bernie volunteer options, in order of importance: 1. If you’re in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, or South Carolina: - find an event near you: - Download BERN and add everyone you know and ask them to support Bernie: 2. If you’re not in one of those first four early states, the most important thing you can do is get to one of those first four early states, especially IA and NH. Take the “Bernie Journey” and travel there to knock on doors: 3. If you can’t get there in person, make calls to early states. We have a huge goal of 5 million calls before Iowa. You can do it on your own from home, there’s a chatbox if you need help, and there’s a community on Slack of other callers to talk to. 4. If you don’t like making calls, join our texting team. It’s like tweeting but you’re convincing actual voters and is very easy. 5. If you live in a state that votes on Super Tuesday (AL, AR, AS, CA, CO, MA, ME, MN, NC, OK, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT): - find an event near you: - And make sure you download BERN to organize your friends and family members for Bernie: All volunteer options are also listed here:

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Catforaday Oct 22 2020
Great political analysis, interviews, and reporting with actually funny cracking wise throughout. The humour is intelligent and insightful and essential to not just melt down in horror and stay engaged and constructive. Absolutely essential listening.

memefan Sep 10 2020
Bring back Brendan

Canosoup Apr 14 2020

slolit Jul 14 2020
pod slaps it's true

dtjunkie19 Jul 07 2020
Chapo played a part in moving me to the left politically in the past year or two, which is awesome. However, post 2020 primary the show has been dominated by self indulgent nihilism. I can understand where it comes from, but it's not particularly funny or entertaining. Overall I've been finding myself more and more turning off the cast. Hope it gets back to something better.

smellycat Jun 12 2020
"white lines" episode aka why I no longer try to listen to chapo. What a bunch of misogynistic dumpster fires. Good job shitting all over women, stay woke bro!!

Knightkey Jun 09 2020
One of the best

pooppatrol69 May 07 2020

hatless Apr 10 2020
Funny, profane and heartfelt.

Bottle of Red Pi Apr 10 2020
Great podcast, even if they keep backing loser political ideologies and candidates.